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Title Date
Don't You (Forget About Sales and Use Tax)   09/12/2019
California Supreme Court Provides Rare Update on Inverse Condemnation Doctrine    08/16/2019
Get Ready to Pay More for Recording a Document in California   03/07/2018
California Supreme Court Confirms: Pony Up the Documentary Transfer Tax   06/30/2017
Swart's Athwart California's Taxation of Out-of-State Corporations   01/18/2017
California Adopts New Requirements with Respect to Disability Access for Commercial Leases   10/21/2016
"Legal Issues Involving Real Estate Acquisitions and Dispositions by Institutional Investors"   09/01/2016
"Trends Impacting Real Estate Litigation Experts Over The Next Decade," Appraisal Institute 48th Annual Litigation Seminar   11/13/2015
Governor Brown Signs Legislation Changing Commercial Building Owner Obligations on Energy Usage Disclosure   10/28/2015
When Public And Private Projects Collide   05/29/2015
Implied Easements and Lessons for Landowners   03/25/2015
First Appellate District Court Expands Recorded Easement By Granting Implied License   03/06/2015
Defining Atty Fee Enforceability In Illegal Contracts   02/25/2015
Is the Attorney's Fees Clause Moot in an Illegal Contract? – Depends On Your Involvement, Explains First Appellate District Court   02/18/2015
Co-Tenancy Breaches And Remedies: What's Next For Landlords And Tenants After Grand Prospect Partners   02/03/2015
Caution To Landlords: Calif. Nonwaiver Clauses Revisited   01/27/2015
Reprieve for Smaller Buildings – Commission Postpones AB 1103 Implementation to 2016   01/15/2015
The Secret Is Out: The Documentary Transfer Tax Will Now Be Part of Public Record   11/13/2014
Sold Only an Interest in Your Property? Get Ready To Pay More Tax   10/10/2014
What Every California Commercial Building Owner Needs to Know About the Impact of Contract Dates on Reporting Requirements Under AB 1103   05/09/2014
What Every California LLC Needs To Know About California's New Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act   03/17/2014
The Demise of Deficiency Judgments in Residential Loans   11/07/2013
Options, Agreements, and Prior Appraisals: Admissibility Issues in Eminent Domain Trials   12/17/2012
"Sealing the Deal in Uncertain Times"   05/24/2012
Redevelopment Remains in Limbo   08/18/2011
Usury: The Devil is in the Details   08/09/2011
Reversal of Unlawful Detainer Judgment Puts Evicting Landlord At Risk for Damages Action   06/02/2011
When a Stipulated Judgment Goes Awry   02/17/2011
2010 Eminent Domain: Year in Review   01/24/2011
9th Circuit Reverses Course on Rent Control   01/10/2011
Buyer Beware: Improper Sale Documentation Results in Waiver of Inverse Condemnation Claim   05/14/2010
Scope of Mechanic's Lien, Not a Clear Cut Question   03/31/2010
Scope of Mechanic's Lien Not as Clear as One Might Assume   03/29/2010
Attention Coastal Landowners   01/04/2010
Sea Level Rise and Coastal Boundary Lines – Consequences of Climate Change   12/17/2009
IRS Guidance Eases Modification of Securitized Mortgages   09/23/2009
"Parties, Interest and Premises"   07/30/2009
Forbearance Agreements Must Meet the Statute of Frauds   07/06/2009
In Lieu Affordable Housing Fee Was Not Reasonably Justified Based On Existing Law   04/21/2009
Forbearance Agreements Must Be In Writing and Signed By Forbearing Party   03/09/2009
A Subsequent Owner Is Liable for Prior Owner's Violations of Rent Control Ordinance   01/21/2009
California Court of Appeal Opens The Door to Regulatory Takings Claims   11/03/2008
Make Yourself at Home?   10/20/2008
Will it Survive?   10/20/2008
Sliding Into Home   10/17/2008
Ninth Circuit: Contract Clauses Shortening the Statute of Limitations Must Be Explicit   10/01/2008
Effect of Warranty Survival Clauses in Written Agreements   09/26/2008
California Supreme Court Parts Ways With U.S. Supreme Court, Upholding Expanded Appellate Review of Arbitration Awards   09/22/2008
Make Yourself at Home?   09/08/2008
Appeals Court Expands Landlords' Liability for Accidents on Their Property   08/04/2008
Court Invalidates Purchase Agreement as Option Lacking Consideration   06/27/2008
Prescriptive Water Rights Confirmed   05/19/2008
Specific Performance: Still the Law of (the) Land   04/29/2008
Commercial Tenants in Bankruptcy: Don't Forget to Dust and Mop Before Vacating   04/25/2008
Responsible Party May Recover All of Its Response Costs For a Voluntary Cleanup Under CERCLA   04/24/2008
"Fundamentals of Real Estate Acquisitions: From Contract to Closing"   04/11/2008
Certain Tenant Disclaimers In Leases May Be Of Limited Effect   04/02/2008
Developers May be Liable for Neighbors' Contamination   03/19/2008
Appellate Court Grants Trial Courts Great Flexibility To Order Amendments To CC&Rs   03/11/2008
Selling And Leasing With TICs And Partnerships: Do You Have All Of The Signatures You Need?   01/22/2008
"Ethical Issues In-House Lawyers: Traps for the Unwary"   09/26/2007
"How to Defease a Loan on Schedule and Avoid Future Liability"   06/04/2007
"Residential Use on Tidelands"   03/26/2007
Property Insurance May Lapse During Building Renovations   12/04/2006
Federal Court Finds Environmental Assessor May Be Liable To Future Property Owners Who Rely On Its Phase I Assessment, Notwithstanding Assessor's Attempts To Limit Such Reliance   11/14/2006
Miller & Starr California Real Estate Forms, 2d   06/19/2006
"Give and Take: The Impact of Condemnation, Redevelopment and other Government Agency Action on Real Property Development Rights"   06/01/2006
"Courts Growing Weary of Abusive ADA Lawsuits"   04/17/2006
Court Affirms Use Of Specific Provisions To Rebut Evidence Of Misrepresentation In The Inducement Of A Lease   01/17/2006
Court of Appeal Addresses Language Requirements For Landlord Exculpation Clause In Case Involving Mold   12/08/2004
Broker-Arranged Exception to Usury Laws Interpreted by Court; Lender Lost and Forced to Forfeit All Interest   11/08/2004
Nossaman's Irvine Office Continues to Add Talent to the Firm's Statewide Land Use and Real Estate Practice   10/29/2003
"Real Estate Development in the Canyon Areas"   10/28/2003
"Negotiating Telecommunications Service Provider Agreements"   08/01/2000
"Turning Excess Property Into Revenues by Leasing"   03/01/1992
"Leasing in Hard Times"   11/01/1991


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