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Don't You (Forget About Sales and Use Tax)   09/12/2019
"ESA Rule Changes Less Drastic Than Critics Claim"   08/29/2019
"Superfund Redevelopment At 20: Continuing Challenges"   08/22/2019
California Supreme Court Provides Rare Update on Inverse Condemnation Doctrine    08/16/2019
"Trump's Tweets: A Warning To Public Officials"   08/08/2019
Federal Court Sets Aside Form 990 Schedule B Donor Disclosure Rule: How Will The IRS Respond?   08/06/2019
IRS Issues Final Rules for Notice of Intent to Operate as 501(c)(4) Social Welfare Organization   07/29/2019
Trump's Tweets: A Warning That Public Officials' Personal Social Media Posts Might Actually Be The Government's   07/24/2019
California Moves Closer To Allowing Candidates To Use Campaign Funds On Childcare Expenses   07/22/2019
Landmark Legislation Creates New Wildfire Fund and Overhauls California's Approach to Catastrophic Wildfires   07/12/2019
Agency Deference Survives – For Now – In Recent Supreme Court Opinion   06/27/2019
"Reconsidering strict liability in light of recent California wildfires"   06/11/2019
New De-Energization Guidelines Implemented Just in Time for the 2019 Wildfire Season   06/11/2019
"With every new year, a new lookback period for Medicare claims audits"   06/10/2019
NRD Consent Decree Shows Innovation Alive & Well at DOI   06/06/2019
"WOTS Up? An Update Regarding Regulation of Waters of the State (WOTS) and Waters of the United States (WOTUS)"   06/04/2019
New Tools and Sweeping Changes Proposed in Draft Wildfire Commission Report    05/30/2019
Continuing Education of the Bar's 2019 California Administrative Mandamus   05/19/2019
EIN Kleine Komplikation: New IRS Policy on Employer Identification Numbers Could Seriously Delay Entity Formations   05/07/2019
Governor Newsom Outlines Ambitious Strategy to Tackle Wildfires   04/17/2019
"New State Regulations for Discharges of Dredged and Fill Material"   04/03/2019
"Highest and Best Use At Odds"   04/01/2019
Is There A Nurse Practitioner In the House? Doctor Supervision Not Required Under Certain Conditions With New Proposed Legislation    03/12/2019
"Manafort's Breach Of Plea Deal Has Been Misunderstood"   03/11/2019
Selected Developments in California Labor and Employment Law 2018-2019   03/01/2019
Summary of California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018   03/01/2019
Summary of Selected California Privacy Laws   03/01/2019
Summary of the California Information Practices Act   03/01/2019
Fourth District Holds That Local Agency CDP Court Challenge Was Mooted by Administrative Appeal to Coastal Commission    02/26/2019
Federal Contribution Limits Increased   02/20/2019
"Independent Scientific Review Under The Endangered Species Act"   02/13/2019
Current Issues in Federal Class Actions   02/01/2019
Proposing a Statewide Low-Income Water Service Program for California?   01/14/2019
"Frogs or Freedom: Are New Limitations Coming for the Endangered Species Act?"   01/10/2019
Hold the Pickle—and the Meal Break: California Supreme Court Holds That Healthcare Workers May Voluntarily Waive Second Meal Period Even When Shifts Last More Than 12 Hours   01/08/2019
Supreme Court Agrees to Address Uncertainty About Trademark Licenses in Bankruptcy Cases   01/07/2019
"How State Ethics Reforms Won Big in 2018"   12/20/2018
U.S. EPA and Army Corps of Engineers Propose Revamp of "Waters of the United States"   12/18/2018
Congress Quietly Expands Anti-Kickback Crimes   12/17/2018
"High Court's Frog Decision May Limit ESA Determinations"   12/07/2018
Final Rule Amends FHWA, FTA and FRA Regulations to NEPA and Section 4(f)   11/20/2018
California Supreme Court Announces Date for Oral Argument in the First of Its Five Pending Vested Rights Cases   11/08/2018
Department of the Interior Closes Comment Period on NRDAR Regulations   11/01/2018
"Insider Trading: Avoiding the Misuse of Material Non-Public Information"   10/31/2018
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Analysis: Court Finds Expert State Agency Data Not Good Enough   10/25/2018
On Your Mark, Get Set, Review! Roundup of 2019 California Sexual Harassment Prevention Related Legislation   10/16/2018
"Revisiting Standard Lease Provisions"   10/01/2018
Governor Brown Signs Legislation on Wildfire Prevention and Recovery   09/24/2018
"As sea levels rise, so do local government's costs to address the issue"   09/13/2018
"Update on Water Quality Regulations & Litigation"   09/13/2018


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