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Nossaman Partner James Vorhis Interviewed On Cybersecurity By LexBlog Network

10/20/2016 The Lexblog Network

James Vorhis, a Partner in Nossaman’s  Litigation and Privacy, Cybersecurity and Data Protection Practice Groups, was featured in the Lexblog Network story “Privacy Law Report’s Comprehensive Offerings Brings Appreciation.” The story highlighted Mr. Vorhis’ work on Nossaman’s Privacy Law Report, which launched in 2014. The Report, which offers readers analysis on trending topics in the privacy, cybersecurity and data protection space, was established by Nossaman and Mr. Vorhis when it was noticed that  more clients were coming in with privacy related questions. Given the rapid changes in the area, Mr. Vorhis and the group thought that a blog would enable them to offer timely analysis of emerging topics to stakeholders in the space.  The blog has become a valuable resource for clients and industry observers. In the story, Mr. Vorhis said the practice area “lends itself to a blog because I guarantee you there will be ten things in the news tomorrow that happened that are important for businesses to know.” To read the full article, click here.

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