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  05/05/2012 Local Government Ethics Training for the Tri-County Association of Latino Elected Officials
Watsonville City Council Chambers, Watsonville, CA
Amber Maltbie  "Training: Do's & Don'ts for Elected Officials"   
  05/10/2012 Super PACs in California: Their Impact on State and Local Elections
California Secretary of State - Multipurpose Room, 1500 11th Street, Sacramento, CA
Amber Maltbie  "Super PACs in California: Their Impact on State and Local Elections"   
  05/20/2012 Campaign Finance Compliance Training for Emerge Students
Sausalito, CA
Amber Maltbie  "Campaign Finance & FPPC Rules & Regulations"   
  09/20/2012 Tri-Counties Local Government Attorneys' Association Luncheon Meeting
Simi Valley City Hall
Amber Maltbie  "Gifts, Influence, and Public Policy: Navigating the Complex and Strict California Gift Rules for Elected Officials and Form 700 Filers"   
  10/02/2012 "The Voting Wars" Book Signing with Rick Hasen
Nossaman LLP - Sacramento
Amber Maltbie  The Voting Wars - Meet the Author   
  12/12/2012 Government Ethics Training
Nossaman LLP - Sacramento, CA
Amber Maltbie, John Kennedy     
  01/15/2014 California Center for Research on Women and Children's "Pathways to Policy"
Sacramento Youth Hostel, 925 H Street, Sacramento
Amber Maltbie  "Informational Interviews: What, Why, How, When, Where?"   
  06/13/2016 AAPC's 2016 Los Angeles Regional Conference
Hotel Hilton | Universal City, CA
Amber Maltbie  "Staying Out of Jail"   
  08/25/2016 Business of Politics Series: Staying Out of Jail
Amber Maltbie     
  12/06/2017 39th Annual COGEL Conference
Sheraton Centre Hotel | Toronto, ON
Amber Maltbie  "I Got My Toes in the Water & PAC in the Sand: Addressing Disclosure & Enforcement Issues When Federal PACs Splash into State & Local Elections"   
  09/15/2018 2018 Annual CPAA Retreat
Resort at Squaw Creek | Olympic Valley, CA
Carl Blumenstein, Amber Maltbie  "Ethical Pitfalls for Counsel on the Campaign Trail"   


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