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Title Date
"Lessons from Heinz: The Harsh Reality of Rescission of an Insurance Contract"   09/01/2018
More on the Duty to Defend   05/01/2018
The Duty to Defend in California   04/03/2018
"Calif. Duty To Defend Is In Jeopardy"   03/15/2018
The Ninth Circuit Bars Wrongful Act Coverage Against TCPA Claims Despite Strong Dissenting Opinion that Majority Misconstrued the TCPA   08/28/2017
The Remedy for the New Cyber Threat Posing Major Coverage Problems: "Fake President" E-mails   07/10/2017
Beazley Report Details Increase in Ransomware Attacks   11/02/2016
Fourth Circuit Finds Coverage for Information Breach Under CGL Policy   04/13/2016
"Insurance for Cyber Threats to the Healthcare Industry: Do You Have What You Need? (and what to do if you don't)"   04/09/2016
How Courts Have Decided Coverage Issues In Cyber Insurance Cases   09/17/2015
REBUTTAL: Reverse Bad Faith Does Not Exist   07/08/2015
Calif. Supreme Court Should Overturn Henkel In Fluor Ruling   05/19/2015
Technology Companies: When a Product Complaint Arises, Will Your Insurance Cover the Claims?   05/05/2015
"Dodging Bullets at the O.K. Corral: How to Investigate and Resolve the Many Issues that Arise in a Questionable Jewelry Loss Without Resorting to Cowgirl Tactics or Litigation"   10/24/2014
Excess Insurer Contract Language Amounts to Free Pass   10/08/2014
When Does an Insurance Co. Waive Atty-Client Privilege?   09/17/2014
Forum-Shopping Insurance Companies' Latest Tricks   07/17/2014
Justices Mulling Whom Insurers Can Sue for Reimbursement   05/27/2014
Time to Reconsider the Assignability of Certain Claims   05/15/2014
Policyholders Fight to Preserve Precedent   01/13/2014
How Strong Is Your D&O Safety Net?   01/10/2014
Reid Ruling Ignores Calif. Precedent   12/20/2013
Decision Stings Insureds, Though Impact Overstated   08/13/2013
When Can Insurance Companies Sue Their Coverage Lawyers?   05/24/2013
Major victory for California policyholders in Continental Insurance ruling   08/13/2012
"Duty to Defend," a chapter from the book "Environmental Liability and Insurance Recovery"   05/01/2012
How to Increase the Prospects of Coverage of SEC Settlements   02/03/2012
How to Increase the Prospects of Coverage of SEC Settlements   02/03/2012
Must Insurers Pay in Full After the Insured Wins the Coverage Fight?   09/21/2011
Accident or Not? Insurance Coverage for Unintended Consequences   07/21/2011
An Insurer's Duty to Defend: A Step in the Right Direction   01/04/2011
A Step In The Right Direction: An Administrative Proceeding Where Witnesses Testify and Evidence is Taken is a "Suit" Under CGL Policies   12/13/2010
Why the Proposed New Rules of Professional Conduct Should Be Rejected   08/05/2010
Insured Need Pay Only ONE Self Insured Retention Where Multiple Claims are Made in a Single Lawsuit   08/02/2010
Summer 2010 Review of Selected Insurance Case   07/22/2010
The Balance Between Conservative And Common Sense Policy Interpretation   07/21/2010
"What Happens to Insurance Coverage in Case of Bankruptcy?"   06/22/2010
Umbrella Coverage Must Step In to Defend Immediately   05/26/2010
Umbrella Coverage Must Step In To Defend Immediately   05/18/2010
To Defend or Not to Defend, That Is the Question   04/19/2010
To Defend or Not to Defend That Is the Question   04/12/2010
"A Duty to Defend Patent Infringement"   04/12/2010
Ninth Circuit Finds Duty to Defend Patent Infringement Claims   04/06/2010
"What Happens to Insurance Coverage in Case of Bankruptcy?"   01/14/2010
CA Court of Appeal: Unfair Insurance Practices Act Violation May Support Unfair Competition Law Claim   11/24/2009
"Touch Coverage"   10/09/2009
"Catching a Waiver"   09/01/2009
Supreme Court Decision Limits Insurers' Defense Duties In Intentional Tort Cases   08/06/2009
"Defensive Plays"   07/14/2009
"What Happens to Insurance Coverage In Case of Bankruptcy?"   05/07/2009
"What Happens to Insurance Coverage in Case of Bankruptcy?"   05/07/2009
Can Insurance Ease the Headache of Employee Claims?   03/18/2009
"Stay Ahead: Can Insurance Ease the Headache of Employee Claims?"   03/17/2009
Policyholders Score Major Environmental Coverage Victory From California Supreme Court   03/16/2009
2008 Insurance Year in Review   02/12/2009
"Absolute" Right of Directors to Inspect Corporate Documents Not So Absolute   02/10/2009
California Court of Appeal Condemns Insurer's "Deliberate Strategy of Obstruction and Delay"   01/05/2009
Salvaging Third Party Insurance Claims Mired in Bankruptcy   12/18/2008
Reread Your Directors' & Officers' Liability Policy Before You Come Under Attack   11/06/2008
Second Circuit Liberalizes California Bad Faith Law   10/27/2008
Update: Protecting Your Insurance Coverage In Troubled Financial Times   10/20/2008
State Supreme Court: Subcontractors With Good Work May Still Have to Indemnify Contractors for Defense Costs   09/29/2008
Will The Financial Crisis Jeopardize Your Property Or Casualty Insurance?   09/29/2008
A Day Late Will Leave You More Than A Dollar Short   07/09/2008
Protection from the Storm: Are You at Risk?   06/24/2008
Policyholders Beware: Actions May Indeed Speak Louder Than Words   04/17/2008
Insurance Coverage: 2007 Year in Review   02/26/2008
"The Role of Insurance Policies and Insurance Coverage in a Successful Brownfields Development"   02/20/2008
"Keep Away: Outside Investment Law Firms is Terrible Idea"   01/14/2008
Court of Appeal Decides That Some Insurers Need Not Fund Settlements - "Judgment" Required   09/26/2007
"Directors & Officers and Employed Lawyers Liability Insurance: Your 2007 Guide to More Comprehensive Coverage"   08/17/2007
Countersuits May Be Lined with Silver   08/15/2007
"Your Liability Policies – Air Bag or Hot Air?"   07/25/2007
Pollution Loss Allocation and Other Insurance Coverage Issues Before CA Supreme Court   04/26/2007
When Your Merger Generates a Lawsuit, the Path to Coverage May Be Straighter than You Think   03/22/2007
Property Insurance May Lapse During Building Renovations   12/04/2006
"What Strategy Will You Use If Your Company Makes a Claim and Your Insurance Company Tells You "You're Not Covered"?"   09/20/2006
Insurance Coverage: Noteworthy Recent Decisions   09/14/2006
"Insurance Coverage: A Year In Review"   02/01/2006
Insurance Coverage: A Year in Review   01/30/2006
"An Ethical Quagmire, Competing Interests in the Tripartite Two Carrier Paradigm"   08/01/2005
"From GCL to E&O, With a Bit of D&O: Getting the Most Out of Your Insurance Coverage"   07/20/2005
"A Life in the Law, and Some Thoughts Thereon"   11/02/2004
"A Policyholder's Settlement with Some Insurers Does Not Cut Off Its Access to Others"   07/01/2003
"Insurance Against Terrorism-Related Losses"   04/07/2003
"New Terrorism Insurance Law Impacts Transportation Projects"   01/06/2003
"The Fine Print - Some Insurance Carriers Will Fight Coverage Claims all the Way, Despite What the Law Says"   10/09/2002
"Coverage Issues Unique to Government Contractors"   10/01/2000
"Much Ado About Nothing, California's Potvin Decision Won't Drastically Change the Relationship Between Physicians and Insurer"   09/01/2000
"Unleashing the Value in Lost or Missing Insurance Policies"   04/01/2000
"New ISO CGL Form: Proceed with Caution"   04/01/1999
"The Emperor Wears No Clothes: Why is an Insurance Policy the Contract of the Parties?"   06/01/1998
"Dispute Shows Importance of Follow-up"   09/23/1996
"Nordstrom Court Drives State Through Heart of Insurers' Argument for Allocating Loss in D&O Insurance"   09/01/1995
"D&O Scene After Nordstrom"   06/01/1995
"Allocation of Loss in Directors and Officers Insurance Policies"   04/01/1994
"Obtaining Advancement of Defense Costs in D&O Insurance Policies"   11/01/1993
"Trends in Claims Against Corporate Directors & Officers"   04/01/1993
"Recent Developments in Directors & Officers Liability Insurance"   01/01/1993
"Trends in D&O Claims and Related Legal Fees"   01/01/1993
"Recent Developments in Securities Litigation"   09/01/1990
"Developments in Directors & Officers Liability Insurance"   08/01/1990


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