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Title Date
"With every new year, a new lookback period for Medicare claims audits"   06/10/2019
Continuing Education of the Bar's 2019 California Administrative Mandamus   05/19/2019
Is There A Nurse Practitioner In the House? Doctor Supervision Not Required Under Certain Conditions With New Proposed Legislation    03/12/2019
Hold the Pickle—and the Meal Break: California Supreme Court Holds That Healthcare Workers May Voluntarily Waive Second Meal Period Even When Shifts Last More Than 12 Hours   01/08/2019
Congress Quietly Expands Anti-Kickback Crimes   12/17/2018
"Different Sides/Different Perspectives – Review of Topical False Claims Act Healthcare Cases"   11/03/2017
"Stark vs. Speier: A Comparison of the Federal and California Physician Self-Referral Laws – a 2017 Update"   10/01/2017
"Jack's Telescope – A Tribute to Jack Knox"   10/01/2017
"When 21st Century Innovations Meet a 20th Century Legal Framework: Issue Spotting for the Healthcare Lawyer"   06/27/2017
"Legal Update: MBC Guidelines, Case Law, & Legislation"   05/24/2017
Mealtime Waiver Decision is Good News for California Healthcare Employers Hungry for Clarity   05/11/2017
Meet Health Law Alumni: Morgan Muir   07/18/2016
"Insurance for Cyber Threats to the Healthcare Industry: Do You Have What You Need? (and what to do if you don't)"   04/09/2016
"The Increasing Importance of Physician Well-Being Committees"   04/08/2016
"Summary of Changes: MBC's Manual of Model Disciplinary Orders and Disciplinary Guidelines"   03/04/2016
"MBC's Uniform Standards for Substance-Abusing Licensees"   03/04/2016
"New California Law Regulating Home Care Aid Providers"   01/08/2016
ASC Peer Review: The Clock Starts Running January 1, 2016   12/08/2015
This Isn't North Carolina, Toto: California Boards Should Survive the Dental Board Case   08/01/2015
New Developments on Interplay between Whistleblower Actions and Other Attacks on Hospital Discipline   07/01/2015
Has the Supreme Court Given Advance Notice How It Will Decide King v. Burwell?   03/03/2015
Two-Track Peer Review A New Reality in California   02/04/2015
Seventh Circuit Rejects Challenge to the Affordable Care Act   02/03/2015
U.S. Supreme Court Will Hear Idaho's Medicaid Challenge in 2015   02/03/2015
West Coast Ambulatory Surgery Center Seminar: Preparing Your ASC For Sale   10/02/2014
Impact to Calif. Employers From Hobby Lobby Ruling   07/14/2014
The Surprising Truth about Hobby Lobby's Effect in California   07/03/2014
The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology Reverses Its Unlawful Ban on Treating Male Patients   06/04/2014
"The Role and Function of the Physicians' Well-Being Committee"   05/08/2014
What Has Fahlen Wrought?   04/17/2014
The Fahlen Floodgates: Straight Talk about Two-Track Peer Review   02/25/2014
"Sorting Through the Muddle, The Health Benefit Exchange"   02/12/2014
"All the Process that's Due: Provider Contracting in the World of Fair Procedure"   10/22/2013
The Complexity of Data Privacy and Compliance under HIPAA-HITECH   07/22/2013
Electronic Health Records Donations: Proposed CMS and OIG Rules Revise Stark Exception and Anti-Kickback Safe Harbor   07/01/2013
California Supreme Court Delivers Key Peer Review Ruling   06/10/2013
Strike up The Bands: The Metals Are Coming, The Metals Are Coming!   01/31/2013
HIPAA Game-Changer: Are You Ready? OCR Releases Long-Awaited HIPAA/HITECH Rules   01/18/2013
"Government Subpoenas (and other Requests) and Health Privacy Considerations"   10/24/2012
"The Future of Medical Staffs in the Era of Healthcare Reform"   10/12/2012
Getting Healthy Together   09/04/2012
Time to Face Up to the New Investment Income Tax   07/16/2012
Chief Roberts Pulls Huge Rabbit From Hat: Supreme Court has upheld the Affordable Care Act   06/29/2012
More Acquisitions and Consolidations among Medical Groups   05/30/2012
"Determining 'Material Participation' By a Trust Under the New Medicare Contribution Tax"   05/07/2012
Healthcare Practice New Year Newsletter   01/31/2012
"Legal Counsel's Overview of the Role and Function of the Physician Well-Being Committees of Hospital Medical Staffs"   01/07/2012
New Law Requires Healthcare Employers to Adopt Measures for Safe Handling of Patients   12/22/2011
Breaking Down Barriers to Creating Safety Net Accountable Care Organizations: State Statutory and Regulatory Issues   12/01/2011
"TJC MS.01.01.01 Medical Staff Bylaws Requirements"   08/10/2011
Breaking Down Barriers to Creating Safety Net Accountable Care Organizations: Federal Statutory and Regulatory Issues   08/01/2011
"Understanding Health Plan Regulation in the 2011 California Marketplace"   07/25/2011
"Legislative Update"   04/14/2011
PPACA Compliance Reminder Series – Beware of IRS Nondiscrimination Rules and Other Tax Changes   01/13/2011
PPACA Compliance Reminder Series - Grandfathered Plan Rules Modified   12/09/2010
"Dealing with the Disruptive Physician"   11/16/2010
PPACA Compliance Reminder Series - Grandfathered Plans and Adult Dependents   11/11/2010
Medical Foundation Construct Hanging On   07/30/2010
Will the (Medical) Foundations Hold?   06/17/2010
Court of Appeal Chips Away At Constitutional Rights of Professional Licensees   06/08/2010
FTC Red Flags Rule Postponed Again; Limited by Congress and the Courts   11/24/2009
FTC to Enforce Identity Theft Red Flags Rule: Healthcare Providers Must Comply   10/01/2009
HITECH's Impact on Business Associate Agreements
A Short Checklist of Basic Considerations
A Stark Contrast   04/20/2009
OIG Announces Dramatic Change in Stark Law Self-Disclosure Options   04/01/2009
"HITECH Act" Extends HIPAA's Reach, Expands Its Requirements, Sharpens Its Teeth   03/19/2009
Yes He Did − President Obama Signs Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act into Law   02/19/2009
Patient Safety Organizations - About To "Go Live"   02/18/2009
"Mental Health Parity Laws"   02/18/2009
Health Care Service Plan Not Liable for Practitioner's Malpractice   02/04/2009
Nossaman Healthcare Practice New Year Newsletter   01/30/2009
Code Red   10/21/2008
"Autism: Issues of Coverage and Delivery of Care"   10/21/2008
"Autism: Issues of Coverage and Delivery of Care"   10/21/2008
Peer (Review) Pressure   09/26/2008
Peer Reviewers Still Immune, But On Notice   09/18/2008
Court Enforces Contract that Violates Corporate Practice of Medicine Law   09/15/2008
Not All Physicians "Stand In The Shoes" According To Final CMS Rules   09/08/2008
Generating Value From Hospital Sales   09/03/2008
"Peer Review Hearing Officer Training Program"   07/01/2008
Medicare Launches New Provider Reimbursement Appeal Rules   06/04/2008
Bad Debts: CMS Memorandum Rewrites History To Close Off Bad Debt Appeals   05/21/2008
CMS Solicits Comments on Proposed New "Stand in the Shoes" Provisions   05/06/2008
Healthcare: HHS Office of Inspector General Sweetens its Self-Disclosure Protocol   04/24/2008
"MS 1.20"   04/23/2008
California Supreme Court Rules on Two Issues Under The California Family Rights Act   04/11/2008
"What's New in Managed Health Care? Discount Plans? Not Really: A Quarter Century of Statutory Divination, or, the Birth of a Reg"   04/11/2008
"Does Your Arbitration Clause Have Claws?"   04/02/2008
"Quality as a Financial Imperative: How Can Improving Quality Also Improve Your Bottom Line?"   03/07/2008
Hospital's Bundled Discounts May Violate Antitrust Laws, Ninth Circuit Declares   03/06/2008
CA Supreme Court: Employers Not Required to Accommodate Medical Marijuana   03/05/2008
Bankruptcy: Best Practices for Creditors Coping with Recent Bankruptcy Surge   02/26/2008
Medicare Act Preempts CA Statute Re: Arbitration   02/13/2008
"Pay for Call? The Office of the Inspector General Speaks"   02/01/2008
Nossaman Healthcare Practice New Year Newsletter   01/31/2008
"Regulatory Round-up"   01/28/2008
"Selected Current Legal and Practical Issues in Dealing with Disruptive and Impaired Physicians"   12/11/2007
"How Trouble with the MBC/Psychology Board Finds You!"   12/10/2007
"The Medical Board Enforcement Process"   12/02/2007
CMS Delays Stark "Stand in the Shoes" Provisions for Academic Medical Centers and Non-Profits   11/20/2007
"Stand in the Shoes" Rule Delayed for One Year   11/13/2007
"Role of Bylaws"   11/03/2007
"The Disruptive Physician...or Misdirected Energy"   10/29/2007
Pay for Call? The OIG Speaks   10/11/2007
Feds Do Stark, Again: "Phase III"   09/26/2007
"Ethical Issues In-House Lawyers: Traps for the Unwary"   09/26/2007
"Dealing with Difficult Physician Performance Behavior Issues"   09/10/2007
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Greatly Expands Potential Medicare Reimbursement Appeals   07/31/2007
"Managing Disruptive Physicians"   07/10/2007
Preventing the Cascade: Defending Healthcare Professionals Against Allegations Of Professional Misconduct   06/28/2007
Medical Staff Disciplinary Proceedings Protected by Court of Appeal Rejection of Trial Court Efforts to "Micromanage"   05/04/2007
"Legislative Report"   05/01/2007
"Regulatory Update"   05/01/2007
"Comparison of Federal and State Laws and Joint Commission Standards Applying to Medical Staffs"   05/01/2007
"Current Issues Relating to Regulations Defining Screening and Treatment Mandates"   04/25/2007
"Emerging Issues in Handling Cases Before the Medical Board of California"   04/13/2007
EEOC Issues Guidance for Health Care Workers and the Americans with Disabilities Act   04/12/2007
New EMTALA Rules Affect Hospitals Without Emergency Rooms   02/21/2007
"Beta Healthcare Model Medical Staff Bylaws"   01/01/2007
"Medical Board of California Enforcement Process"   12/02/2006
"Clinical Dilemmas from the View Points of a Clinician and a Defense Attorney"   12/01/2006
Are You Ready for Mandated Hospital Fair Pricing Policies?   11/10/2006
State Begins to License Discount Fee Health Plans   10/19/2006
"Representation of Physicians Before the Medical Board of California"   09/13/2006
"Physicians' Right and Responsibilities Under California Law"   09/08/2006
"Recent Developments in Medical Staff Bylaws; Peer Review - What's Protected and What's Not"   06/01/2006
"Navigating the Legal Maze - The Disruptive Physician"   05/18/2006
"Help for Disruptive Physicians"   03/02/2006
"Peer Review: The View from Sacramento"   11/11/2005
"Recent Developments in Healthcare Credentialing and Peer Review"   11/01/2005
"Checklist of Authorities for Medical Staff Bylaws"   10/01/2005
"Legal Issues in Medical Staff Peer Review"   09/01/2005
Appeal Court Holds EMTALA May Cover Adequacy Of Treatment   08/31/2005
"CMS Surveys: The Legal Perspective"   07/01/2005
A Proactive Response To Allegations Of Misconduct Can Minimize Adverse Consequences For Physicians   05/25/2005
New Bankruptcy Law Impacts Health Care Providers   04/27/2005
"Managed Care: Back to Basics"   03/18/2005
Nossaman Announces New Partners in 2005 - Class Represents Strength of Firm's Land Use, Environmental and Healthcare Practices   03/15/2005
"Allied Health Professionals, Soup to Nuts"   03/14/2005
"State Legislature Opens Door For New Provider Opportunities in the Workers' Compensation System"   03/01/2005
Heightened Enforcement of Medicare and Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Laws Requires Increased Provider Diligence   03/01/2005
"CRNAs - Cleaning the Air"   03/01/2005
"Model Medical Staff Bylaws"   03/01/2005
"EMTALA Update: What Every Physician Should Know"   02/03/2005
"Peer Review Privileges in Federal Court"   02/02/2005
"The 10 Biggest Risk Management Mistakes Physicians Make While Performing Nonclinical Medical-Legal Work (Expert Testimony)"   01/01/2005
"Strategies for Managing the Unmanageable Physician"   11/12/2004
"Legislative Update"   11/05/2004
"Now What? New Managed Care Constructs for Workers' Compensation"   11/04/2004
"SB 1325"   11/01/2004
New Workers' Comp Medical Care Structures Hold Promise for Employers   10/26/2004
"Physicians Impaired by Substance Abuse and the Law – Confidentiality of Treatment and the Medical Board of California"   10/22/2004
"Physician Health and Well-Being Issues and Challenges"   08/27/2004
"Advance Healthcare Directives"   08/01/2004
"How to Manage the Unmanageable Physician - Views on Dealing with Disruptive Physicians and Behavioral Contracts from both the Medical Staff and Physician Perspectives"   06/11/2004
Major Overhaul of Workers' Compensation System SB 899 Will Affect Employers Immediately   05/03/2004
"Hard Work: Labor Relations in Contemporary Guatemala"   04/24/2004
"How to Handle a Government Investigation"   03/04/2004
"Weighing Ethics: Professionalism Requires Facing Up to Compelling Competing Interests"   01/07/2004
"Hospital Assistance with Malpractice Insurance Crisis"   01/01/2004
"Model Medical Staff Bylaws"   01/01/2004
"How Protected Are Medical Staff Peer Review Records?"   12/01/2003
"Public Regulation of Professional Ethics: A Comparison Between The Legal And Medical Professions"   10/01/2003
"Trouble with the Government: Defending a Client in an Investigation or Accusation Proceeding"   01/16/2003
"Hard Work: Labor Relations in Contemporary Guatemala"   01/01/2003
"Cost Recovery in Administrative Hearings After the Zuckerman Case"   11/15/2002
"Peer Review Issues for [Medical Group] Employed Physicians"   04/01/2002
"BHG Model Medical Staff Bylaws"   01/01/2002
"Bill of Health -- 'TLC Hospitals' seemingly clears up questions on recoupment of Medicare money"   12/04/2000
"Much Ado About Nothing, California's Potvin Decision Won't Drastically Change the Relationship Between Physicians and Insurer"   09/01/2000
"Evaluating Compliance Effectiveness: 'De-bugging,' Auditing and Validating"   09/21/1999
"Criminal Charges: A Risk Manager's Road Map"   03/12/1999
"Hospital Privileges Under Attack? Fight Back - Carefully"   12/22/1997
"Medical Staff Bylaws - Does the Model Matter?"   04/01/1997
"Medical Staff Peer Review Inquisitions or Quality Control?"   03/01/1995
"Credentialing and Peer Review: How to Protect These Activities Outside Traditional Settings"   01/01/1995
"The Hunted Physician"   11/01/1994
"Peer Review - Whose Job is it Anyway?"   04/01/1994
"Credentialing Responsibilities of Alternative-Delivery Systems: Is it the Hospitals' Duty?"   07/01/1992
"Austin v. McNamara: Recent Federal Court Case Finds Immunity for Hospital and Peer review Participants"   04/01/1990
"The Perils of Peer Review from the Legal Perspective"   11/01/1989
"Legal Perspective on Quality Assurance"   09/01/1989
"Immunity for On-Call Obstetrical Services"   04/01/1989
"Employer's Access to Medical Records"   04/01/1989
"Actions and Agencies Subject to Writ"   05/01/1987
"The New California Corporations Code: Prospects for Minority Shareholders"   07/01/1976
"Prospective Incentive Payment Experiment"   01/01/1975
"Women Judges in California"   05/01/1973
"Legal Services for the Poor"   03/01/1973


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