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California Fish and Game Commission Delays Listing Decision for Gray Wolf Blogs  04/17/2014
What Has Fahlen Wrought? Articles  04/17/2014
Hexavalent Chromium: Is the Maximum Contaminant Level a Done Deal? E-Alerts  04/16/2014
Stay Ahead of the Curve When Choosing Desired Tax Treatment Articles  04/15/2014
Natural Resources Committee Discusses Endangered Species Act Reform Blogs  04/14/2014
EPA Asks STB to Resolve Preemption Question E-Alerts  04/10/2014
District Court Holds That the Incidental Take Statement Requirement Under Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act Does Not Apply to Listed Plant Species Blogs  04/09/2014
Indiana Achieves Commercial Close on its Second Availability Payment P3 Blogs  04/09/2014
California Passenger Rail Summit Blogs  04/06/2014
District Court Upholds Controversial Settlement Agreements between U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Environmental Groups Blogs  04/04/2014
City Fails to Adequately Mitigate "Urban Decay" and Energy Impacts of Big Box Retail Project E-Alerts  04/04/2014
Recent Trends in Eminent Domain -- And What To Expect Next Articles  04/03/2014
Seventh Circuit Restricts the Reach of U.S. Antitrust Laws on Foreign Component Manufacturers E-Alerts  04/02/2014
FTA and FHWA Issue New MAP-21 Guidance That Could Penalize Wildlife Agencies Blogs  04/01/2014
Ruling May Put the Brakes on Some CEQA Investigations Articles  03/31/2014
Court of Appeal Says Communications on Personal Communicating Devices are Exempt from Disclosure under Public Records Act E-Alerts  03/31/2014
Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board Issues Draft Rule To Regulate Duties And Responsibilities Of Municipal Advisors E-Alerts  03/31/2014
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Announces Listing of Lesser Prairie-Chicken Blogs  03/28/2014
Florida I-595 Express Lanes Open Blogs  03/28/2014
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes to Reclassify California Toad Blogs  03/28/2014
California Court Recognizes Conservation Exception to Fully Protected Species Law Blogs  03/27/2014
Australian Scientists Call for Country to Focus Conservation Efforts on Most Vital Endangered Species Blogs  03/25/2014
Did You Know…Depression Does Not Automatically Qualify An Employee For FMLA Leave Blogs  03/24/2014
Smoother Pavement and Safer Bridges are Coming Soon to a Road Near You Blogs  03/21/2014
Proposed Bill Seeks to Require Federal Agencies to Count Species on State, Tribal, and Private Lands before Listing the Species under the ESA Blogs  03/21/2014
Precondemnation "Right of Entry" Statutes Challenged as Unconstitutional Takings E-Alerts  03/21/2014
2013 Eminent Domain Year in Review & 2014 Forecast E-Alerts  03/20/2014
Court Decision Raises Questions About Viability of Precondemnation "Right of Entry" Efforts Blogs  03/19/2014
The 'ABC' of California Booze Law Articles  03/19/2014
Ninth Circuit Says Film Actor Has Copyright In Performance E-Alerts  03/19/2014
Did You Know…Background Checks – Buyer [Employer] Beware! Blogs  03/18/2014
The Uniform Relocation Act Does Not Provide a Private Right of Action to Property Owners Blogs  03/18/2014
What Every California LCC Needs To Know About California's New Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act E-Alerts  03/17/2014
Did You Know…New Informal Guidance From EEOC & FTC Re Background Checks Blogs  03/14/2014
FDOT Receives Financial Proposals from Four Teams for I-4 Ultimate Project Blogs  03/14/2014
"Latina History Day Conference" Presentations  03/14/2014
Federal Highway Trust Fund Funding Problem Will Hit State Projects This Fall Blogs  03/13/2014
Ninth Circuit Issues Long-Awaited Delta Smelt Decision Blogs  03/13/2014
Supreme Court Strikes Blow to "Rail-to-Trails" Program Blogs  03/12/2014
Did You Know…San Francisco “Bans the Box”: Are Your Job Applications Up to Snuff? Blogs  03/12/2014
The Hearsay Rule Matters in Calif. PUC Proceedings Articles  03/12/2014
Rails-to-Trails Decision: Supreme Court Holds that Government Does Not Retain Reversionary Interest E-Alerts  03/12/2014
"Off the Record" Roundtable: Corporate Trade Association Prior Approval Presentations  03/12/2014
Congressional Panel Explores Industry's Views on Public-Private Partnerships Blogs  03/11/2014
9th Circ. Reminds BOEM About The Importance Of Evidence Articles  03/11/2014
Did You Know…Update Re California Family Rights Act (CFRA) – Proposed Pending Amendments Blogs  03/10/2014
New Article Takes Stock of Federal Agency Proposal to Use Surrogates to Establish Take Limits Blogs  03/10/2014
9th Circ. Simplifies Enviro Process For Transit Projects Articles  03/07/2014
Did You Know…An $80,000 Facebook Post Costs $80,000 Blogs  03/06/2014
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Issues Revised Recovery Plan for the Pallid Sturgeon Blogs  03/05/2014
White House Backs the $2.2 Billion Purple Line Blogs  03/05/2014
City of Indianapolis Shortlists Three Development Teams for Marion County Consolidated Justice Complex Blogs  03/05/2014
Alaska Urges National Marine Fisheries Service to Delist Subpopulation of Humpback Whales Blogs  03/04/2014
USC Gould School of Law Corporate Fraud and Government Investigations Forum Presentations  03/04/2014
Major Court of Appeals Decision Allows Construction of $5 Billion Transit Rail Project in Honolulu to Proceed Blogs  03/03/2014
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes Delisting Two Death Valley Plant Species Blogs  03/03/2014
Clean Air Act ruling may curb suits Articles  03/03/2014
President Obama Touts $302 Billion for Nation's Infrastructure Blogs  03/01/2014
President Obama Announces a Proposal to Fund a Four Year Surface Transportation Bill at $302 Billion Blogs  02/28/2014
Indiana Finance Authority Shortlists 4 Proposers for its Indiana Portion of the Illiana Corridor Project & I-65 Added Capacity Project Blogs  02/28/2014
Redevelopment 2.0 -- Infrastructure Financing Districts Approved for Redevelopment Project Areas Blogs  02/28/2014
Compliance Overview: Corporate Involvement in the Federal Public Policy Arena Articles  02/28/2014
"Political Intelligence - Get the Facts" Presentations  02/28/2014
City of Bakersfield Secures Early Release of $180 million in Federal Funding for Centennial Corridor and 24th Street Widening Projects Blogs  02/27/2014
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Lists Two Texas Salamanders as Threatened Blogs  02/27/2014
New article explores structured decision-making for imperiled species Blogs  02/26/2014
California Successor Agencies Rejoice: IFD Law Now Includes Redevelopment Project Areas Blogs  02/26/2014
The Fahlen Floodgates: Straight Talk about Two-Track Peer Review E-Alerts  02/25/2014
A Comprehensive Look at Organizational Conflicts of Interest- Rules that the Lawyer Representing Governmental Agencies and Governmental Officials Should Know Presentations  02/25/2014
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Announces Listing of Two Texas Salamanders Blogs  02/21/2014
National Marine Fisheries Service to Conduct Status Review for Four Cetaceans Blogs  02/21/2014
Keystone XL Pipeline Project Halted in Nebraska Blogs  02/20/2014
Indiana Does it Again! IFA Selects Preferred Bidder for I69 Section 5 Availability Payment Project Blogs  02/19/2014
After More Than Five Years, Proposed Rule to Delist Hawaiian Hawk Reopened for Comment Blogs  02/18/2014
$5 Billion Honolulu Rail Transit Project Gets Green Light E-Alerts  02/18/2014
FHWA and FTA Issue New Guidance On MAP-21 Exclusions Blogs  02/14/2014
Court Sides With Federal Government Over Santa Monica Airport Blogs  02/14/2014
Motorola Loses Antitrust Claims Based on Foreign Purchases E-Alerts  02/14/2014
FDOT Receives Technical Proposals from Four Teams for I-4 Ultimate Project Blogs  02/13/2014
Report Finds the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Relied on Inadequate Science to Propose Delisting the Gray Wolf Blogs  02/13/2014
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service To Analyze Stakeholder Plan for Lesser Prairie-Chicken Blogs  02/10/2014
Congressional Working Group Seeks Reform of the Endangered Species Act Blogs  02/10/2014
The Hearsay Rule Matters in California Public Utilities Commission Proceedings E-Alerts  02/10/2014
Arizona DOT Issues RFI for South Mountain Freeway Project Blogs  02/07/2014
Legislation Requiring the Purchase of Private Property Blogs  02/07/2014
Ninth Circuit Denies Rehearing of Clean Air Act Suit and War of Words Ensues E-Alerts  02/07/2014
California Department of Fish and Wildlife Recommends Against Listing the Gray Wolf Blogs  02/06/2014
A Pilot Program for Performance-Based Social Infrastructure in California Blogs  02/05/2014
Securities and Exchange Commission's New Municipal Advisor Rules Clarify Requirements for Banks E-Alerts  02/05/2014
USDOT Official Comments on P3s Blogs  02/04/2014
For The First Time Ever, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Declares Fish Recovered Blogs  02/04/2014
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Reopens Public Comment Period for Proposed Special Rule for the Lesser Prairie-Chicken Blogs  02/03/2014
The "ABCs" of California Booze Law Articles  02/03/2014
Ninth Circuit Finds Environmental Document for Chukchi Sea Lease Sale Violates NEPA E-Alerts  02/03/2014
Practitioner Guidance: Managing Legal Risks in the NEPA Process for Transportation Projects Articles  02/01/2014
National Marine Fisheries Service Proposes Protection for Captive Killer Whale "Lolita" under Endangered Species Act Blogs  01/31/2014
Proportionality, Nexus Don't Matter If It's Not a Taking Articles  01/31/2014
Commuting in California May Just Get a Bit Easier Blogs  01/30/2014
When a "Date Certain" for a Chromium 6 MCL isn't Exactly Certain E-Alerts  01/30/2014
Redevelopment Wind-Down: A Few Random Thoughts Blogs  01/29/2014
Government Need Not Satisfy Nexus and Proportionality Tests if Dedication Requirement Does Not Otherwise Constitute a Taking E-Alerts  01/29/2014
Government Need Not Satisfy Nexus and Proportionality Tests if Dedication Requirement Does Not Otherwise Constitute a Taking Blogs  01/28/2014
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Seeks Proposals under Section 6 of the ESA for Federal Financial Assistance Blogs  01/28/2014
Court Resolves Standard of Review for Beneficial Spot Zoning Blogs  01/28/2014
FHWA and FTA Issue New Guidance On MAP-21 Exclusions Blogs  01/27/2014
Encinitas Contemplates Eminent Domain for School District Property Blogs  01/24/2014
"California's Net Energy Metering Program: Challenges and Opportunities" Presentations  01/23/2014
"The Contract Documents: Whose Project is it Anyway?" Presentations  01/23/2014
Congress Exempts U.S. Population of Endangered Species From ESA Blogs  01/22/2014
City of Benicia Moves Forward with Potential Eminent Domain for Bus Hub Project Blogs  01/22/2014
District Court Finds Columbia River Hatchery Violates Endangered Species Act Blogs  01/21/2014
Fate of Santa Monica Airport Up To Federal Court Blogs  01/20/2014
House Transportation Committee Establishes Panel on Public-Private Partnerships Blogs  01/17/2014
Congress to Consider Exempting "Three Amigos" Antelopes from Endangered Species Act Blogs  01/17/2014
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Announces Availability of Draft Economic Analysis for Proposed Critical Habitat for Three Amphibian Species Blogs  01/15/2014
Perspective: Refining RRIF to Include Commuter Rail Articles  01/15/2014
City of Sacramento Condemning for its Kings Blogs  01/13/2014
Nossaman 2014 Eminent Domain Seminar Upcoming Blogs  01/13/2014
Policyholders Fight to Preserve Precedent Articles  01/13/2014
What's New for 2014 – FPPC Revises Treatment of Travel Payments to Public Agencies E-Alerts  01/13/2014
Four Teams Short-listed for the Maryland Purple Line P3 Blogs  01/11/2014
How Strong Is Your D&O Safety Net? Articles  01/10/2014
State PAC Compliance Issues Presentations  01/10/2014
Sage Grouse Controversy Continues Blogs  01/09/2014
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Affirms Listing of the White Bluffs Bladderpod Blogs  01/09/2014
Physician Well-Being: Helping Clients Navigate The Path From Substance-Related Disorders To Recovery And Return To Practice Articles  01/02/2014
Endangered Species Act Turns 40 Blogs  12/31/2013
Political Activity, Lobbying Laws and Gift Rules Guide Articles  12/31/2013
Houston METRO North Line Opens Blogs  12/24/2013
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Denies Listing for Rare Orchid Blogs  12/24/2013
Bipartisan Budget Agreement Offers Little Holiday Cheer for Transportation Funding Blogs  12/24/2013
Committee Recommends Delisting Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Blogs  12/23/2013
Reid Ruling Ignores Calif. Precedent Articles  12/20/2013
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Extends Comment Period for Greater Sage-Grouse and Designates Critical Habitat for Franciscan Manzanita Blogs  12/19/2013
House Natural Resources Committee Holds Fifth Oversight Hearing on Endangered Species Act Blogs  12/18/2013
California Transportation Commission's 2013 Project Funding Surpasses $3 Billion Blogs  12/15/2013
Federal Circuit Holds Potential Flooding of California Property Not A Taking Blogs  12/15/2013
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes Revised Rule for the Lesser Prairie-Chicken Blogs  12/13/2013
Complicating the Duties of In-House Counsel Articles  12/13/2013
Maryland Purple Line P3 Project Receives Qualifications from Six Teams Blogs  12/12/2013
Oversight of Pesticide Ingredients May Trigger a Duty to Consult under the Endangered Species Act Blogs  12/11/2013
House Natural Resources Committee to Hold Hearing on Department of the Interior's 2011 Endangered Species Act Settlements Blogs  12/10/2013
"Federal Compliance: Lobbying Registration, Disclosure and Ethics Requirements" Presentations  12/10/2013
"State Lobbying, Compliance, Disclosure, and Ethics" Presentations  12/09/2013
Tappan Zee Receives $1.6 Billion TIFIA Loan Blogs  12/06/2013
East End Crossing Wins Bond Buyer Deal of the Year Blogs  12/06/2013
On Remand from the U.S. Supreme Court, Federal Circuit Affirms Ruling that Temporary Flooding Resulted in Compensable Taking Blogs  12/06/2013
Litigation Counsel of America Renaissance Symposium VIII Presentations  12/06/2013
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to Determine Whether to List the Arctic Grayling Blogs  12/04/2013
Calif. Taxpayers: You Can['t] Check Out Any Time You Like Articles  12/04/2013
Senate Introduces Bill to Amend Endangered Species Act Blogs  12/02/2013
Sea Level Rise Guidance for Agencies, Cities Articles  11/29/2013
Biomethane Rising: California Policies Open the Gate to Electricity and Natural Gas Markets Articles  11/27/2013
District Court Upholds Biological Opinion for Wind Energy Project in Imperial County, California Blogs  11/26/2013
Bureau of Land Management Continues to Develop a National Greater Sage-Grouse Planning Strategy Blogs  11/26/2013
National Marine Fisheries Service Considers Listing the Pinto Abalone under the Endangered Species Act Blogs  11/22/2013
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Approves HCP and ITP for 10 Species Over a 50-Year Period Blogs  11/22/2013
USDOT to Hire Director, Office of Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Blogs  11/21/2013
Congressional "P3 Caucus" Holds First Public Meeting Blogs  11/21/2013
Bi-partisan Infrastructure Bill Introduced in U.S. Senate Blogs  11/20/2013
California Supreme Court to Hear Eminent Domain Case Blogs  11/20/2013
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Declines to List Gunnison's Prairie Dog Blogs  11/19/2013
NMFS Determines Gulf of Mexico Sperm Whales Do Not Warrant Listing Under the Endangered Species Act Blogs  11/15/2013
Polanco Act 2.0 Set to Commence in 2014 Blogs  11/14/2013
Indiana Finance Authority Issues RFQ for the Indiana Portion of the Illiana Corridor Project and I-65 Added Capacity Project Blogs  11/14/2013
"Who Takes the Toll Risk: Availability Payment Transactions vs. Revenue Bond Financing" Presentations  11/14/2013
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Reopens Public Comment Period for Proposed Listing of Gunnison Sage-Grouse Blogs  11/13/2013
Drinking Water Standards: How Fast is Fast Enough to Finalize the Chromium-6 MCL? E-Alerts  11/13/2013
How To Fix RRIF (If Congress Wanted To) Blogs  11/12/2013
Appraisal Institute's Annual Litigation Conference This Friday Blogs  11/11/2013
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes Delisting the Inyo California Towhee Blogs  11/11/2013
Wildlife Service Proposes to List Two Butterfly Species Blogs  11/11/2013
The Demise of Deficiency Judgments in Residential Loans E-Alerts  11/07/2013
U.S. District Court Approves Settlement Requiring the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to Study the Impact of Pesticides on the California Red-Legged Frog Blogs  11/06/2013
?DBIA seeks industry comment on revised Design-Build Best Practices Blogs  11/05/2013
U.S. Bureau of Land Management Issues Draft Proposal to Protect Nevada and Northeast California Greater Sage-Grouse Blogs  11/04/2013
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Lists 15 Hawaiian Species as Endangered Blogs  10/31/2013
Eminent Domain approved for Agoura Hills Street Widening Blogs  10/31/2013
Did You Know…The Continuing Saga of Arbitration Agreements & Unconscionability Blogs  10/31/2013
California High Court Clarifies Scope of Mitigation Fee Act Articles  10/30/2013
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes Listing the Greater Sage Grouse under the Endangered Species Act Blogs  10/29/2013
Did You Know…Lady Gaga Settles Wage and Hour Claim Blogs  10/29/2013
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes to List the Vandenberg Monkeyflower as Endangered Blogs  10/29/2013
When Projected Eminent Domain Litigation Costs Exceed the Value of the Property Acquisition Blogs  10/29/2013
Off the Rails: PHMSA Regulation of DOT-111 Tank Cars Blogs  10/28/2013
National Marine Fisheries Service Delists the Eastern Population of the Steller Sea Lion Blogs  10/28/2013
"Know your Client: Rules for Advocacy Communications for Non-Profit Organizations" Presentations  10/25/2013
California Department of Fish and Wildlife Begins Process of Updating the California Wildlife Action Plan Blogs  10/23/2013
Public Workshop Scheduled for State Route 88 Corridor Improvement Project Blogs  10/23/2013
"Hiring: Maximize the Value of New Hire Acquisition and On-Boarding Efforts" Presentations  10/23/2013
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Denies Endangered Species Act Protection for Ashy Storm-Petrel Blogs  10/22/2013
California Supreme Court Holds Mitigation Fee Act Applies to Inclusionary Housing Blogs  10/18/2013
California Supreme Court Holds Mitigation Fee Act Applies to Inclusionary Housing E-Alerts  10/18/2013
With the Conclusion of the Shutdown, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Gets Back to Work Blogs  10/17/2013
California High Speed Rail Authority Issues RFQ for Second Phase Blogs  10/17/2013
Did You Know…California Raises Minimum Wage Blogs  10/16/2013
Did You Know… A New San Francisco Ordinance Imposes a Duty on Employers to Consider and Respond to Employee Requests for Flexible Work Arrangements Blogs  10/16/2013
Indiana Finance Authority issues the Request for Proposals for the I-69 Section 5 Project Blogs  10/16/2013
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes to List Two Flower Species as Endangered Blogs  10/15/2013
When Officers and Directors Face Government Suit Articles  10/15/2013
The Government Shutdown's Impacts on Federal Transportation Agencies Blogs  10/14/2013
House Passes Healthy Forests Bill that Would Amend ESA with Respect to Forest Reserve Projects Blogs  10/11/2013
Working Group Holds Congressional Forum on ESA Reform, Despite Absence of Environmental Groups Blogs  10/11/2013
The Use of a Legal Issues Motion in Eminent Domain Proceedings Blogs  10/11/2013
Public Employees’ Facebook “Like” is the Internet Equivalent of a Political Yard Sign Blogs  10/10/2013
"Groundwater Contamination Litigation: Proving and Defending Against Liability" Presentations  10/10/2013
California Transportation Commission Allocates $359 Million to Upgrade California's Infrastructure Blogs  10/09/2013
ESA Working Group Forum Scheduled for Tomorrow, But Not Without Controversy Blogs  10/09/2013
"Hiring: Maximize the Value of New Hire Acquisition and On-Boarding Efforts" Presentations  10/09/2013
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes Listing the Rufa Red Knot as Threatened Under the Endangered Species Act Blogs  10/07/2013
Governor Brown Signs AB 401: Giving Broader Authority for Regional Transportation Agencies to use Design Build Blogs  10/07/2013
Governor Brown Signs AB 401: Giving Broader Authority for Regional Transporation Agencies to use Design Build Blogs  10/07/2013
West Covina Contests Caltrans' Condemnation of Westfield Mall Property Blogs  10/06/2013
U.S Fish & Wildlife Service Denies Listing of Alaskan Seabird Under the Endangered Species Act Blogs  10/04/2013
Governor Brown Vetoes Eminent Domain Bill, But I'm Not Sure Why Blogs  10/04/2013
ADOT Executes First P3 Agreement Blogs  10/03/2013
Caltrans to Finally Sell Those Homes it Purchased 50+ Years Ago for the 710 Freeway Blogs  10/03/2013
Supreme Court Taking Another Takings Case Blogs  10/02/2013
"Eminent Domain Update: Cases, RDA Dissolution, and Underwater Mortgages" Presentations  10/02/2013
Coachella Valley Association of Governments Approves Plan to Fund Passenger Rail Blogs  10/01/2013
Citing Disagreements Over Climate Change Data, National Marine Fisheries Service Postpones Listing Determination on 68 Coral Species Blogs  10/01/2013
Limited Defenses Available Against FDIC As Receiver Articles  10/01/2013
Impacts of Government Shutdown on Endangered Species Blogs  09/30/2013
When Inverse Condemnation and Eminent Domain Overlap: Owners Beware of Attorney Contingency Fee Arrangements Blogs  09/27/2013
Eminent Domain Update at Next Week's IRWA Chapter 57 Lunch Meeting Blogs  09/26/2013
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Lists Three Species in Texas and New Mexico as Threatened or Endangered Blogs  09/26/2013
Settlement Agreement Reached With U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to Consider Listing Nine Species Under the Endangered Species Act Blogs  09/26/2013
Condeming Underwater Mortgages: Another Look at the Legality of it Blogs  09/24/2013
Foreseeable Misuse Isn't A Plaintiff's Panacea Articles  09/23/2013
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Issues Recovery Plan for Alaskan DPS of Northern Sea Otter Blogs  09/22/2013
California Rewarded for Keeping Transportation Projects on Track Blogs  09/20/2013
NTE Segments 3A & 3B Project Reaches Financial Close Blogs  09/19/2013
Tolling for the Next Generation Interstate System Blogs  09/19/2013
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Lists Neosho Mucket as Endangered and Rabbitsfoot as Threatened Under the Endangered Species Act Blogs  09/17/2013
Shortlist Announced for Caltrans and Metro ARTI Project Blogs  09/17/2013
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to Hold Hearings on Delisting the Gray Wolf Blogs  09/17/2013
The IRS Says Yes, We're Married...Now What? Articles  09/17/2013
California Supreme Court Set to Hear First Post-Koontz Takings Case Blogs  09/16/2013
Federal Court Halts Lender Underwater Mortgages Lawsuit Against Richmond Blogs  09/13/2013
"Most Favored Nation Provisions in Invest Agreements Drafting and Operational Issues" Presentations  09/13/2013
Design-Build Done Right: DBIA Seeks Input on its Industry Wide Best Practices Blogs  09/12/2013
"Redevelopment's Future in California" Presentations  09/12/2013
The City of Richmond Remains Undeterred in its Quest to Condemn Underwater Mortgages Blogs  09/11/2013
Court Enjoins "Salvage Harvest" Project in Area Scorched by the Mill Fire Blogs  09/11/2013
Precondemnation Vs. De Facto: A Cautionary Tale Articles  09/11/2013
Join Us This Week at the Appraisal Institute's 2013 Conference Blogs  09/10/2013
Court of Appeals Holds Claims Against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for Failure to Comply with the Endangered Species Act are Moot Blogs  09/09/2013
The City of Hayward Ready for an Eminent Domain Battle, Among Others... Blogs  09/09/2013
D.C. District Court Upholds U.S. Fish & Wildlife's Determination that the Tri-State Population of the Marbled Murrelet Warrants Listing Under the Endangered Species Act Blogs  09/06/2013
Interior Extends Public Comment Period on Wolf Delisting Blogs  09/06/2013
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Proposes Downlisting the Santa Cruz Cypress Blogs  09/05/2013
USDOT Announces Fifth Round of TIGER Discretionary Grants Blogs  09/05/2013
A Cautionary Tale on Alleging Precondemnation Damages Versus a De Facto Taking Blogs  09/04/2013
Federal Wildlife Agencies Issue Proposed Rule that Would Codify Practice of Using Surrogates in Incidental Take Statements Blogs  09/04/2013
A Cautionary Tale on Alleging Precondemnation Damages Versus a De Facto Taking E-Alerts  09/04/2013
"Hosted Litigation--A Roundtable Discussion of Pros and Cons" Presentations  09/02/2013
Can Zoning a Golf Course Property as Open Space Result in a Taking? Blogs  09/01/2013
Sometimes A Taking Is Not Really 'Taking' Articles  08/30/2013
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Proposes Listing the Oregon Spotted Frog as a Threatened Species Under the Endangered Species Act Blogs  08/29/2013
Mexican Gray Wolves Benefit From Two Recent Settlement Agreements Blogs  08/29/2013
Federal Wildlife Agencies Issue Final Rule Adopting "Incremental" Approach to Economic Impact Analyses Conducted for Critical Habitat Designations under the Endangered Species Act Blogs  08/28/2013
Federal Wildlife Agencies Issue Final Rule Adopting "Incremental" Approach to Economic Impact Analyses Conducted for Critical Habitat Designations under the Endangered Species Act E-Alerts  08/28/2013
Oregon Legislature Passes Nation's First VMT Bill Blogs  08/27/2013
Endangered Species Act Working Group to Hold Field Hearings in Wyoming and Montana Blogs  08/27/2013
Did You Know…Ninth Circuit Holds No Aggregation of PAGA Penalties to Establish Federal Diversity Jurisdiction Blogs  08/26/2013
When Can You Sue the State Without Naming the State? Blogs  08/26/2013
California High-Speed Rail Authority Executes Initial Design-Build Contract for First High-Speed Rail System in the United States Blogs  08/22/2013
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Lists Two Species of Salamanders and Proposes Listing Two Species of Minnows Endemic to Texas Blogs  08/22/2013
"Regulatory Takings Claims in California: Advice For Practitioners And Government Agencies" Presentations  08/19/2013
Judge Or Jury? A Critical Eminent Domain Question Answered Articles  08/16/2013
From Coal to Roads: VDOT Uses Coal Synergy Concept to Improve Access in Southwest Virginia Blogs  08/15/2013
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Proposes Listing Two Species of Rare Utah Plants Blogs  08/15/2013
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes Listing Rare Desert Rose Under the Endangered Species Act Blogs  08/15/2013
Butterflies, Plants and Herring - Recent Listing Decisions and Proposed Listings Blogs  08/15/2013
FTA Offers More Insight on Evaluating New and Small Starts Projects Blogs  08/14/2013
The Continuing Effort to Define the Line Between Court and Jury Roles in Eminent Domain Blogs  08/14/2013
Decision Stings Insureds, Though Impact Overstated Articles  08/13/2013
In Eminent Domain Proceedings, the Likelihood and Constitutionality of a Dedication is a Jury Determination E-Alerts  08/13/2013
First Raisins, Now Tomatoes? Another Federal Government Takings Challenge Blogs  08/12/2013
Congressional Caucus on Public-Private Partnerships Launched Blogs  08/09/2013
Digital Sign War Heats Up With Lawsuit By Scenic America Challenging FHWA Guidance on Sign Lighting Blogs  08/09/2013
California Transportation Commission Allocated $487 Million to California Transportation Projects Blogs  08/09/2013
Join Us for a California Regulatory Takings Teleconference on August 19 Blogs  08/08/2013
Lenders React to Richmond's Plan to Condemn Mortgages by Filing Suit Blogs  08/08/2013
The Supreme Court Said We're Married … Now What? E-Alerts  08/08/2013
Sonoma County Settles Eminent Domain Lawsuit on Eve of Trial Blogs  08/07/2013
Critical Habitat Proposed for Rockfish Blogs  08/07/2013
District Court Holds Claims Under Section 10 of the Endangered Species Act do not Require 60-day Notice of Intent to Sue Blogs  08/06/2013
National Marine Fisheries Service Proposes Designating 36 Marine Areas as Critical Habitat for the Loggerhead Sea Turtle Blogs  08/05/2013
FHWA Proposes Fix Avoiding Need for Special Approval to Include Alternative Technical Concepts in Design-Build Procurements Blogs  08/02/2013
Sometimes a Taking is not a "Taking" Blogs  08/02/2013
Sometimes a Taking is Not a "Taking" E-Alerts  08/02/2013
Congress Continues to Probe the Endangered Species Act Blogs  08/01/2013
Design-Build Institute of America - Alternative Delivery of "Mega-Projects" Presentations  08/01/2013
Indiana Finance Authority Shortlists 4 Proposers for its I-69 Section 5 Project Blogs  07/31/2013
A Roadmap for Assessing the Benefits of P3 Procurement for Highways Blogs  07/31/2013
Strike up The Bands: The Metals Are Coming, The Metals Are Coming! Articles  07/31/2013
Welcome to Las Vegas! Nevada DOT Holds Industry Workshop, Issues RFQ For Project Neon Availability Payment Project Blogs  07/30/2013
Ninth Circuit Affirms Lower Court Decision Upholding Commercial Fishing Restrictions in Alaska to Protect Endangered Steller Sea Lions Blogs  07/30/2013
Property Owner Loses Inverse Condemnation/Regulatory Takings Challenge to General Plan Amendment/Zone Change Blogs  07/30/2013
Los Angeles Business Journal's Food & Beverage Roundtable Articles  07/29/2013
City of Agoura Hills Moving Forward with Palo Comado Interchange Project Blogs  07/28/2013
ARTBA Recognizes East End Crossing Participants, Bill Reinhardt and P3 Founders at 25th Anniversary Awards Dinner Blogs  07/26/2013
TRB Releases Report Providing Overview of Performance-Based Specifications Blogs  07/26/2013
USDOT Issues Temporary Exemption from Buy America for Certain Utility Relocations Blogs  07/26/2013
"Managing Risk on Complex P3 Agreements" Presentations  07/26/2013
Georgia Selects Private Partner to Finalize P3 Contract for Northwest Corridor Project Blogs  07/25/2013
TIFIA Program Office Releases Updated Program Guidance and Templates Blogs  07/25/2013
TIFIA Joint Program Office to Move? Blogs  07/25/2013
Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works Holds Oversight Hearing on TIFIA, Nossaman Partner Testifies Blogs  07/25/2013
"Federal Legislative and Regulatory Initiatives Affecting Counties" Presentations  07/25/2013
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Releases Plan to Shoot Barred Owls to Protect Northern Spotted Owls Blogs  07/24/2013
City of Santee Set to Commence Eminent Domain Actions Blogs  07/24/2013
Update: Condemnation of Underwater Mortgages Closer to Reality Blogs  07/23/2013
Corps of Engineers Issues Guidance Regarding Section 7(a)(2) Consultation Blogs  07/23/2013
What Does DOMA and Prop 8 Mean to You: The Employer? E-Alerts  07/22/2013
The Complexity of Data Privacy and Compliance under HIPAA-HITECH Presentations  07/22/2013
"Conflicts of Interest: Rules to Know" Presentations  07/22/2013
Court Holds Biological Assessment Reviewable, But Denies Temporary Injunctive Relief Blogs  07/21/2013
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Extends Comment Period for Proposed Listing of Gunnison Sage-Grouse Blogs  07/18/2013
California Eminent Domain Updates Blogs  07/17/2013
What DOMA, Prop. 8 Rulings Mean for Businesses with Employees in California Articles  07/17/2013
"Organizational Conflicts of Interest" Presentations  07/15/2013
District Court Holds National Park Service Failed to Consult Under Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act Blogs  07/11/2013
District Court Holds U.S. Forest Service Failed to Consult Under Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act Blogs  07/11/2013
"Saskatchewan P3 Panel" Presentations  07/11/2013
Extra Record Evidence Saves Forest Service From Section 7(d) Violation Blogs  07/09/2013
Did You Know…U.S. Supreme Court Narrowly Defines “Supervisor” For Purposes of Title VII Employer Liability Blogs  07/08/2013
Did You Know…U.S. Supreme Court Strengthens Class Action Waivers in AmEx Ruling Blogs  07/08/2013
Update Regarding Buy America and Utility Relocations Blogs  07/03/2013
Riverside County Transportation Commission Closes on Billion Dollar Finance Plan for the SR-91 Project Blogs  07/03/2013
Plaintiffs Claim Victory in Sharp Park Case Despite Mixed Record of Success Blogs  07/03/2013
Did You Know… The Supreme Court’s DOMA Ruling Opening Federal Benefits to Same-Sex Couples Requires Employers to Update Employee Benefits Policies Blogs  07/02/2013
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Designates 2,485 Acres as Critical Habitat for Buena Vista Lake Shrew Blogs  07/02/2013
Video Interview: Discussing Koontz v. St. Johns River Water Management District with LXBN TV Blogs  07/01/2013
Virginia Releases Draft P3 Pipeline for 2013 for Industry Comment Blogs  07/01/2013
State and Federal Wildlife Agencies May Disagree About the Status of the Great White Shark Blogs  07/01/2013
Electronic Health Records Donations: Proposed CMS and OIG Rules Revise Stark Exception and Anti-Kickback Safe Harbor Articles  07/01/2013
"EDD Project Management & Team Roles" Presentations  07/01/2013
Florida Governor Signs New P3 Bill into Law Blogs  06/28/2013
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes Listing the Kentucky Glade Cress Blogs  06/27/2013
Lessons On Peer Review For Calif. Hospitals And Physicians Articles  06/27/2013
Land Owners Complete a Clean Sweep at the U.S. Supreme Court Blogs  06/25/2013
It's All About Timing: PPP Payments Articles  06/25/2013
"Legislative Update" Presentations  06/24/2013
What Happened to Williamson County? Blogs  06/21/2013
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes Delisting the Gray Wolf Blogs  06/20/2013
"The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: A Renewed Focus on Anticorruption" Presentations  06/20/2013
Global Recognition of US Infrastructure Projects and Transportation Agencies Continues at Partnerships Awards Blogs  06/19/2013
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Denies Petition to Delist Three Antelope Populations Blogs  06/18/2013
The Grapes Of Wrath Crack High Court Precedent Articles  06/18/2013
Did You Know…Employee Privacy Rights May Be Trumped By Third Party Requests for Disclosure of Contact Information Blogs  06/17/2013
Ninth Circuit Holds Cumulative Effects Analysis Not Necessary For Informal Consultation Blogs  06/16/2013
California High-Speed Rail Authority Receives Federal Regulatory Authority to Construct Initial Segment of Passenger Rail System Blogs  06/14/2013
"CPRA Disclosure Requirements: Alternative Investments (Real Estate Funds), Status of AB 382, and Current Decisions" Presentations  06/14/2013
Catch Me If You Can: How To Serve Foreign Defendants Articles  06/13/2013
Latest U.S. Supreme Court Takings Decision Another Partial Win for Property Owners Blogs  06/12/2013
The Grapes of Wrath: U.S. Supreme Court Holds that Takings Claim Can be Raised as an Affirmative Defense to Enforcement Action Against Raisin Handlers E-Alerts  06/12/2013
Two Upcoming IRWA Events (and a Supreme Court Takings Decision) Blogs  06/11/2013
House Subcommittee Approves Bill to Limit Power of Eminent Domain Blogs  06/10/2013
California Supreme Court Delivers Key Peer Review Ruling E-Alerts  06/10/2013
Shortlist Announced for FDOT I-4 Ultimate Project Blogs  06/06/2013
ESA Lawsuit Filed Challenging Operations At The Trinity River Fish Hatchery Blogs  06/06/2013
House Republicans Scrutinize Endangered Species Act Lawsuits Blogs  06/04/2013
Delays in Implementation of the JOBS Act E-Alerts  06/04/2013
Caltrans and Metro Issue Request for Qualifications for the Accelerated Regional Transportation Improvements Project Blogs  06/03/2013
Habitat Conservation Plan Implemented in Tehachapi Uplands Blogs  06/03/2013
Did You Know…Minimum Wage Hike Passes California Assembly Blogs  06/03/2013
Has California Killed the Parol Evidence Rule? Articles  06/03/2013
City of Fremont to Hold Hearing on Resolution of Necessity for Potential Eminent Domain Blogs  06/01/2013
Did You Know…“Primary Purpose” Is The Appropriate Test To Determine Exemption Status Of An Employee Blogs  05/31/2013
Did You Know…Court of Appeal Applies Brinker To Reverse Denial of Class Certification Blogs  05/31/2013
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Lists 38 Hawaiian Species Under the Endangered Species Act Blogs  05/31/2013
"Mingo Logan Coal v. EPA: New Ruling on Section 404 Permitting: Practical Implications of the Decision" Presentations  05/30/2013
FHWA's Expanded Application of Buy America to Utility Relocations Causes Consternation, Delays Blogs  05/28/2013
Court Allows EPA to Stop Ongoing Projects, Years After Permits Were Granted Articles  05/28/2013
District Court Awards Fees to ESA Defendant, Ordering Plaintiffs Jointly and Severally Liable Blogs  05/24/2013
When Can Insurance Companies Sue Their Coverage Lawyers? Articles  05/24/2013
Orange County's Transportation Corridor Agencies Name New CEO Blogs  05/23/2013
Stanislaus County Moving Forward with Claribel Road Project Blogs  05/23/2013
Indiana Finance Authority Issues the Request for Qualifications for the I-69 Section 5 Project Blogs  05/23/2013
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Delists Magazine Mountain Shagreen Blogs  05/22/2013
Temporary Regulatory Takings Do Exist In Calif. Articles  05/22/2013
"Reflections on Rail Regulatory Direction" Presentations  05/22/2013
House Republicans Form Endangered Species Act Working Group Blogs  05/21/2013
Cannot Say Enough – Customs' Enforcement Efforts – Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Laws Articles  05/21/2013
Jobs Want to Go Where the Railroads Are Blogs  05/20/2013
TxDOT Achieves Commercial Close on the $845 Million I-35E Managed Lanes Project Blogs  05/17/2013
2nd Annual Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Conference Presentations  05/17/2013
Temporary Regulatory Takings Do Exist in California! Blogs  05/16/2013
Did You Know…EEOC Clarified That “Disability” Within the Meaning of the ADA Now Includes Cancer, Diabetes, Epilepsy, and Intellectual Disabilities Blogs  05/16/2013
Idaho Enacts Law Declaring the State has Primacy over Resident Fish and Wildlife Blogs  05/16/2013
Temporary Regulatory Takings Do Exist in California! E-Alerts  05/16/2013
National Research Council Recommends a Unified Approach to Assessing Risks to Endangered Species from Pesticides Blogs  05/15/2013
Did You Know…Certain Businesses Are Now Required To Post Human Trafficking Notice Blogs  05/15/2013
Legal Strategies To Win Your Fee Disputes in Court Presentations  05/15/2013
Indiana Finance Authority and Indiana Department of Transportation Set Date for I-69 Section 5 Industry Forum Blogs  05/14/2013
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes Limited Exception to Endangered Species Act Protections for Lesser Prairie-Chicken Blogs  05/13/2013
Contract Award for Riverside Extension of SR-91 Express Lanes Blogs  05/13/2013
The California Business Judgment Rule: Does It Apply To Corporate Officers And What Are The Insurance Implications If It Does Not? Articles  05/10/2013
CTC Approves Nearly $1 Billion in Funding Local Transportation Projects Blogs  05/09/2013
ACWA's 2013 Spring Conference & Exhibition Presentations  05/09/2013
International Legal Technology Association presents: Causes and Effects of Decisions Made Along the EDRM Path Presentations  05/08/2013
Developing Effective Strategies - Protecting Requestor and Public Sector Interests and Reducing Disputes Presentations  05/08/2013
Court Dismisses Suit for Failure to Strictly Comply with 60-Day Notice Requirement Blogs  05/06/2013
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes Endangered Species Act Protections for Sierra Nevada Amphibians Blogs  05/06/2013
City of Imperial at an Impasse Over Transit Center Blogs  05/06/2013
Successor Banks of FDIC assets Not so Jolly after Jolley - A New Duty to Investigate? E-Alerts  05/06/2013
Ninth Circuit Holds Takings Case Must Proceed Through Tribal Court Blogs  05/03/2013
New Book Outlines Challenges Southwest Faces Due to Climate Change Blogs  05/02/2013
Assessment of Climate Change in the Southwest United States Articles  05/02/2013
U.S. District Court Dismisses ESA Section 7 Claims Brought Against the EPA Blogs  05/01/2013
Did You Know…Additional Guidance Released by NLRB on Confidentiality and Employee-Related Investigations Blogs  05/01/2013
"Design-Build Contracts and Risk Management" Presentations  05/01/2013
Ninth Circuit Invalidates Consent Decree: Parties Must Go Back to The Drawing Board Blogs  04/30/2013
BLM Issues Right-of-Way Application Rule In An Effort To Spark Renewable Energy Development Blogs  04/30/2013
"Briefing on Emerging Infrastructure Investment Strategies" Presentations  04/30/2013
Condemn Now, CEQA-Compliance Later? Maybe Articles  04/29/2013
Cross-Examining Economists and Financial Experts Articles  04/29/2013
Another Failed Regulatory Takings Claim Under Penn Central Blogs  04/25/2013
Project Benefits: the "Transit Premium" Blogs  04/25/2013
D.C. Circuit Holds EPA Can Invalidate a Clean Water Act Section 404 Permit After It Is Issued E-Alerts  04/25/2013
New Round of TIGER Announced Blogs  04/24/2013
61st Annual Antitrust Law Spring Meeting: E-Alerts  04/24/2013
"2013 Employment Law Update" Presentations  04/23/2013
"The High Speed Rail: NEPA and Other Federal Requirements" Presentations  04/23/2013
FDOT Receives SOQs for I-4 Ultimate Project Blogs  04/22/2013
"NEPA Streamlining and Simplification" Presentations  04/22/2013
"Public-Private Partnerships: Insights from Industry Experts" Presentations  04/22/2013
Legislative Amendment to California's Loss of Business Goodwill Statute? Blogs  04/20/2013
Disclaiming Eminent Domain Defendants: To Dismiss or not to Dismiss? Blogs  04/19/2013
Condemn Now, CEQA-Compliance Later? OK. Maybe.... Blogs  04/19/2013
Condemn Now, CEQA-Compliance Later? OK. Maybe… E-Alerts  04/19/2013
LA Metro to Hold Industry Forum for Sepulveda Pass Corridor Blogs  04/18/2013
Shareholders Can't Block Asset Sales When Receivers Manage Articles  04/18/2013

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