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"USC Gould School of Law Corporate Fraud and Government Investigations Forum"   03/22/2017
"War Stories and Practical Solutions Around Managing Risk"   02/24/2017
"Open Records Laws, ILPA Reporting Template and New Fee Disclosure Regulations"   02/22/2017
"All You (as In-House Attorney for a Public Retirement System) Ever Wanted to Know About Fiduciary Principles"   02/22/2017
"Conflicts of Interest" 8th Annual Evolving Fiduciary Obligations of Institutional Investors   02/21/2017
"Alternative Investments New Disclosure Legislation"   02/03/2017
"Public-Private Partnerships (P3s) for Social Infrastructure"   01/30/2017
"Are Reasonable Attorney Fees a Constitutional Requirement?"   01/26/2017
"Design Build Finance Operate Maintain P3s - Basic Characteristics"   01/20/2017
All Technology Considered: From the Classroom to the Law Firm   01/07/2017
Public Private Partnerships - Allocation of Risk   11/09/2016
Interplay Between CPRA, AB 2833 and ILPA Fee Reporting Template   11/09/2016
"Legal Aspects of Easements: What You May Not Know About Temporary Construction Easements"   11/09/2016
Disability Retirement and Reciprocity: What's Your System Paying? What Does Ours Owe?   11/08/2016
The Intersection of Environmental Due Diligence, Condemnation and Valuation   10/21/2016
"Revealing Insights into How to Master Key FMLA/CFRA"   10/21/2016
Legal Counsel Panel   10/10/2016
Fiduciary Fundamentals for Public Pension Fund Trustees   09/28/2016
ACWA 2016 Continuing Legal Education for Water Professionals: "The Role of Desalination in a Balanced Water Supply Portfolio"   09/16/2016
"Legal Aspects of Easements"   09/08/2016
Integration of Storm Water Into Water Supply Planning   08/25/2016
"Diversity and Discrimination: What's Up in Civil Rights Enforcement?"   07/20/2016
"Ethics Chaos: Three Ethics Traps, Controversies, and Perils and How to Avoid Them"   07/20/2016
National Academies, Engineering, Transportation Research Board: "Construction Design-Build Liability for Design Defects"   07/19/2016
"Recovering Fair Market Value from 'Utilities' Seeking Longitudinal Occupation of Limited Access Facilities"   07/19/2016
"What You Need to Know About Rights of Entry"   07/08/2016
"It Ain't Easy Being You: Managing the Attorney-Client Relationship at a Public Pension Fund"   06/23/2016
"Fiduciary Principles to Guide In-House Counsel Who Advise Public Retirement Systems"   06/17/2016
Conservation Programs Panel - "Wind Industry Whooping Crane HCP"   06/14/2016
"Developments in the Regulation of Avian Impacts"   05/25/2016
The Evolution of P3 as a Project Delivery System," American Society of Highway Engineers Annual Conference   05/20/2016
"Ethics Issues Grounded in the Uniform Act and Other Tales"   04/29/2016
"Insurance for Cyber Threats to the Healthcare Industry: Do you have what you need (and what to do if you dont?)"   04/09/2016
"The Increasing Importance of Physician Well-Being Committees"   04/08/2016
"Human Resources Management"   04/01/2016


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