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Due Diligence in Public Real Estate Transactions

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Karla MacCary and Elinor Eizdi will present a Lorman Education Services webinar on “Due Diligence in Public Real Estate Transactions” that will be viewable on demand on the Lorman website.  Their presentation will provide viewers with comprehensive and useful information on due diligence in real estate transactions, with a focus on public agency buyers and sellers.  

Ms. MacCary and Ms. Eizdi will explain what types of due diligence purchasers of real estate should be conducting, such as reviewing title and survey, zoning and entitlements, environmental conditions, leases and operations, and they will address how that due diligence varies depending on the type of transaction and the proposed use of the property.  Additionally, they will explore the kinds of unique issues that come into play when a public agency is the buyer or seller, such as the requirements for appraisals, competitive bidding, the Public Records Act, and property and transfer taxes. 

Click here to view the event details and registration information.

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