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Did You Know … Employers May Provide Limited Incentives to Encourage Participation in Workplace Wellness Programs under EEOC's Final Rules   05/24/2016
"No Recovery In Calif. For Views Blocked By Public Projects"   05/02/2016
Guidance on the Use of Best Available Science under the US Endangered Species Act   04/29/2016
Homeowners Cannot Recover for Blocked Views of Hollywood Sign   04/28/2016
Court of Appeal Sustains CPUC's Discretion to Fill Gaps in Statutory Scheme for Intervenor Compensation but Requires CPUC to Limit Compensation to Fees and Costs Relevant to Intervenor's Contribution   04/27/2016
"Insurance for Cyber Threats to the Healthcare Industry: Do you have what you need (and what to do if you dont?)"   04/09/2016
"The Increasing Importance of Physician Well-Being Committees"   04/08/2016
No Surprises in Recent Vested Rights Decision: Fry v. City of Los Angeles   04/05/2016
"Human Resources Management"   04/01/2016
Impact of New FEHA Regulations on Your Employment Policies and Procedures - Take Action Now   03/29/2016
California Supreme Court Holds that Inadvertent Disclosure In Response to a Public Records Act Request Does Not Waive The Exemption for Withholding Privileged Documents   03/29/2016
"Disability Retirement Processing"   03/16/2016
New Limit & Requirement on 501(c)(4) "Social Welfare" Organizations   03/14/2016
"USC Gould School of Law Corporate Fraud and Government Investigations Forum"   03/09/2016
"Social Infrastructure and Innovative P3s"   03/08/2016
"Pension Reform in California: What's Next?"   03/06/2016
Summary of Changes: MBC's Manual of Model Disciplinary Orders and Disciplinary Guidelines   03/04/2016
MBC's Uniform Standards for Substance-Abusing Licensees   03/04/2016
Newhall Case Applies Proposition 26 to Wholesale Water Rates   03/03/2016
"Privacy for the Medical Practice in the Digital Age"   03/01/2016
"Women Unlocking Nonprofits," The Public Leadership Education Network (PLEN)   02/25/2016
"Intellectual Property Issues and Legal Guidance for Social Media"   02/25/2016
Re-Evaluating Calif.'s Emergency Drought Regulation   02/19/2016
"Ask the Experts" SEIA Finance and Tax Seminar Winter 2016   02/18/2016
The Ins and Outs of Direct vs Indirect Infrastructure Investment   02/17/2016
"Fiduciary Responsibility in Selecting and Managing Relationships with Service Providers"   02/17/2016
"The Growth and Management of the Municipal and Civic Pipeline"   02/17/2016
Recent Decisions Applying the Covalt and Hartwell Test   02/05/2016
AWEA Webinar: Industry Essentials - Wind Project Siting 201   02/04/2016
"Capturing Innovation"   02/01/2016
The Door Is Open To Disparaging Trademarks   01/29/2016
"Rules of the Road for Compliance with the Brown Act and Robert's Rules of Order"   01/29/2016
2016 "Wetlands and Waters" Regulations   01/28/2016
The Water Board Will Consider Changes to Its Emergency Drought Regulation for 2016   01/22/2016
"Navigating the Attorney-Client Relationship Within California Public Retirement Systems"   01/22/2016
We Have Been Hacked! what Do We Do?! A Primer for the Construction Industry   01/21/2016
The Clean Water Rule (WOTUS) Update   01/19/2016
Ground Birds and the Endangered Species Act: The Rising Trends in Conservation Efforts and How the Greater Sage Grouse's Story Compares to Other Recent Upland Game Bird Listing Decisions   01/19/2016
Are Groundwater Pumping Fees or Charges Subject to Proposition 218? California Supreme Court to Resolve Conflicting Precedent   01/14/2016
Water Rights in California   01/11/2016
New California Law Regulating Home Care Aid Providers   01/08/2016
Branding Checklist: Boom Or Bust 2016   01/06/2016
Surface Transportation Board Rulemaking to Modify Requirements for Offers of Financial Assistance   01/05/2016
Environmental Provisions of the FAST Act   01/04/2016
"A New Approach by the FWS Over the MBTA and Eagles"   01/01/2016
Worth the Wait? The California Supreme Court Rules that CEQA Does Not Require An Analysis of the Environment's Impacts on a Project, Except When It Does   12/18/2015
Did You Know…The IRS Concludes That a "Penalty" Is a "Penalty" (Except When It Isn't)   12/11/2015
ASC Peer Review: The Clock Starts Running January 1, 2016   12/08/2015
"Staying on Track, Lessons Learned from an On-Time, On-Budget Light Rail Project"   12/03/2015
Deadlines Fast Approaching to Modify Groundwater Basin Boundaries Under New Regulation   12/01/2015
California Supreme Court Finds Newhall EIR Insufficient, But Partially Upholds Greenhouse Gas Analysis   12/01/2015
Right of Entry Statutes Are Back in Business – For Now   11/20/2015
"Delivering Large-Scale Water Infrastructure Projects"   11/19/2015
"Trends Impacting Real Estate Litigation Experts Over The Next Decade," Appraisal Institute 48th Annual Litigation Seminar   11/13/2015
Did You Know…No Sleeping Time Exclusion During 24-Hour Shifts When Employer Exercises Significant Control   11/12/2015
"Using Availability Payments for Social and Transportation Infrastructure Projects"   11/03/2015
"International Perspectives on Delivery of Water Projects"   11/03/2015
Navigating The Product Liability Coverage Obstacle Course   10/29/2015
Governor Brown Signs Legislation Changing Commercial Building Owner Obligations on Energy Usage Disclosure   10/28/2015
"Is Your Policy Panacea or Placebo?" Silicon Valley Association of General Counsel's 27th Annual All Hands Meeting   10/28/2015
"P3 Preparedness: Are You P3 Project-Ready?"   10/23/2015
New Presumptions of Coordination in CA Political Communications/Independent Expenditures   10/22/2015
California Major Donor Notification & Multilayer Reporting Obligations Apply to Federal and State PACs   10/19/2015
"Caifornia Public Records Act - the Basics," Conference of California Public Utility Counsel Annual Meeting   10/18/2015
Insurers May Want To Think Twice About Delaying Defense   10/16/2015
Governor Signs Amendments to SGMA, with Provisions for Water Utilities Regulated by CPUC   10/16/2015
"Arranging, Structuring and Documenting the Financing of P3s"   10/16/2015
Water Suppliers Will Go With 9th Circ. Flow on CWA Reading   10/14/2015
No Good Public Policy Goes Unpunished: Superior Court Challenge to Utility's Implementation of CPUC General Order 156 Moves Forward   10/13/2015
Governor Signs New SGMA Legislation Outlining Procedures for Groundwater Adjudications   10/09/2015
New Water: "Pollution" Meets Water Supply   10/06/2015
"The Trouble with Tibble: The Uncertain Scope of Trustees' Ongoing Duty to Monitor Investments"   10/01/2015
Alternative Investment Fees and Expenses Under Increased Scrutiny   10/01/2015
Union of Concerned Scientists Offers Approach to Achieving SGMA Groundwater Sustainability Goals   09/30/2015
Open Questions About New Calif. Redevelopment Bill   09/29/2015
Governor Signs AB2 Which Will Allow the Creation of Community Revitalization and Investment Authorities   09/25/2015
"The First Steps in the P3 Process"   09/24/2015
A Call to Action: AB 465 is a Game Changer for California Arbitration Agreements   09/21/2015
How Courts Have Decided Coverage Issues In Cyber Insurance Cases   09/17/2015
"Complex Tax Challenges – Shareholder's Basis in S Corporation Stock and Debt: What You Need to Know in 2015 LIVE Webcast"   09/16/2015
"Finance – the Cost Obstacle to P3s"   09/16/2015
New Safety NPRM and Recent Letter from the Acting Administrator Demonstrates FTA's Continued Implementation of Its MAP-21 Safety Mandate   09/10/2015
"Public-Private Partnerships"   09/10/2015
Court Vacates Final Rule Listing Lesser Prairie Chicken   09/03/2015
California Supreme Court Ponders Greenhouse Gas, Fully Protected Species Issues   09/03/2015
"Recycled Water in the Spotlight"   09/01/2015
Latest Lobbying Disclosure Act Settlement Underscores the Importance of a Robust Compliance Program   09/01/2015
Federal Judge Enjoins Implementation of EPA and USACE's New Clean Water Rule   08/28/2015
Ninth Circuit Holds no NPDES Permit Required for Klamath Straits Drain   08/27/2015
Part & Parcel   08/20/2015
Federal Highway Administration Publishes CM/GC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking   08/20/2015
Ninth Circuit Finds ESA 60-Day Notice "Adequate" and Resurrects Challenge to Suction Dredge Mining Suit   08/17/2015
California Governor's Office Releases Comprehensive Update to State California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines   08/17/2015
30-year Eagle Take Permit Term Remanded on Procedural Grounds   08/13/2015
FRA Issues New Hazmat Train Securement Rule and Sunsets Emergency Order 28   08/06/2015
California Supreme Court Holds that State Agencies May Not Escape CEQA Mitigation Requirements Based on Failure of the Legislature to Appropriate Mitigation Funds   08/05/2015
This Isn't North Carolina, Toto: California Boards Should Survive the Dental Board Case   08/01/2015
Critical Habitat in Critical Condition: Can Controversial New Rules Revive It?   08/01/2015
The Critical Habitat Exclusion Policy: Implications for Conservation Partnerships on Private Land   08/01/2015
The Food & Beverage Industry in Los Angeles: A Roundtable Discussion   07/30/2015
"Lobbying, Ethics and Election Law Compliance Briefing for Alliance Development"   07/23/2015
"Introduction to P3 Bootcamp"   07/20/2015
The Chicago Gateway Challenge   07/20/2015
Did You Know…Amendments to California's Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Law Effective Immediately   07/16/2015
"Assembly Bill 624 and its Potential Impact on Real Estate Litigation"   07/14/2015
Ninth Circuit Holds Critical Habitat Designations Not Subject to Cost-Benefit Analysis   07/09/2015
REBUTTAL: Reverse Bad Faith Does Not Exist   07/08/2015
New DOT Rules Close Unintended Gap Regarding ADA Obligation To Modify Operating Practices   07/06/2015
Could Chief Justice Roberts Have Concurred In Obergefell?   07/02/2015
New Developments on Interplay between Whistleblower Actions and Other Attacks on Hospital Discipline   07/01/2015
"Migratory Bird Policy Casts Shadow Over Large-Scale Solar"   07/01/2015
The U.S. Supreme Court Invalidates EPA's Power Plant Mercury Emissions Regulation   07/01/2015
"Former STB Commissioners: Off the Record," Association of Transportation Law Professionals Annual Meeting   06/30/2015
Did You Know…SCOTUS Saves the Affordable Care Act (Again)   06/29/2015
"P3 How-To"   06/29/2015
Ninth Circuit Critical Habitat Decision Casts Shadow on Habitat Conservation Plan "No Surprises" Assurances   06/26/2015
Strategies For Businesses Protecting Electronic Data Within California: Part Three   06/24/2015
New CFRA Amendments Take Effect July 1   06/22/2015
Strategies For Businesses Protecting Electronic Data Within California: Part Two   06/17/2015
"Decongesting Chicago, America's Railroad Hub"   06/17/2015
Federal Transit Administration Proposes New State Safety Oversight Rule   06/16/2015
California Supreme Court Holds Facial Challenge to Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance Subject to Deferential Standard of Review   06/16/2015
Court of Appeal Explains How the Language in the Resolution of Necessity Impacts Eminent Domain Trials   06/15/2015
"How Early Acquisition Can Minimize Risks and Reduce Costs"   06/14/2015
FRA Issues Safety Advisory to All Passenger Railroads in Response to Recent Amtrak and Metro-North Derailments   06/12/2015
Strategies For Businesses Protecting Electronic Data Within California: Part One   06/10/2015
"Panel Discussion: Legislation – Lawmakers Lay the P3 Foundations"   06/09/2015
"Working with Attorneys: What Appraisal Professionals Need to Know"   06/09/2015
Safety depends on everyone   06/08/2015
How One Misstep Resulted in a $2.5 Million Lesson   06/08/2015
Court of Appeal Decision Extends Lake and Streambed Alteration Program to Water Diversions   06/08/2015
"Wanted: Trillions of Dollars - New Financial Instruments Might Finally Put Sorely Needed Private Dollars to Work"   06/01/2015
Agencies Cannot Make Conditional Final Offers of Just Compensation in Condemnation Actions   06/01/2015
When Public And Private Projects Collide   05/29/2015
"Public-Private Partnerships Today & Tomorrow"   05/29/2015
EPA and USACE Issue Clean Water Rule   05/27/2015
When It Comes to Property Acquisitions and Private Development, Timing May Be Everything   05/27/2015
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to Consider Expanding Incidental Take Authorization Under Migratory Bird Treaty Act   05/26/2015
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