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"Reconsidering strict liability in light of recent California wildfires"   06/11/2019
"With every new year, a new lookback period for Medicare claims audits"   06/10/2019
Continuing Education of the Bar's 2019 California Administrative Mandamus   05/19/2019
"Manafort's Breach Of Plea Deal Has Been Misunderstood"   03/11/2019
Selected Developments in California Labor and Employment Law 2018-2019   03/01/2019
Summary of California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018   03/01/2019
Summary of Selected California Privacy Laws   03/01/2019
Summary of the California Information Practices Act   03/01/2019
"Independent Scientific Review Under The Endangered Species Act"   02/13/2019
Current Issues in Federal Class Actions   02/01/2019
"How State Ethics Reforms Won Big in 2018"   12/20/2018
"High Court's Frog Decision May Limit ESA Determinations"   12/07/2018
"Insider Trading: Avoiding the Misuse of Material Non-Public Information"   10/31/2018
"Revisiting Standard Lease Provisions"   10/01/2018
"As sea levels rise, so do local government's costs to address the issue"   09/13/2018
"Lessons from Heinz: The Harsh Reality of Rescission of an Insurance Contract"   09/01/2018
"Risk Sharing and Transfer Using Alternative Project Delivery Methods and Contracting"   08/17/2018
"As IRS Eases Reporting, States Target Dark Money Reforms"   08/17/2018
"Under the Influence"   07/06/2018
"A Pendulum Seldom Stops in the Middle: Shifting Views on ‘Take' of Raptors and Other Migratory Birds"   07/01/2018


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