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Ninth Circuit Critical Habitat Decision Casts Shadow on Habitat Conservation Plan "No Surprises" Assurances E-Alerts  06/26/2015
Strategies For Businesses Protecting Electronic Data Within California: Part Three E-Alerts  06/24/2015
New CFRA Amendments Take Effect July 1 E-Alerts  06/22/2015
Fourth Circuit's Extreme Deference to Army Corps: "Waters of the U.S." Everywhere After Precon II? Articles  06/19/2015
Strategies For Businesses Protecting Electronic Data Within California: Part Two E-Alerts  06/17/2015
Federal Transit Administration Proposes New State Safety Oversight Rule E-Alerts  06/16/2015
California Supreme Court Holds Facial Challenge to Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance Subject to Deferential Standard of Review E-Alerts  06/16/2015
Court of Appeal Explains How the Language in the Resolution of Necessity Impacts Eminent Domain Trials E-Alerts  06/15/2015
"How Early Acquisition Can Minimize Risks and Reduce Costs" Presentations  06/14/2015
FRA Issues Safety Advisory to All Passenger Railroads in Response to Recent Amtrak and Metro-North Derailments E-Alerts  06/12/2015
Strategies For Businesses Protecting Electronic Data Within California: Part One E-Alerts  06/10/2015
"Working with Attorneys: What Appraisal Professionals Need to Know" Presentations  06/09/2015
Safety depends on everyone Articles  06/08/2015
How One Misstep Resulted in a $2.5 Million Lesson E-Alerts  06/08/2015
Court of Appeal Decision Extends Lake and Streambed Alteration Program to Water Diversions E-Alerts  06/08/2015
Agencies Cannot Make Conditional Final Offers of Just Compensation in Condemnation Actions E-Alerts  06/01/2015
When Public And Private Projects Collide Articles  05/29/2015
EPA and USACE Issue Clean Water Rule E-Alerts  05/27/2015
When It Comes to Property Acquisitions and Private Development, Timing May Be Everything E-Alerts  05/27/2015
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to Consider Expanding Incidental Take Authorization Under Migratory Bird Treaty Act E-Alerts  05/26/2015
Los Angeles Business Journal's Labor & Employment Law Roundtable: What Owners and Executives Need to Know Articles  05/22/2015
Proposition 218 Obstacles To Calif. Tiered Water Rates Articles  05/20/2015
Sustainable Groundwater Management Act Presentations  05/14/2015
"Ethics for Public Officials: Rules of the Road That County Retirement System Trustees, Staff and their Advisors Need to Know" Presentations  05/12/2015
Springtime For Same-Sex Marriage, Joyous June To Come Articles  05/08/2015
DOT Tank Car Rule Reflects Refined Cost-Benefit Analysis Articles  05/07/2015
Considerations for the Designer in Design-Build Delivery Presentations  05/07/2015
Technology Companies: When a Product Complaint Arises, Will Your Insurance Cover the Claims? E-Alerts  05/05/2015
Federal Wildlife Agencies Issue Final Rule Codifying Practice of Using Surrogates in Incidental Take Statements E-Alerts  05/05/2015
A Rare Taxpayer Win In California Step Transaction Case Articles  05/04/2015
Court Clarifies Rules for Recovery of Attorneys' Fees in Eminent Domain Actions E-Alerts  05/04/2015
Recent Surface Transportation Board Preemption Decisions of Note E-Alerts  05/01/2015
Recent Crude-by-Rail Developments E-Alerts  04/29/2015
FRA's Proposed Rule on Risk Reduction Programs Puts the Outreach Obligations Squarely on Railroad Management E-Alerts  04/28/2015
Does Voter Initiative Drain Water Providers' Power to Respond to Drought? E-Alerts  04/28/2015
"The Staying Power of the Status Quo: The Challenge to Achieving Diversity in the Legal Profession" Presentations  04/24/2015
Scope Of Calif.'s Mello-Roos Now Includes Eminent Domain Articles  04/22/2015
Mello-Roos May Be Used to Fund Condemnation Action of Private Utility Provider E-Alerts  04/17/2015
Eighth Circuit Creates Circuit Split By Holding Jurisdictional Determinations Under The Clean Water Act Constitute "Final Agency Actions" Subject To Judicial Review E-Alerts  04/15/2015
Federal Court Strikes Down HCP: No Piggybacks Under Section 10 E-Alerts  04/13/2015
Talking Transportation Dollars and Sense: The Future of Funding Articles  04/08/2015
Examining the DOT v. AAR Supreme Court decision regarding Amtrak Articles  04/07/2015
Cases Pending Before the California Supreme Court on Climate Change May Foreshadow Federal Law Challenges Articles  04/06/2015
When Uncertainty Surrounds California Solar Project, Court Defers to Agency Not Tortoise E-Alerts  04/06/2015
Chromium 6: From the Code to the Courts… and Back Again E-Alerts  04/03/2015
Court of Appeal Upholds Regional Water Quality Control Board's TMDL Based on Pollutants in Lake Bed Sediment E-Alerts  04/02/2015
Court of Appeal Strikes Down 2011 S.F. Charter Requirement that SFERS Be "Fully Funded" Before Vested Supplemental COLAs May be Granted E-Alerts  03/30/2015
Mentoring Women Lawyers Presentations  03/26/2015
Implied Easements and Lessons for Landowners Articles  03/25/2015
"Oversight Challenges Posed By Alternative Investments" Presentations  03/25/2015
"Fiduciary Considerations When Investing MCERA Assets" Presentations  03/25/2015
Models for Transportation Project Delivery Articles  03/20/2015
To Understand King V. Burwell Look To Yates V. US Articles  03/20/2015
Notice-and-Comment is Not Required for Changes Made to Interpretive Rules E-Alerts  03/20/2015
Fourth Circuit Upholds U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Finding of Jurisdiction Over 4.8 Acres of Wetlands in Chesapeake, Virginia E-Alerts  03/20/2015
2014 Eminent Domain Year in Review & 2015 Forecast E-Alerts  03/06/2015
First Appellate District Court Expands Recorded Easement By Granting Implied License E-Alerts  03/06/2015
California Supreme Court Establishes the Standard of Review for the Unusual Circumstances Exception to CEQA Categorical Exemptions E-Alerts  03/04/2015
Has the Supreme Court Given Advance Notice How It Will Decide King v. Burwell? E-Alerts  03/03/2015
What can states do to promote rail safety? Articles  03/01/2015
Defining Atty Fee Enforceability In Illegal Contracts Articles  02/25/2015
USC Gould School of Law Corporate Fraud and Government Investigations Forum Presentations  02/25/2015
WaterRules - California's Sustainable Groundwater Management Act provides a comprehensive set of tools for local agencies to implement groundwater management plans Articles  02/20/2015
Is the Attorney's Fees Clause Moot in an Illegal Contract? – Depends On Your Involvement, Explains First Appellate District Court E-Alerts  02/18/2015
"Investigation of Substandard Amtrak Performance Under Section 213 of The Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act of 2008" Presentations  02/13/2015
New 2015 Fundraising Restrictions on California Lobbyists and Limits on California Lobbying Firms E-Alerts  02/12/2015
STB Issues Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Announcing Weekly Reporting on Rail Service Issues E-Alerts  02/10/2015
"Evolving Fiduciary Obligations of Pension Plans" Presentations  02/10/2015
"Exit Strategies Across Asset Classes" Presentations  02/10/2015
Bankruptcy Court Decides That The Bankruptcy Code Preempts California State Pension Laws E-Alerts  02/09/2015
"Increased Scrutiny of PE Firms: What Does this Mean for Potential Engagement?" Presentations  02/09/2015
"SEC Investigations and Prosecutions re Pay-to-Play, Campaign Contributions and Public Retirement Systems" Presentations  02/06/2015
Creditor Calls to a Patient Unsuccessfully Challenged in Florida Articles  02/04/2015
Two-Track Peer Review A New Reality in California Articles  02/04/2015
A Closer Look At T-Mobile V. Roswell Articles  02/03/2015
Seventh Circuit Rejects Challenge to the Affordable Care Act Articles  02/03/2015
U.S. Supreme Court Will Hear Idaho's Medicaid Challenge in 2015 Articles  02/03/2015
Tug of War Over Abortion in Texas Articles  02/03/2015
Co-Tenancy Breaches And Remedies: What's Next For Landlords And Tenants After Grand Prospect Partners E-Alerts  02/03/2015
New Attorney Series: Medical Staff Basics Articles  02/02/2015
Nossaman Comment on Recent Court of Appeal Decision re Constitutionality of PEPRA E-Alerts  02/02/2015
"114th Congressional Political Outlook" Presentations  02/02/2015
"The Ins and Outs of Investment Management Agreements" Presentations  01/30/2015
New Notice, Registration and Reporting Requirements for California Public Works Projects E-Alerts  01/29/2015
PAC Executive Training & Ethics Overview Presentations  01/28/2015
Caution To Landlords: Calif. Nonwaiver Clauses Revisited Articles  01/27/2015
"SEC Investigations and Prosecutions re Pay-to-Play, Campaign Contributions and Public Retirement Systems" Presentations  01/23/2015
U.S. Supreme Court Holds in Favor of Cell Tower Siting Applicants E-Alerts  01/16/2015
Reprieve for Smaller Buildings – Commission Postpones AB 1103 Implementation to 2016 E-Alerts  01/15/2015
SB 962: California to Require 'Kill Switches' Articles  01/12/2015
Equal Access To Justice Act: Why Prevailing On Only 1 Out Of 3 Claims In Oregon Forestry Case Can Still Be Quite Rewarding Articles  01/05/2015
San Diego MPO's Analysis Of RTP's Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rejected Articles  01/05/2015
Sea Change Coming in Attorney Fee Awards Under Lanham Act Articles  01/02/2015
I-4 - The Ultimate Project Articles  01/01/2015
Overview of SEC's Rules on "Pay to Play" and Campaign Contributions Impacting Public Retirement Systems Articles  01/01/2015
"2015 Federal Legislative Outlook" Presentations  01/01/2015
Notice Period Doesn't Cause 9th Circ. To Pause on ESA Articles  12/12/2014
Another Reason to Review Government Vendor Agreements: Government Agencies Can Be Held Liable for Patent Infringement Claims E-Alerts  12/08/2014
Enforeceability of Agreements to Arbitrate Insurance Disputes Articles  12/02/2014
Must Calif. Dump Its Oil Spill Prevention Regime? Articles  12/02/2014
Ninth Circuit Lifts the Veil: Explains How to Comply With Endangered Species Act 60-Day Notice Requirement E-Alerts  11/25/2014
Opponents of Arena Project Foul Out E-Alerts  11/24/2014
The Secret Is Out: The Documentary Transfer Tax Will Now Be Part of Public Record E-Alerts  11/13/2014
Utah Court Bucks the Trend: Holds Congress Lacks Power to Regulate Intrastate Species on Private Land E-Alerts  11/10/2014
"Using OCIPs and CCIPs to Bring Order to Project Insurance" Presentations  10/30/2014
"Passenger Rail on Freight: Recent and Pending Cases Changing the Legal Landscape" Presentations  10/28/2014
"Dodging Bullets at the O.K. Corral: How to Investigate and Resolve the Many Issues that Arise in a Questionable Jewelry Loss Without Resorting to Cowgirl Tactics or Litigation" Presentations  10/24/2014
Payment Apps May Trigger Bank Act Articles  10/15/2014
"Governance at MCERA" Presentations  10/14/2014
Best Practices in Corporate Political Activity Presentations  10/13/2014
Sold Only an Interest in Your Property? Get Ready To Pay More Tax E-Alerts  10/10/2014
Excess Insurer Contract Language Amounts to Free Pass Articles  10/08/2014
West Coast Ambulatory Surgery Center Seminar: Preparing Your ASC For Sale Presentations  10/02/2014
Florida's Forward Thinking Articles  10/01/2014
"Understanding the Unique Challenges of Chapter 9 Cases" Articles  10/01/2014
"2014 State Government Affairs" Presentations  10/01/2014
"Real Estate Investments" Presentations  10/01/2014
CEQA Reform in the Courts – Public Agency Can Recover Costs Despite Petitioner's Election E-Alerts  09/22/2014
"The Hatch Act" Presentations  09/18/2014
When Does an Insurance Co. Waive Atty-Client Privilege? Articles  09/17/2014
Historic Calif. Groundwater Bills are Dry on Specifics Articles  09/17/2014
Environmental Review Required for Subdivision Map Approvals E-Alerts  09/16/2014
The End of the Hour Articles  09/10/2014
Legislature Passes Historic Groundwater Management Act E-Alerts  09/08/2014
Guidelines for State Government Affairs Personnel Interfacing with Public Officials Presentations  09/08/2014
The Staying Power of the Status Quo – The Challenge to Eliminating Bias in the Legal Profession Presentations  09/06/2014
Greater Guidance Comes To Calif. For Land Appraisals Articles  09/05/2014
FTA Publishes Guidance on Joint Development E-Alerts  09/04/2014
I-4 Ultimate Financial Close A P3 Benchmark Articles  09/01/2014
More Reasons for Employers to "DISLIKE" Facebook E-Alerts  08/27/2014
Court Provides Guidelines on Valuing Natural Resources in Eminent Domain Proceedings E-Alerts  08/25/2014
Guidelines for Interfacing with Federal Elected & Appointed Officials Presentations  08/22/2014
Beyond the Headlines: Best Practices to Restore Natural Resources Injured by Long-Term Hazardous Waste Releases, Oil Spills and Transport and Other Accidents Articles  08/18/2014
Did Koontz Stop Illegal Development Exactions? Articles  08/13/2014
Fifth Circuit Holds that the Army Corps of Engineers' Jurisdictional Determination Does Not Constitute a Reviewable "Final Agency Action" E-Alerts  08/13/2014
California Supreme Court Holds No CEQA Review Required for a Voter Initiative-Sponsored Ordinance E-Alerts  08/12/2014
Increasing Website Accessibility for the Disabled Articles  08/08/2014
How Untimely Service Can Be Deadly To Your Takings Claim Articles  08/07/2014
Amtrak's Metrics-Making Power Hangs In The Balance Articles  07/28/2014
"The Value Proposition of P3s: The State DOT Perspective" Presentations  07/28/2014
Travelers Webinar: Employment Discrimination & Retaliation: Insuring, Managing, and Preventing Claims Presentations  07/24/2014
Ideas Can Be Subject to Trade Secret Protection E-Alerts  07/22/2014
State and Local Communities Respond to Crude-by-Rail Safety Issue E-Alerts  07/22/2014
Forum-Shopping Insurance Companies' Latest Tricks Articles  07/17/2014
The Patentability Exclusion for "Abstract Ideas" is Even More Abstract Post-Alice E-Alerts  07/15/2014
Impact to Calif. Employers From Hobby Lobby Ruling Articles  07/14/2014
Proposed Critical Habitat Rules Change Reach of the Endangered Species Act Articles  07/14/2014
9th Circuit Gives Fish & Wildlife Wide Berth on Biological Opinion in Delta Smelt Decision Articles  07/14/2014
California Appellate Court Requires Assessment of Healthcare Effects of New Development Articles  07/14/2014
The Food & Beverage Industry in LA: A Roundtable Discussion Articles  07/07/2014
The Surprising Truth about Hobby Lobby's Effect in California E-Alerts  07/03/2014
DOMA, One Year After Marriage Ruling Articles  06/26/2014

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