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Nossaman LLP

Los Angeles

777 South Figueroa Street, 34th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90017 Map
T 213.612.7800
F 213.612.7801

Office Administration Director: Renee Duran


Name Title Phone Email vCard Link
Allison, Barney A. Partner 213.612.7847 VCARD
Blais, Andrée Partner 213.612.7817 VCARD
Boock, Corey A. Partner 213.612.7881 VCARD
Cali, Frederick Chief Financial Officer 213.612.7824 VCARD
Caplicki, Edmund (Evan) V. Partner 213.612.7877 VCARD
Cho, Hana Associate 213.612.7889 VCARD
Coleman, Howard D. Partner 213.612.7821 VCARD
Costales, Marco D. Partner 213.612.7878 VCARD
Cousins, Elizabeth L. Partner 213.612.7822 VCARD
Davis, Brandon J. Partner 213.612.7894 VCARD
Derrico, Daryl D. Human Resources Director 213.312.8301 VCARD
Dover, Thomas Partner 213.612.7879 VCARD
Duran, Renee Office Administration Director 213.612.7816 VCARD
Eizdi, Elinor Associate 213.612.7820 VCARD
Freeman, Amy Chief Human Resources Officer 213.612.7886 VCARD
Fromm, April Paralegal 213.612.7841 VCARD
Fudacz, Frederic A. Partner 213.612.7823 VCARD
Gee, Byron P. Partner 213.612.7843 VCARD
Gillman, Joseph L. Associate 213.312.8305 VCARD
Gonzaque-Taylor, Mina Paralegal 213.312.8362 VCARD
Grace, Ron S. Partner 213.612.7848 VCARD
Graeler, David Partner 213.612.7836 VCARD
Hamouie, Maya Associate 213.612.7887 VCARD
Harder, Patrick D. Partner 213.612.7859 VCARD
Hedayat, Kameran Paralegal 213.312.8368 VCARD
Ho, Henry W. Chief Information Officer 213.612.7857 VCARD
Ickowitz, Allan H. Partner 213.612.7849 VCARD
Kam, Stephanie Associate 213.612.7867 VCARD
Kaufmann, Steven H. Partner 213.612.7875 VCARD
Kessler, Fredric W. Partner 213.612.7829 VCARD
Klebaner, Liz Partner 213.612.7880 VCARD
Knolton, Derek Risk Management and Compliance Director 213.612.7866 VCARD
Kojima, Yukiko Partner 213.612.7895 VCARD
MacCary, Karla N. Partner 213.612.7862 VCARD
Maltbie, Amber R. Partner 213.612.7803 VCARD
Meeker, Jennifer L. Partner 213.612.7863 VCARD
Mendenhall, Kristin L. Staff Attorney 213.612.7852 VCARD
Miller, Eric Communications Director 213.612.7805 VCARD
Min, Youju Of Counsel 213.612.7804 VCARD
Mosher, Robert D. Partner 213.612.7832 VCARD
Muindi, Racquel Associate 213.612.7834 VCARD
Nicholls, Gina Partner 213.612.7815 VCARD
Papernik, Brian G. Partner 213.612.7858 VCARD
Paul, Tara E. Associate 213.612.7869 VCARD
Pellman, Lloyd W. Partner 213.612.7802 VCARD
Pepper, Kelly Chief Operating Officer 213.612.7856 VCARD
Pérez, Gabriela S. Associate 213.612.7840 VCARD
Schreiber, Erika Attorney Recruiting and Development Director 213.612.7813 VCARD
Schwartz, Douglas W. Partner 213.612.7854 VCARD
Shaverdian, Artin N. Partner 213.612.7811 VCARD
Smith, Alfred E. Partner 213.612.7831 VCARD
Smith, Nancy C. Partner 213.612.7837 VCARD
Tang, Anna Partner 213.612.7861 VCARD
Weinstock, Henry S. Partner 213.612.7839 VCARD
Wiman, Stephen P. Partner 213.612.7818 VCARD
Wirtz, J. Scott Finance Director 213.612.7868 VCARD
Yarema, Geoffrey S. Partner 213.612.7842 VCARD


Building Security

Nossaman's new office building requires all visitors to check in, with photo I.D.,  at the security desk in the main lobby. If you know in advance you will be visiting our Los Angeles office, please notify the person you are visiting ahead of time so we can assist in expediting your arrival.


From Los Angeles International Airport (South of Downtown): Take the 105 Freeway East to the 110 Freeway North. Exit 9th Street and turn left onto Figueroa and left onto 8th Street.

From Burbank Airport (North of Downtown):  Take the I-5 Freeway South to the 110 Freeway South. Take the Wilshire Boulevard exit. Turn left on Wilshire, right on Flower, and right onto 8th Street.

From West of Downtown:  Take the 10 Freeway to the 110 Freeway North. Exit 9th Street and turn left on Figueroa and left onto 8th Street.

From East of Downtown:  Take the I-5 Freeway South to the 110 South. Take the Wilshire Boulevard exit. Turn left on Wilshire, right on Flower, and right onto 8th Street.

Parking Information

  • Joe's 724 on Figueroa directly across from the building
  • Joe's 827 on 8th Street, enter from Francisco
  • Joe's 832 on 8th Street, garage behind 827, enter off Francisco
  • Joe's 831/1000, close to 110 freeway, enter on 8th Street (surface lot only)
  • Ernst & Young Plaza Parking (945 West 8th Street) at 777 Fig Tower, enter from 7th or 8th

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