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"Catching Up on Insurance"

The NAPPA Report
By: Yuliya A. Oryol, James H. Vorhis

Yuliya Oryol and Jim Vorhis wrote an article on “Catching Up on Insurance” that was published in the April issue of the National Association of Public Pension Attorneys’ monthly newsletter, The NAPPA Report.  The first in a series focused on different insurance aspects, in this article, they address three key areas of insurance coverage that are necessary for public pension systems to consider incorporating into their policies.  Specifically, they review the benefits of cyber insurance and fiduciary liability insurance, and outline the critical insurance provisions to include in an investment management agreement.  Ms. Oryol and Mr. Vorhis explain that by better understanding the kinds of insurance available to them, public agencies can better protect themselves against liability in the event of third-party claims and to protect a system’s assets and returns on its investments. 

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