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"Insurance for Cyber Threats to the Healthcare Industry: Do you have what you need (and what to do if you dont?)"   04/09/2016
"The Increasing Importance of Physician Well-Being Committees"   04/08/2016
"Human Resources Management"   04/01/2016
"Disability Retirement Processing"   03/16/2016
"USC Gould School of Law Corporate Fraud and Government Investigations Forum"   03/09/2016
"Social Infrastructure and Innovative P3s"   03/08/2016
"Pension Reform in California: What's Next?"   03/06/2016
Summary of Changes: MBC's Manual of Model Disciplinary Orders and Disciplinary Guidelines   03/04/2016
MBC's Uniform Standards for Substance-Abusing Licensees   03/04/2016
"Privacy for the Medical Practice in the Digital Age"   03/01/2016
"Women Unlocking Nonprofits," The Public Leadership Education Network (PLEN)   02/25/2016
"Intellectual Property Issues and Legal Guidance for Social Media"   02/25/2016
"Ask the Experts" SEIA Finance and Tax Seminar Winter 2016   02/18/2016
The Ins and Outs of Direct vs Indirect Infrastructure Investment   02/17/2016
"Fiduciary Responsibility in Selecting and Managing Relationships with Service Providers"   02/17/2016
"The Growth and Management of the Municipal and Civic Pipeline"   02/17/2016
AWEA Webinar: Industry Essentials - Wind Project Siting 201   02/04/2016
"Rules of the Road for Compliance with the Brown Act and Robert's Rules of Order"   01/29/2016
2016 "Wetlands and Waters" Regulations   01/28/2016
"Navigating the Attorney-Client Relationship Within California Public Retirement Systems"   01/22/2016
Water Rights in California   01/11/2016
New California Law Regulating Home Care Aid Providers   01/08/2016
"Staying on Track, Lessons Learned from an On-Time, On-Budget Light Rail Project"   12/03/2015
"Delivering Large-Scale Water Infrastructure Projects"   11/19/2015
"Trends Impacting Real Estate Litigation Experts Over The Next Decade," Appraisal Institute 48th Annual Litigation Seminar   11/13/2015
"Using Availability Payments for Social and Transportation Infrastructure Projects"   11/03/2015
"International Perspectives on Delivery of Water Projects"   11/03/2015
"Is Your Policy Panacea or Placebo?" Silicon Valley Association of General Counsel's 27th Annual All Hands Meeting   10/28/2015
"P3 Preparedness: Are You P3 Project-Ready?"   10/23/2015
"Caifornia Public Records Act - the Basics," Conference of California Public Utility Counsel Annual Meeting   10/18/2015
"Arranging, Structuring and Documenting the Financing of P3s"   10/16/2015
New Water: "Pollution" Meets Water Supply   10/06/2015
"The First Steps in the P3 Process"   09/24/2015
"Complex Tax Challenges – Shareholder's Basis in S Corporation Stock and Debt: What You Need to Know in 2015 LIVE Webcast"   09/16/2015
"Finance – the Cost Obstacle to P3s"   09/16/2015
"Public-Private Partnerships"   09/10/2015
"Lobbying, Ethics and Election Law Compliance Briefing for Alliance Development"   07/23/2015
"Introduction to P3 Bootcamp"   07/20/2015
The Chicago Gateway Challenge   07/20/2015
"Assembly Bill 624 and its Potential Impact on Real Estate Litigation"   07/14/2015
"Former STB Commissioners: Off the Record," Association of Transportation Law Professionals Annual Meeting   06/30/2015
"P3 How-To"   06/29/2015
"Decongesting Chicago, America's Railroad Hub"   06/17/2015
"How Early Acquisition Can Minimize Risks and Reduce Costs"   06/14/2015
"Panel Discussion: Legislation – Lawmakers Lay the P3 Foundations"   06/09/2015
"Working with Attorneys: What Appraisal Professionals Need to Know"   06/09/2015
"Public-Private Partnerships Today & Tomorrow"   05/29/2015
"International Perspectives"   05/21/2015
Sustainable Groundwater Management Act   05/14/2015
"Ethics for Public Officials: Rules of the Road That County Retirement System Trustees, Staff and their Advisors Need to Know"   05/12/2015
"Considerations for the Designer in Design-Build Delivery"   05/07/2015
"The Staying Power of the Status Quo: The Challenge to Achieving Diversity in the Legal Profession"   04/24/2015
"Public-Private Partnerships as a Vehicle for Economic Development & Promotion of the Rule of Law"   04/09/2015
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