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Healthcare Professionals

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Curtis, Tom CHAIR / Partner Orange County 949.477.7627 VCARD
Antoine, Mary Powers Partner Sacramento 916.442.8888 VCARD
Balfour, David M. Partner San Diego 760.298.5525 VCARD
Callahan, Morgan M. Associate San Francisco 415.438.7217 VCARD
Cho, Hana Associate Los Angeles 213.612.7889 VCARD
Coppo, Carlo Partner San Diego 760.298.5521 VCARD
Costales, Marco D. Partner Los Angeles 213.612.7878 VCARD
Gonzaque-Taylor, Mina Paralegal Los Angeles 213.312.8362 VCARD
Grace, Ron S. Partner Los Angeles 213.612.7848 VCARD
Green, Mitchell J. Partner San Francisco 415.438.7208 VCARD
Hoyes, Rebecca Partner San Francisco 415.438.7244 VCARD
Ickowitz, Allan H. Partner Los Angeles 213.612.7849 VCARD
Kennedy, John T. Partner Sacramento 916.442.8888 VCARD
Knight, Paul L. Of Counsel Washington, DC 202.887.1470 VCARD
Melchior, Kurt W. Partner San Francisco 415.438.7279 VCARD
Mosher, Robert D. Partner Los Angeles 213.612.7832 VCARD
Pellman, Lloyd W. Partner Los Angeles 213.612.7802 VCARD
Puente, John M. Partner Sacramento 916.930.7702 VCARD
Rodriguez, Cindy Associate Orange County 949.477.7688 VCARD
Sandoval, Candace Associate Orange County 949.477.7632 VCARD
Schwartz, Douglas W. Partner Los Angeles 213.612.7854 VCARD
Sékaran, Raja Partner San Francisco 415.438.7205 VCARD
Spohn, Richard B. Of Counsel San Francisco 415.398.3600 VCARD
Sullivan, Robert J. Of Counsel Sacramento 916.442.8888 VCARD
Tang, Anna Partner Los Angeles 213.612.7861 VCARD
Weinstock, Henry S. Partner Los Angeles 213.612.7839 VCARD
Wiman, Stephen P. Partner Los Angeles 213.612.7818 VCARD


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