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Nossaman LLP

Public Policy Professionals

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Dombo, Frederick T. CHAIR / Partner Washington, DC 202.887.1485 VCARD
Boyajian, Shant Associate Washington, DC 202.887.1406 VCARD
Capitolo, Jennifer M. Senior Policy Advisor Sacramento 916.930.7706 VCARD
Coffee, Mary Lynn K. Partner Orange County 949.833.7800 VCARD
Crowley, Kendra Compliance Specialist Washington, DC 202.887.1413 VCARD
Dolqueist, Lori Anne Partner San Francisco 415.438.7221 VCARD
Harris, Richard C. Senior Policy Advisor Sacramento 916.930.7743 VCARD
Huck, Dawn E. Management and Compliance Consultant Sacramento 916.930.7720 VCARD
Kussy, Edward V.A. Partner Washington, DC 202.887.1464 VCARD
Maltbie, Amber R. Partner Los Angeles 213.612.7803 VCARD
Mattes, Martin A. Partner San Francisco 415.438.7273 VCARD
Neely, Bonnie Senior Policy Advisor Sacramento 916.930.7717 VCARD
Powers, William A. Partner Washington, DC 202.887.1414 VCARD
Quarles, Steven P. Of Counsel Washington, DC 202.887.1411 VCARD
Roberts, Karen L. Senior Management and Compliance Consultant Sacramento 916.442.8888 VCARD
Sékaran, Raja Partner San Francisco 415.438.7205 VCARD
Solov, Nate Policy Advisor Sacramento 916.930.7727 VCARD
Spohn, Richard B. Of Counsel San Francisco 415.398.3600 VCARD
Stroud, D. Michael Partner Washington, DC 202.887.1416 VCARD
Walker, Ashley S. Senior Policy Advisor Sacramento 916.930.7780 VCARD


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