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"Complex Tax Challenges – Shareholder's Basis in S Corporation Stock and Debt: What You Need to Know in 2015 LIVE Webcast"   09/16/2015
"Ethics for Public Officials: Principles of Pension Management for Trustees"   08/26/2015
"Lobbying, Ethics and Election Law Compliance Briefing for Alliance Development"   07/23/2015
"Emerging Trends in P3 Project Delivery in U.S. and Canada"   07/21/2015
The Chicago Gateway Challenge   07/20/2015
"Assembly Bill 624 and its Potential Impact on Real Estate Litigation"   07/14/2015
"Former STB Commissioners: Off the Record," Association of Transportation Law Professionals Annual Meeting   06/30/2015
"Decongesting Chicago, America's Railroad Hub"   06/17/2015
"How Early Acquisition Can Minimize Risks and Reduce Costs"   06/14/2015
"Working with Attorneys: What Appraisal Professionals Need to Know"   06/09/2015
Sustainable Groundwater Management Act   05/14/2015
"Ethics for Public Officials: Rules of the Road That County Retirement System Trustees, Staff and their Advisors Need to Know"   05/12/2015
Considerations for the Designer in Design-Build Delivery   05/07/2015
"The Staying Power of the Status Quo: The Challenge to Achieving Diversity in the Legal Profession"   04/24/2015
Mentoring Women Lawyers   03/26/2015
"Oversight Challenges Posed By Alternative Investments"   03/25/2015
"Fiduciary Considerations When Investing MCERA Assets"   03/25/2015
USC Gould School of Law Corporate Fraud and Government Investigations Forum   02/25/2015
"Investigation of Substandard Amtrak Performance Under Section 213 of The Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act of 2008"   02/13/2015
"Evolving Fiduciary Obligations of Pension Plans"   02/10/2015
"Exit Strategies Across Asset Classes"   02/10/2015
"Increased Scrutiny of PE Firms: What Does this Mean for Potential Engagement?"   02/09/2015
"SEC Investigations and Prosecutions re Pay-to-Play, Campaign Contributions and Public Retirement Systems"   02/06/2015
"114th Congressional Political Outlook"   02/02/2015
"The Ins and Outs of Investment Management Agreements"   01/30/2015
PAC Executive Training & Ethics Overview   01/28/2015
"SEC Investigations and Prosecutions re Pay-to-Play, Campaign Contributions and Public Retirement Systems"   01/23/2015
"2015 Federal Legislative Outlook"   01/01/2015
New Trustee Training: The Roles of Public Retirement Board Members and Rules That Govern Them   11/14/2014
"Using OCIPs and CCIPs to Bring Order to Project Insurance"   10/30/2014
"Passenger Rail on Freight: Recent and Pending Cases Changing the Legal Landscape"   10/28/2014
"Dodging Bullets at the O.K. Corral: How to Investigate and Resolve the Many Issues that Arise in a Questionable Jewelry Loss Without Resorting to Cowgirl Tactics or Litigation"   10/24/2014
"Governance at MCERA"   10/14/2014
Best Practices in Corporate Political Activity   10/13/2014
West Coast Ambulatory Surgery Center Seminar: Preparing Your ASC For Sale   10/02/2014
The Proposed Wetlands Rule: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly   10/02/2014
"2014 State Government Affairs"   10/01/2014
"Real Estate Investments"   10/01/2014
California High Speed Rail Authority: Advancing Sustainable Design   09/30/2014
"The Hatch Act"   09/18/2014
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