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Nossaman LLP

Environment and Land Use

Clean Up of Groundwater and Other Contaminated Media

Nossaman has extensive experience in California and throughout the U.S. in tackling the legal and business issues associated with the environmental and ecological impacts of contamination to soils, ground and surface waters, and related habitat. We regularly are involved in prosecuting, defending, and resolving claims arising under a variety of federal, state, and common law authorities, involving the clean up, restoration, and compensation for the impacts of industrial and commercial activities.

Nossaman lawyers have extensive experience in responding to, managing, and resolving government and private-party clean up claims, running the gamut from site investigations and remediation, litigating or negotiating responsibility for the costs of such efforts and allocations of those costs among responsible parties, contracting and implementing required work, and assisting clients with meeting associated financial reporting and accounting obligations.

This includes claims under the federal "Superfund" statue (CERCLA), RCRA, and the Endangered Species Act, as well as the panoply of California clean up oriented laws, including the HSAA (California's Superfund equivalent), the Porter-Cologne Act, the Clean Water Act, and the California Hazardous Waste Control Law. We also regularly defend and manage claims asserted by trustee agencies for liability for natural resource damages (NRD).

Nossaman has an excellent track record in assisting both public and private sector clients in dealing with groundwater contamination, underground storage tanks, and well field contamination. We help clients avoid legal, financial, and operational problems resulting from the impairment of drinking water supplies.

In California, Nossaman is one of the few law firms skilled in handling major perchlorate remediation cases. We have had a great deal of experience in handling or taking the lead on, amongst others, the two largest perchlorate cases in Southern California. We have secured more than $500 million worth of contamination settlements in favor of our clients. 

We also have a strong track record in helping public and private entities resolve environmental disputes and related insurance coverage issues. To date, we have recovered well into the hundreds of millions of dollars in insurance coverage for our clients. Our experience with contamination matters is extremely valuable in dealing with potentially responsible parties, seeking third party insurance coverage and tapping clients' own insurance to defray all or a portion of the costs of litigation efforts. Our attorneys also routinely assist clients with the acquisition, sale, and remediation of contaminated property.

We have a wealth of experience counseling clients on controlling the impact of water quality on water rights, water transfers, and on the formation of groundwater storage programs and water banks. We also perform environmental due diligence respecting the purchase and sale of contaminated properties.

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