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Title Date
Final Rule Amends FHWA, FTA and FRA Regulations to NEPA and Section 4(f)   11/20/2018
Next Stop for Infrastructure Policy: Congress   02/20/2018
STB Preempts a City's Effort to Force a Railroad to Reinstall a Grade Crossing   01/08/2018
Fourth Circuit Joins Three Others in Determining that the Federal Courts Have Concurrent Jurisdiction over ICCTA Claims   11/27/2017
California Supreme Court Rejects Claim by Second-Lowest Bidders on Public Works Contracts that Low Bidder Interfered with a Prospective Economic Advantage   03/10/2017
New Safety NPRM and Recent Letter from the Acting Administrator Demonstrates FTA's Continued Implementation of Its MAP-21 Safety Mandate   09/10/2015
FRA Issues New Hazmat Train Securement Rule and Sunsets Emergency Order 28   08/06/2015
New DOT Rules Close Unintended Gap Regarding ADA Obligation To Modify Operating Practices   07/06/2015
Federal Transit Administration Proposes New State Safety Oversight Rule   06/16/2015
Recent Surface Transportation Board Preemption Decisions of Note   05/01/2015
Recent Crude-by-Rail Developments   04/29/2015
FRA's Proposed Rule on Risk Reduction Programs Puts the Outreach Obligations Squarely on Railroad Management   04/28/2015
STB Issues Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Announcing Weekly Reporting on Rail Service Issues   02/10/2015
New Notice, Registration and Reporting Requirements for California Public Works Projects   01/29/2015
FTA Publishes Guidance on Joint Development   09/04/2014
State and Local Communities Respond to Crude-by-Rail Safety Issue   07/22/2014
Industry Takes Steps to Address Safety of Crude Oil Shipments   05/30/2014
DOT Issues Emergency Order on Bakken Crude Oil Shipments   05/08/2014
Shippers and Railroads Express Differing Views Over Tank Car Requirements for Crude Oil by Rail at NTSB Forum   04/28/2014
EPA Asks STB to Resolve Preemption Question   04/10/2014
D.C. Circuit Holds EPA Can Invalidate a Clean Water Act Section 404 Permit After It Is Issued   04/25/2013
Back to the Future: The CEQA Future Baseline Question Is Back in Court as the Supreme Court Grants Review of Neighbors for Smart Rail   08/13/2012
MAP-21: Public Transportation Safety   08/09/2012
MAP-21: Treatment of Public-Private Partnerships Under Surface Transportation Reauthorization   07/16/2012
MAP-21: Surface Transportation Reauthorization Ushers in Significant Changes to TIFIA   07/06/2012
Congressman Mica Introduces New Surface Transportation Proposal   07/11/2011
CEQA Baseline Confusion Threatens Projects Throughout California   03/29/2011
New Surface Transportation Legislation Likely to Encounter Many Roadblocks in the Coming Months   03/01/2011
2010 Transportation Infrastructure Year in Review   02/17/2011
Recent Developments on the Constitutionality of Toll Discount Programs   10/25/2010
USDOT Announces Changes to TIFIA Selection Process   12/11/2009
CTC Issues Draft Guidelines for California P3 Program   08/05/2009
Executive Order Encourages Project Labor Agreements on Federal Projects   04/29/2009
California Passes First Significant Transportation PPP Law in 20 Years   04/27/2009
California Legislation Expands Design Build Authority for Public Facilities   04/23/2009
USDOT Signs First Tolling Agreements Under Express Lanes Demonstration Program   04/15/2009
"Completed and Accepted" Doctrine Extended to Offer Further Protection to Contractors   04/09/2009
California Passes New Design-Build Law for Highway Projects   04/01/2009
Using Alternative Technical Concepts to Improve Design-Build and PPP Procurements   03/31/2009
Prospects for Transportation PPPs: Good Signs Amidst a Troubled Economy   03/06/2009
FHWA's New Fair Market Value Rule Explained   03/04/2009
Update - USDOT Withdraws Proposed Changes to the TIFIA Program   02/27/2009
Implementing Highway and Rail Related Provisions in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act   02/26/2009
Financing Commission Urges Sweeping Reform of Transportation Funding   02/26/2009
USDOT Proposes Major Changes to TIFIA Program   02/03/2009
Prop. 35 Upheld: Statute Compelling Use of State Employees on Design-Build Public Works Project is Unconstitutional   11/06/2008
California Cautiously Expands Design-Build Authority for Local Governments   10/16/2008
USDOT Proposes Expedited TIFIA Loan Process; Solicits Comments   09/26/2008
Los Angeles County Metro Gets $213.6 Million Grant to Implement Congestion Pricing Alternatives   05/01/2008
Nossaman Contributes to National Debate on Funding Transportation Infrastructure   02/15/2008
FHWA Issues Final Rule Facilitating Public-Private Partnerships   08/16/2007
New Law Affects Foreign Investment in US "Critical Infrastructure"   08/01/2007
Supreme Court Affirms Authority Under Proposition 35 For Public Agencies to Contract With Private Entities for Design and Engineering Services   04/26/2007
FTA Adopts Final Policy Statement on Conversion of High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes into High Occupancy Toll Lanes   01/19/2007
D.C. Circuit Issues Split Decision In Clean Air Act Challenge to Regional Transportation Plan Conformity Regulations   11/07/2006
California Court Expands and Clarifies Rule That Mechanic's Liens Cannot Be Placed Upon Public Property That Is Subject to Private Development   10/12/2006
FTA Proposes New Policies For Conversion Of High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes Into High Occupancy Toll Lanes   09/29/2006
USDOT Solicits Applications for Its New "Corridors of the Future Program"   09/08/2006
TxDOT and FHWA Agree to Experimental Program for Expediting TIFIA Credit Assistance to PPP Toll Road Projects   07/18/2006
FHWA Changes to Design-Build Rule Fall Short of PPP Needs   07/10/2006
Good News and Bad News: Proposed Amendments to FHWA Design-Build and PPP Rule   05/30/2006
FTA Solicits Comments and Expressions of Interest Regarding PPP Pilot Program Authorized by SAFETEA-LU   05/05/2006
Bill Introduced to Bar Foreign Ownership, Management or Operation of Critical Infrastructure   03/10/2006
New Development in Federal-Aid A/E Procurement Requirements   02/09/2006
FHWA Creates Clearinghouse for Tolling Proposals   02/03/2006
Court Rejects CEQA Challenge to Transportation Sales Tax Renewal   01/30/2006
US DOT Issues Proposed Guidelines for Requesting Transportation Private Activity Bond Allocations   01/09/2006
Court Upholds Caltrans' Proposition 35 Right to Contract Out For Engineering and Architectural Services   11/29/2005
California Authority Issues Nation's First "Local" GARVEE Bond   08/25/2005
"SAFETEA—LU" Promotes Private Investment in Transportation   08/01/2005
AASHTO's Guide to Protecting the Nation's Highways From Terrorist Threats   07/19/2005
Senate-Passed Reauthorization Bill Would Advance Private Activity Bonds and Design-Build Contracting   06/06/2005
New Report Urges Public-Private Partnership Legislation to Help Solve California's Transportation Crisis   01/28/2005
U.S. DOT Reports to Congress on Benefits of Public-Private Partnerships   01/10/2005
FHWA Initiates SEP-15 To Promote Public-Private Partnerships and Other Innovations in Project Development and Finance   10/18/2004
Transit Agency Uses CMAQ Funds to Secure Low-Cost Financing for Light Rail Project   09/29/2004
Public Agency Staff May Be Individually Liable for Selective and Overzealous Enforcement   08/27/2004
Court Thwarts Attempt by Voter Initiative to Impose Restrictions on Airport Development Activities   12/05/2003


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