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California Supreme Court Provides Rare Update on Inverse Condemnation Doctrine    08/16/2019
Landmark Legislation Creates New Wildfire Fund and Overhauls California's Approach to Catastrophic Wildfires   07/12/2019
Agency Deference Survives – For Now – In Recent Supreme Court Opinion   06/27/2019
"Reconsidering strict liability in light of recent California wildfires"   06/11/2019
New De-Energization Guidelines Implemented Just in Time for the 2019 Wildfire Season   06/11/2019
NRD Consent Decree Shows Innovation Alive & Well at DOI   06/06/2019
"WOTS Up? An Update Regarding Regulation of Waters of the State (WOTS) and Waters of the United States (WOTUS)"   06/04/2019
New Tools and Sweeping Changes Proposed in Draft Wildfire Commission Report    05/30/2019
Governor Newsom Outlines Ambitious Strategy to Tackle Wildfires   04/17/2019
Fourth District Holds That Local Agency CDP Court Challenge Was Mooted by Administrative Appeal to Coastal Commission    02/26/2019
"Independent Scientific Review Under The Endangered Species Act"   02/13/2019
"Frogs or Freedom: Are New Limitations Coming for the Endangered Species Act?"   01/10/2019
U.S. EPA and Army Corps of Engineers Propose Revamp of "Waters of the United States"   12/18/2018
"High Court's Frog Decision May Limit ESA Determinations"   12/07/2018
Final Rule Amends FHWA, FTA and FRA Regulations to NEPA and Section 4(f)   11/20/2018
Department of the Interior Closes Comment Period on NRDAR Regulations   11/01/2018
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Analysis: Court Finds Expert State Agency Data Not Good Enough   10/25/2018
Governor Brown Signs Legislation on Wildfire Prevention and Recovery   09/24/2018
"As sea levels rise, so do local government's costs to address the issue"   09/13/2018
Interior Issues Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on NRDAR Regulations   08/29/2018
Agencies and Lawmakers Seek ESA Reform   07/23/2018
"A Pendulum Seldom Stops in the Middle: Shifting Views on ‘Take' of Raptors and Other Migratory Birds"   07/01/2018
California Legislature Passes Landmark Water Use Efficiency Legislation   05/23/2018
Numerous Parties File Amicus Briefs in Dusky Gopher Frog Case   05/14/2018
Changes on the Horizon for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Regulations On Take of Threatened Species   04/09/2018
"New State Regulations To Watch in 2019"   03/28/2018
Proposed CEQA Guideline for Highway Projects Promises Flexibility In the Measurement of Traffic Impacts, But Delivers Ambiguity   02/07/2018
Ninth Circuit Rejects Challenges to Arizona Highway Project   12/11/2017
Major Revisions to CEQA Guidelines Proposed - Measuring Transportation Impacts Under CEQA: The Paradigm Shift to Vehicle Miles Traveled Arrives   11/30/2017
Army Corps of Engineers Floats Changes to Further Streamline Oil and Gas Pipeline Permitting    11/17/2017
Ninth Circuit Defers to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Distinct Population Segment Determination   09/05/2017
Comment Period Approaching on State Board Regulatory Program for Discharge of Dredge and Fill Material   08/21/2017
Ninth Circuit Clarifies Three Issues of First Impression for Parties in CERCLA Contribution Actions   08/16/2017
"Endangered Species Act Developments"   08/03/2017
"Environmental Fundamentals"   07/23/2017
New DOJ Policy Curbs Settlements Funding Third-Parties   07/18/2017
Local Ballot Measures: Continuing Legal and Political Points of Division   07/18/2017
Hualapai Mexican Vole Removed from List of Endangered Species Due to Erroneous Listing   06/28/2017
"Mitigation policies and HCP handbook update"   06/28/2017
President Trump Orders Review of National Monument Designations Under the Antiquities Act   05/31/2017
"ESA Policy and Practice"   05/11/2017
"California Environmental Law and Land Use Practice"   04/01/2017
Executive Order That Seeks to Undo Obama Administration's "Waters of the United States" Rule Has More Limited Immediate Impacts   04/01/2017
Executive Order That Seeks to Undo Obama Administration's "Waters of the United States" Rule Has More Limited Immediate Impacts   03/17/2017
Executive Orders Expected this Week Regarding Clean Air and Water Act Rules   02/22/2017
Utilizing the Congressional Review Act, Congress Moves Quickly to Repeal Numerous Obama-era Environmental Regulations   02/06/2017
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Finalizes Eagle Permit Program Revisions, Announces Intent to Prioritize Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act Enforcement   01/03/2017
"California Administrative Mandamus"   01/02/2017
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Announces Changes to Mitigation Policy   12/08/2016
Ninth Circuit Upholds Listing Decision Based on End of Century Climate Change Predictions   10/27/2016
"The Intersection of Environmental Due Diligence, Condemnation and Valuation"   10/21/2016
Court Rejects NEPA, Section 4(f) Challenges to Arizona South Mountain Freeway Project   08/23/2016
"Debunking the Delisting Myths: What's Working and What Isn't"   08/01/2016
"Recovering Fair Market Value from 'Utilities' Seeking Longitudinal Occupation of Limited Access Facilities"   07/19/2016
Fifth Circuit Upholds USFWS Designation of "Uninhabitable" Critical Habitat for Endangered Dusky Gopher Frog   07/08/2016
State Water Board Issues New Proposed Permitting Procedures for Dredge and Fill to Waters of the State   06/28/2016
Court Enjoins Wolf Releases in New Mexico   06/14/2016
"Wind Industry Whooping Crane HCP"   06/14/2016
Ninth Circuit Holds National Indian Gaming Commission Not Required to Conduct NEPA Review Before Approving Casino Gaming Ordinance   06/13/2016
Supreme Court Holds that Jurisdictional Determinations are Subject to Review under the Administrative Procedure Act   05/31/2016
"Developments in the Regulation of Avian Impacts"   05/25/2016
Guidance on the Use of Best Available Science under the US Endangered Species Act   04/29/2016
The Clean Water Rule (WOTUS) Update   01/19/2016
Ground Birds and the Endangered Species Act: The Rising Trends in Conservation Efforts and How the Greater Sage Grouse's Story Compares to Other Recent Upland Game Bird Listing Decisions   01/19/2016
Environmental Provisions of the FAST Act   01/04/2016
Worth the Wait? The California Supreme Court Rules that CEQA Does Not Require An Analysis of the Environment's Impacts on a Project, Except When It Does   12/18/2015
California Supreme Court Finds Newhall EIR Insufficient, But Partially Upholds Greenhouse Gas Analysis   12/01/2015
Water Suppliers Will Go With 9th Circ. Flow on CWA Reading   10/14/2015
Court Vacates Final Rule Listing Lesser Prairie Chicken   09/03/2015
California Supreme Court Ponders Greenhouse Gas, Fully Protected Species Issues   09/03/2015
Federal Judge Enjoins Implementation of EPA and USACE's New Clean Water Rule   08/28/2015
Ninth Circuit Finds ESA 60-Day Notice "Adequate" and Resurrects Challenge to Suction Dredge Mining Suit   08/17/2015
California Governor's Office Releases Comprehensive Update to State California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines   08/17/2015
30-year Eagle Take Permit Term Remanded on Procedural Grounds   08/13/2015
California Supreme Court Holds that State Agencies May Not Escape CEQA Mitigation Requirements Based on Failure of the Legislature to Appropriate Mitigation Funds   08/05/2015
Critical Habitat in Critical Condition: Can Controversial New Rules Revive It?   08/01/2015
"The Critical Habitat Exclusion Policy: Implications for Conservation Partnerships on Private Land"   08/01/2015
Ninth Circuit Holds Critical Habitat Designations Not Subject to Cost-Benefit Analysis   07/09/2015
"Migratory Bird Policy Casts Shadow Over Large-Scale Solar"   07/01/2015
The U.S. Supreme Court Invalidates EPA's Power Plant Mercury Emissions Regulation   07/01/2015
Ninth Circuit Critical Habitat Decision Casts Shadow on Habitat Conservation Plan "No Surprises" Assurances   06/26/2015
California Supreme Court Holds Facial Challenge to Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance Subject to Deferential Standard of Review   06/16/2015
Court of Appeal Decision Extends Lake and Streambed Alteration Program to Water Diversions   06/08/2015
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to Consider Expanding Incidental Take Authorization Under Migratory Bird Treaty Act   05/26/2015
Federal Wildlife Agencies Issue Final Rule Codifying Practice of Using Surrogates in Incidental Take Statements   05/05/2015
Does Voter Initiative Drain Water Providers' Power to Respond to Drought?   04/28/2015
Eighth Circuit Creates Circuit Split By Holding Jurisdictional Determinations Under The Clean Water Act Constitute "Final Agency Actions" Subject To Judicial Review   04/15/2015
Federal Court Strikes Down HCP: No Piggybacks Under Section 10   04/13/2015
Cases Pending Before the California Supreme Court on Climate Change May Foreshadow Federal Law Challenges   04/06/2015
When Uncertainty Surrounds California Solar Project, Court Defers to Agency Not Tortoise   04/06/2015
"Fish and Wildlife Service Mat Overhaul Rule Permitting Incidental Take of Eagles"   04/01/2015
"Lessons from the NCC Project"   03/24/2015
Fourth Circuit Upholds U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Finding of Jurisdiction Over 4.8 Acres of Wetlands in Chesapeake, Virginia   03/20/2015
California Supreme Court Establishes the Standard of Review for the Unusual Circumstances Exception to CEQA Categorical Exemptions   03/04/2015
A Closer Look At T-Mobile V. Roswell   02/03/2015
"What You Can Take From Recent MBTA Plea Deals"   02/01/2015
U.S. Supreme Court Holds in Favor of Cell Tower Siting Applicants   01/16/2015
Equal Access To Justice Act: Why Prevailing On Only 1 Out Of 3 Claims In Oregon Forestry Case Can Still Be Quite Rewarding   01/05/2015
San Diego MPO's Analysis Of RTP's Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rejected   01/05/2015
Notice Period Doesn't Cause 9th Circ. To Pause on ESA   12/12/2014
Ninth Circuit Lifts the Veil: Explains How to Comply With Endangered Species Act 60-Day Notice Requirement   11/25/2014
Opponents of Arena Project Foul Out   11/24/2014
The Proposed Wetlands Rule: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly   10/02/2014
California High Speed Rail Authority: Advancing Sustainable Design   09/30/2014
Environmental Review Required for Subdivision Map Approvals   09/16/2014
"FWS Mulls Overhauling Eagle Permitting Rule"   09/01/2014
Beyond the Headlines: Best Practices to Restore Natural Resources Injured by Long-Term Hazardous Waste Releases, Oil Spills and Transport and Other Accidents   08/18/2014
Fifth Circuit Holds that the Army Corps of Engineers' Jurisdictional Determination Does Not Constitute a Reviewable "Final Agency Action"   08/13/2014
California Supreme Court Holds No CEQA Review Required for a Voter Initiative-Sponsored Ordinance   08/12/2014
Proposed Critical Habitat Rules Change Reach of the Endangered Species Act   07/14/2014
9th Circuit Gives Fish & Wildlife Wide Berth on Biological Opinion in Delta Smelt Decision   07/14/2014
California Appellate Court Requires Assessment of Healthcare Effects of New Development   07/14/2014
Supreme Court Strikes Part of EPA Rule Regulating Greenhouse Gases, Affirms Balance of Rule   06/23/2014
Calif. Projects Must Take Health Impacts Into Account   06/17/2014
The Grapes of Wrath Part 2 - A Return to Horne   06/16/2014
Guidance for Managing NEPA-Related Risks and Other Risks in Project Delivery   05/30/2014
Fifth District Says Show Me the Health Impacts, Not Just the Numbers   05/30/2014
Finding Win-Win Outcomes for Conservation and Utilization   05/14/2014
Proposed Critical Habitat Rules Expand Reach of Critical Habitat Protections Under the Endangered Species Act   05/13/2014
Broad Duty To Consult Is New Norm Under ESA In 9th Circ.   05/12/2014
The Curious Problem of Eagles   05/01/2014
'Urban Decay' Still Plagues Calif. Big-Box Retail Plans   04/22/2014
En Banc Ninth Circuit Holds ESA Consultation Requirement Applies to Renewal of Long-Term Water Contracts   04/18/2014
EPA Asks STB to Resolve Preemption Question   04/10/2014
City Fails to Adequately Mitigate "Urban Decay" and Energy Impacts of Big Box Retail Project   04/04/2014
9th Circ. Reminds BOEM About The Importance Of Evidence   03/11/2014
9th Circ. Simplifies Enviro Process For Transit Projects   03/07/2014
Clean Air Act ruling may curb suits   03/03/2014
$5 Billion Honolulu Rail Transit Project Gets Green Light   02/18/2014
Ninth Circuit Denies Rehearing of Clean Air Act Suit and War of Words Ensues   02/07/2014
Ninth Circuit Finds Environmental Document for Chukchi Sea Lease Sale Violates NEPA   02/03/2014
Practitioner Guidance: Managing Legal Risks in the NEPA Process for Transportation Projects   02/01/2014
"Ninth Circuit Adopts High Bar For Standing in Greenhouse Gas Citizen Suits"   02/01/2014
"Energy in Alaska: Developments in Environmental Policy"   12/01/2013
Sea Level Rise Guidance for Agencies, Cities   11/29/2013
Drinking Water Standards: How Fast is Fast Enough to Finalize the Chromium-6 MCL?   11/13/2013
California Supreme Court Holds Mitigation Fee Act Applies to Inclusionary Housing   10/18/2013
California Coastal Law Conference 2013 -- An Interactive Discussion on the Evolving Coastal Environment   10/08/2013
Federal Wildlife Agencies Issue Final Rule Adopting "Incremental" Approach to Economic Impact Analyses Conducted for Critical Habitat Designations under the Endangered Species Act   08/28/2013
"Mingo Logan Coal v. EPA: New Ruling on Section 404 Permitting: Practical Implications of the Decision"   05/30/2013
Court Allows EPA to Stop Ongoing Projects, Years After Permits Were Granted   05/28/2013
2nd Annual Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Conference   05/17/2013
Assessment of Climate Change in the Southwest United States   05/02/2013
Potential Legal Implications of Birds and Buildings   05/01/2013
D.C. Circuit Holds EPA Can Invalidate a Clean Water Act Section 404 Permit After It Is Issued   04/25/2013
"NEPA Streamlining and Simplification"   04/22/2013
"The High Speed Rail: NEPA and Other Federal Requirements"   04/22/2013
Dam Removal - A US National Infrastructure Issue   02/27/2013
Fourth Circuit Strikes NMFS Biological Opinion regarding Pesticide Registrations   02/25/2013
California Public Utilities Commission Proceeding Updates Affecting the California Biogas Industry   02/19/2013
"Conservation Planning Under the ESA: Can We Use Lessons Learned from Development and Implementation of the Lower Colorado MSCP in the Bay-Delta?"   01/24/2013
New Biogas Rules to be Considered at California Public Utilities Commission   01/18/2013
Greenhouse Gas Allowance Auction Revenues Possibly On Track to be Returned to Utility Customers   01/15/2013
A Victory for Water Users in Siskiyou County   01/10/2013
Supreme Court Reverses Ninth Circuit: Absent a "Discharge of a Pollutant" Receiving Water Exceedances are not a Violation of Clean Water Act   01/09/2013
Federal District Court Dismisses Lawsuit Alleging San Francisco Harmed Endangered Species at Sharp Park   12/10/2012
Double-Take: Two Recent CEQA Cases Illustrate the Perils of Deferred Mitigation   12/06/2012
"Alternatives for Development and Incorporation of TMDLs in NPDES Permits Proposed San Diego Creek Selenium TMDL"   11/05/2012
Governor Signs Legislation Amending Fish and Game Code in Response to Input from Strategic Vision Process   10/15/2012
Ninth Circuit Declines to Apply EIS Requirements to an EA   10/09/2012
CEQA Reform – Legislature Balks In 2012: What is the Starting Point for Working Group Discussions and 2013 Legislation?   08/24/2012
Back to the Future: The CEQA Future Baseline Question Is Back in Court as the Supreme Court Grants Review of Neighbors for Smart Rail   08/13/2012
"California Environmental Quality Act"   08/02/2012
Governor Brown, Secretary Salazar Attempt to Keep Bay Delta Conservation Plan on Track   07/25/2012
"Limiting Remediation Liability and Shifting Costs to Others: Legal and Strategic Considerations"   07/16/2012
"Water and Climate Change in the Southwest"   06/13/2012
Commission Meets to Discuss Draft Report on Governor's Reorganization Plan This Friday   05/09/2012
In a Major CEQA Decision, Court of Appeal Affirms Transit Agency's Use of Future Baseline to Evaluate Project Impacts on Traffic, Air Quality, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions   04/18/2012
Administration's Budget Trailer Bill Would Eliminate Local Coastal Programs   04/09/2012
9th Circuit Rejects STB EIS For New Freight Railroad Based on Cumulative Impacts and Lack of Baseline Wildlife Studies   04/02/2012
Supreme Court Overturns EPA: Clean Water Act Compliance Orders Can Be Challenged In Court   03/27/2012
"EPA Releases Final TCE Health Assessment"   03/01/2012
"NEPA Overview - Regulations and Cases"   01/23/2012
"Federal Environmental Streamlining - NEPA, CEQA and the Economy"   01/23/2012
"Would NRD Practice Benefit From More Standardization?"   10/26/2011
"Redefinition of Federal Clean Water Act Jurisdiction: What Are 'Wetlands' Now?"   10/05/2011
Voluntary Remediation Bars CERCLA Contribution Claim – Will The Supreme Court Delineate What Remedies Are Available to Recover Costs, and to Whom?   09/23/2011
California Legislature Authorizes Take of Fully Protected Species   09/15/2011
A Critical Assessment of the Use of Surrogate Species in Conservation Planning in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California (U.S.A.)   07/25/2011
"Ethics Session: Subjects to be Addressed in Agency Ethics Codes and Social Media Issues for Attorneys"   07/20/2011
Summer of CEQA – Six Recent CEQA Cases Uphold Agency Discretion, Including the Selection of Threshold of Significance for and Analysis of Climate Change/Greenhouse Gas Impacts   07/19/2011
"50 Years of TRB Workshops - The Legacy of Citizens to Preserve Overton Park v. Volpe"   07/17/2011
Court Employs South Texas Savoir Faire to Deny Preliminary Injunction and Allow Highway Interchange   07/01/2011
Draft EPA/COE Guidance Published on Definition of "Waters of the United States"   07/01/2011
"2011 Environmental Legal Update: What's New and What It Means to You"   06/09/2011
EPA Seeks To Overturn Supreme Court Decisions Limiting Water Act Jurisdiction   05/20/2011
Draft Clean Water Act Guidance Significantly Increases Agency Jurisdiction   05/10/2011
CEQA Baseline Confusion Threatens Projects Throughout California   03/29/2011
Federal Government Liable Under CERCLA As Both An Arranger and Operator For Leased Property   03/24/2011
Draft Eagle Conservation Plan Guidance Released   03/18/2011
"Private Sector Perspectives on Risk Management"   03/15/2011
EPA Announces Plan to Set New Drinking Water Standards – Water Agencies and Parties to Superfund Cleanups Beware   02/18/2011
"Storm Water Regulation"   02/17/2011
Decades-Old Rule in Environmental Law Overturned   02/01/2011
"Recent NEPA Developments"   01/21/2011
Ninth Circuit Abandons "Federal Defendant" Rule Precluding Non-Federal Parties from Intervening as of Right in National Environmental Policy Act Cases   01/18/2011
CEQ Issues Final Guidance on Categorical Exclusions   01/01/2011
CEQ to Federal Agencies: Update Your Categorical Exclusions – But Does It Mean More Litigation?   12/06/2010
EPA - Clean Water Act Can Be Used to Regulate Air Emissions   11/23/2010
Can the Roberts Court Stay Out of Politics?   10/04/2010
Ninth Circuit Affirms Steelhead Listing Decision that Excludes Resident Rainbow Trout   08/26/2010
Precautionary Ocean Policy Order Will Impact Land-Based Activity   08/09/2010
Cleaning Up Contamination From Stormwater Run-Off   07/16/2010
Precedent Setting Case: State DOTs Liable For Cleaning Up Contamination From Highway Stormwater Runoff   07/07/2010
NEPA at 40   07/01/2010
Protected Critical Habitats for Birds Expanded   07/01/2010
Denial of 401 Certification for Dredging in Baltimore Harbor for LNG Terminal Upheld   07/01/2010
Section 7 ESA Biological Opinion Upheld for Interrelated Actions, Cumulative or Indirect Effects of Texas Freight Rail Line   07/01/2010
9th Circuit Says Endangered Species Critical Habitat Not Limited to Where the Species Resides - Agency May Restrict Analysis of Economic Costs of Critical Habitat   06/28/2010
"North Orange County MS4 Permit"   06/04/2010
"Environmental and Land Use Legal Update: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going?"   05/19/2010
New Regulations Adopted to Implement California's AB 32 Impose Fees on Greenhouse Gas Emissions   05/17/2010
"Is ESHA a Death Knell? Using the Law to Make Your Case for Approval"   04/30/2010
"A Tale of Two Projects: Lessons Learned from Recent Commission Approvals"   04/29/2010
Earth Day, It's All About Choices!   04/22/2010
Drought Water Transfers Still Require Environmental Review   03/25/2010
"Deploying 4G Networks - Jurisdictional Challenges"   03/24/2010
Ninth Circuit Invalidates Forest Service Evaluation of Grazing Impacts On Sage Grouse   03/17/2010
EPA Asked to Regulate Black Carbon Emissions   02/26/2010
Council on Environmental Quality Proposes Important New NEPA Guidance Regarding Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Mitigation of Environmental Impacts   02/22/2010
"LID For A Rainy Day: Consequences of LID Stormwater Permit Requirements"   02/18/2010
Sea Level Rise and Coastal Boundary Lines – Consequences of Climate Change   12/17/2009
Suit Aims to Link Distant Pesticide Use with Polar Bears – Potentially Setting Precedent for Additional Climate Change Lawsuits   12/08/2009
"Overview of Regulatory Requirements: Ventura MS4 Stormwater Permit"   12/08/2009
"Fall 2009 Clean Water Conference"   11/16/2009
"Is Water A Waste? Cooperative Compliance and Stakeholder Driven Water Quality Programs"   11/06/2009
"ESA/CEQA and the Development of Renewable Energy"   11/06/2009
"Is Water A Waste? Cooperative and Stakeholder Driven Water Quality Compliance Programs"   11/03/2009
"The Legal and Policy Implications for Local ‘End Users' Developers"   10/06/2009
Ninth Circuit Permits Environmental Justice Lawsuit to Proceed In Light of EPA's Repeated Noncompliance   09/30/2009
Federal Court Dismisses Premature Challenge to Bay Delta Conservation Plan   09/10/2009
"What Happens When a Locally-Issued Permit is Appealed for Review by the Coastal Commission"   09/01/2009
California Tiger Salamander: Updates under Federal and California Endangered Species Acts   08/17/2009
EIS for Florida Replacement Airport Upheld, No Supplement Needed for Ivory-Billed Woodpecker   07/01/2009
Government Accountability Office Releases Report Regarding Section 7 Consultation and Monitoring   06/30/2009
Senate Committee Approves Significant Expansion of the Clean Water Act   06/18/2009
"Strategic Legal Initiatives Forum"   05/30/2009
"Environmental Law Update: Where Are We Now, Where Are We Going, and What Should You Do When We Get There?"   05/21/2009
"Science and the ESA"   05/18/2009
"Contrasting the Resolution of Environmental Issues in the Delta and the Colorado River"   05/18/2009
"The ESA and Alternative Energy"   05/18/2009
"Consultation - Practical Tips"   05/18/2009
EPA May Consider Costs and Benefits When Setting Standards Under Section 316 of the Clean Water Act   05/11/2009
Obama Administration Revokes Rule Changes to Endangered Species Consultation Regulations   05/05/2009
Local Regulation of Airport Expansion Preempted by FAA   04/30/2009
"AB 32 & SB 375 Implementation - Issues for Project Proponents"   04/25/2009
In Lieu Affordable Housing Fee Was Not Reasonably Justified Based On Existing Law   04/21/2009
"Getting Your CDP and Keeping It"   03/30/2009
CLE International's 2nd Annual California Coastal Law Conference   03/30/2009
National Marine Fisheries Service Issues Unprecedented Biological Opinion for Puget Sound Region Flood Insurance Program   03/19/2009
Inside the Minds: Strategies for Resolving Environmental Land Use Disputes   03/18/2009
"Water Quality Standards: A Common Sense Approach to Water Quality Regulation"   03/14/2009
"SB 375: A Builder/Developer Perspective"   03/12/2009
"NEPA and CEQA Programmatic Approaches to Solving California's Water Supply Challenges"   03/05/2009
"A Primer of the NEPA Statute: What You Need to Know"   03/05/2009
"Climate Change Part I: Emerging Legal Issues"   03/05/2009
"Storm Water Permits Update"   02/27/2009
"National Environmental Policy Act: A Primer"   02/23/2009
"NEPA and CEQA Programmatic Approaches to Solving California's Water Supply Challenges"   02/23/2009
"Climate Change Part I: Emerging Legal Issues"   02/23/2009
"Water Quality Standards Take Center Stage"   02/13/2009
New Greenhouse Gas Lawsuit Seeks Broad Changes to Federal Programs Under Endangered Species Act   02/02/2009
"SB 375: A Builder/Developer Perspective"   01/27/2009
"Oceans 21" – A New Way to Regulate Air Emissions and Land Use?   01/21/2009
"State and National Environmental Laws Affecting Land Use"   01/14/2009
"Stormwater Permits Update"   01/13/2009
"Federal Consistency - The Nuts and Bolts"   01/01/2009
Federal Wildlife Agencies Issue Amended Consultation Regulations for Threatened and Endangered Species   12/30/2008
Corps and EPA Issue Long-Awaited Rapanos Guidance Document   12/17/2008
Clean Oceans Laws: Conservation Or Confrontation?   12/15/2008
"Coachella Valley MSHCP and Other Land Use Regulations Affecting Development in the Desert"   12/03/2008
Court of Appeal Provides Guidance to Water Suppliers Tasked with Preparing Water Supply Assessments   12/01/2008
"A Comprehensive Introduction to California State Senate Bill 375 - The Future of Land Use Planning in California"   12/01/2008
"Delta in Crisis"   11/20/2008
Supreme Court Determines Military Needs Outweigh Possible Environmental Harm And Clarifies Preliminary Injunction Standard   11/14/2008
"Analyzing Climate Change Under CEQA: Introduction and Agenda"   11/14/2008
New Penalties for Old Water Violations   11/07/2008
"From the Trenches (and Creeks, Streams, Rivers, Lakes…): Surface Water Quality Update"   10/22/2008
Sliding Into Home   10/17/2008
"SB 375"   10/02/2008
Court Holds that Physical Takings Standard Applies to Mandatory Diversion of Water for Species Protection   10/01/2008
CEQA Climate Change Suit Results in (Another) Agreement to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Way of Local Land Use Controls   09/26/2008
Federal Wildlife Agencies Propose Changes to Endangered Species Act Regulations: Comment Period Extended to October 14   09/16/2008
"The ESA Recovery Standard and the Impact on California's Water Supply"   09/12/2008
Awash in controversy: The developing saga of the EPA Water Transfers Rule   09/08/2008
Commercial and Recreational Boaters Faced with New Restrictions to Address Water Quality   08/05/2008
Ninth Circuit Ratchets Up Consultation Obligations For Federal Agencies   08/01/2008
California Supreme Court Issues Precedent-Setting California Endangered Species Act Decision   07/23/2008
"Troubled Waters"   07/22/2008
Court Holds Challenge to Issuance of Section 404 Permit is Moot Because Wetlands Filled While Case Pending   07/18/2008
Superior Court Decision Mandates Balance in Adoption of Storm Water Quality Regulations   07/09/2008
"Water For a Thirsty Federal Brother? Sharing the Canteen in the East"   07/01/2008
Court Invalidates Purchase Agreement as Option Lacking Consideration   06/27/2008
EPA Issues Final Water Transfers Rule: No NPDES Permit For Now, But Litigation Looms   06/23/2008
"California's Water Woes: The Bay-Delta and Climate Change"   06/17/2008
"Navigating the Coastal Development Process"   06/16/2008
Mitigation Fees May Balloon After California Appeals Court Decision   06/12/2008
CALFED: State Supreme Court Upholds Water Plan's EIR   06/10/2008
"Water Wars"   06/02/2008
"Recent Developments in ESA and CESA"   06/02/2008
"The Bear Necessities of Fighting Climate Change"   05/22/2008
Prescriptive Water Rights Confirmed   05/19/2008
"2008 Land Use Legal Update: Changing California's Landscape"   05/14/2008
"Advanced CEQA Workshop"   05/12/2008
"Water Supply: Turning Case Law into a CEQA Analysis"   05/12/2008
Ninth Circuit Reiterates Prior Decision Invalidating the Biological Opinion for Management of the Columbia River System   04/30/2008
Responsible Party May Recover All of Its Response Costs For a Voluntary Cleanup Under CERCLA   04/24/2008
Federal District Court Decision Could Exacerbate Looming California Water Supply Crisis   04/23/2008
Water Supply Assessments Not Subject to Direct Judicial Challenge   04/21/2008
"Green Building 101"   04/06/2008
"Law and Policy: Emerging Nutrient Control Measures and Their Impact on Water Reuse"   03/25/2008
"What to Do When Attacked By a Nutrient TMDL: A Regulatory Survival Guide"   03/25/2008
Developers May be Liable for Neighbors' Contamination   03/19/2008
"Case Law Update: Recent Developments in the Court"   03/17/2008
"The Intersection of AB 32, CEQA, Land Use Planning and Industrial Land Use"   03/11/2008
"National Environmental Policy Act: A Primer"   03/06/2008
"Case Law Update: Recent Developments in the Court"   03/06/2008
"A Deal's A Deal: Federal Court Upholds 'No Surprises' Rule, Removing Cloud Over Habitat Conservation Plans"   02/29/2008
"The Role of Insurance Policies and Insurance Coverage in a Successful Brownfields Development"   02/20/2008
Ninth Circuit Decision Means Tougher Standards for New Discharge Permits in Impaired Water Bodies   01/15/2008
Court of Appeal Affirms Expansive Interpretation of California Endangered Species Act Listing Provisions   01/07/2008
"Designation Of Impaired Waters Under CWA Takes On New Significance - No Permits For New Discharges Until Attainment Shown"   01/04/2008
"Tightening Standards for Reporting Environmental Liabilities - Conditional Asset Retirement Obligations"   01/01/2008
Fish and Wildlife Service Issues New Final Rules Designating Critical Habitat for Coastal California Gnatcatcher and San Diego Fairy Shrimp   12/19/2007
"Impaired Waters & Permitting; Implications of Pinto Creek Decision"   12/15/2007
Federal District Court Rejects Challenge by Automakers to California's Effort to Regulate Greenhouse Gases from Automobiles   12/14/2007
Water Supply EIR Withstands Challenge, Clarifying Duties of Water Suppliers and Planners Under CEQA   12/13/2007
"Bolsa Chica Land Trust v. Superior Court"   12/04/2007
"Enforcement Actions: What You Need to Know"   12/04/2007
"Navigating the Coastal Development Process"   12/03/2007
Ninth Circuit Finds Federal Agencies Must Evaluate Impacts Of Their Actions On Climate Change   11/20/2007
"Nutrient Numeric Endpoint Development"   11/15/2007
"MS4 Storm Water Permits Update"   11/05/2007
"How Transportation Will Meet the Air Quality & Climate Change Challenges"   11/05/2007
"Global Warming and Land Use Issues: Avoiding Lawsuits While Preparing for the Future"   11/01/2007
Fish and Wildlife Service Issues Proposed Rule to Revise Invalidated Critical Habitat for Peninsular Bighorn Sheep   10/16/2007
Court Finds County Liable For Failing To Direct A Community Water System To Notify Its Customers Of Contamination   10/02/2007
"Climate Change and the Impact on Land Development"   09/20/2007
Court Holds That Developers Building Affordable and/or Senior Citizen Housing May Be Awarded Density Bonuses dIncentives in Excess of the Statutory Minimum   09/17/2007
"District Court Holds that the Service must Address Global Climate Change"   09/01/2007
"District Court Upholds No Surprises and Permit Revocation Rules"   09/01/2007
Court Upholds Key Endangered Species Act Regulations that Promote Habitat Conservation Planning   08/30/2007
"The Mitigation Rule: What You Need to Know"   08/24/2007
"The View - Ruling Puts Contamination Law Back on Track"   08/20/2007
"The View - Ruling Puts Contamination Law Back on Track"   08/20/2007
Court of Appeal Clarifies "Rough Proportionality" Test for Dedications and Impact Fees Imposed on Developers   08/20/2007
"Case Law and Legislative Update, Subdivision Map Act and Special Land Use Issues"   08/07/2007
"Timeshares and the Public Trust"   08/01/2007
"Activists Propose Drastic Expansion of Species Act to Regulate Air Emissions"   07/13/2007
"Ruling Puts Contamination Law Back on Track"   07/05/2007
"The ESA 'Conservation' Standard: The Impact of Recent Decisions on Habitat Conservation Plans and Section 7 Consultations"   06/25/2007
"ESA and CEQA Developments"   06/25/2007
"The Supreme Court's Defenders of Wildlife Decision"   06/25/2007
"Real Estate Development From Beginning to End: California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), Water Quality, Wetlands and Endangered Species Regulations"   06/22/2007
"General Construction Permit Update"   06/19/2007
"Climate Change and the Practice of Environmental Law"   06/15/2007
Supreme Court Affirms That Parties That Clean Up Contamination Can Recover Costs From Polluters   06/11/2007
"Climate Change Litigation"   06/08/2007
Corps and EPA Issue, Seek Comment On, Post-Rapanos Guidance   06/06/2007
"Hot Topics in Water Quality"   06/02/2007
"The Ninth Circuit Fills Two Gaps in ESA and Critical Habitat Jurisprudence"   06/01/2007
Federal District Court Decides That Fish And Wildlife Service Violated Endangered Species Act By Failing To Address Climate Change During Section 7 Consultation   05/30/2007
"On-Reservation Environmental Issues"   05/10/2007
"Draft State Construction Activity Permit and the new Municipal Permits"   04/18/2007
Ninth Circuit Affirms Lower Court Decision to Invalidate Biological Opinion for Management of the Columbia River System   04/10/2007
Rules Changing for Clean Water Act Section 404 Nationwide Permits   03/15/2007
"Proposed MS4 Permit in Ventura County"   03/15/2007
State Water Resources Control Board Releases Draft General Construction Permit – Proposes Incorporation of Numeric Effluent Limits, Action Levels and Hydromodification Control Requirements   03/06/2007
"Planning for the Future: Land Use Legal Issues for 2007 and Beyond"   03/06/2007
"Business and Environmental Policy in the Federal Courts"   03/01/2007
"Annual Review of Hot Topics in Environmental and Energy Law"   03/01/2007
Ninth Circuit Requires Service to Quantify Take of Listed Species it Authorizes or Demonstrate Why Quantification is Impracticable   02/23/2007
Recent Developments in Stormwater Regulation Pose a Threat to Development Industry   01/02/2007
Transfer Of Water Violates Clean Water Act   12/18/2006
"Critical Habitat"   12/13/2006
"Economics of Power Generation"   12/11/2006
"Nanotechnology: Don't Delay Liability Risk Assessments and Solutions"   12/08/2006
California Court Approves Flexible Approach to Regulating Storm Water Discharges Under Clean Water Act   12/07/2006
D.C. Circuit Issues Split Decision In Clean Air Act Challenge to Regional Transportation Plan Conformity Regulations   11/09/2006
"Proposition 90: Implications for Land Use and Environmental Law"   10/20/2006
District Court Issues Decision Invalidating San Diego Multiple Species Conservation Program Plan and Halting All Activities with the City of San Diego that Impact Vernal Pool Habitat   10/17/2006
Corps Issues Nationwide Permits Proposal   10/02/2006
"The Endangered Species Act and Property Rights – Will We See Peace in Our Time?"   10/02/2006
"Prevailing Wage Requirements – Basics and Beyond"   09/28/2006
"Managing A Complex CEQA Project"   09/21/2006
"City Spot Light: Government Regulations and Impact Fees Keep OC Home Prices High"   09/16/2006
Ninth Circuit Issues Decision Clarifying the Scope of Clean Water Act Jurisdiction in the Wake of Rapanos v. United States   08/14/2006
CVAG Votes to Rescind Existing Coachella Valley MSHCP and Proceed with Revised Coachella Valley MSHCP   08/07/2006
"Hot Topics In Environmental Law"   08/01/2006
"Legally Defensible Environmental Review Under CEQA"   07/31/2006
State Water Resources Control Board Releases Storm Water Panel Recommendations Regarding Feasibility of Numeric Effluent Limits   07/18/2006
"Unlocking Some of CEQA's Black Boxes"   06/27/2006
"Legally Defensible Environmental Review Under CEQA"   06/22/2006
Supreme Court Issues Decision Restricting Federal Jurisdiction Under The Clean Water Act But Leaves Many Questions Unanswered   06/20/2006
Ninth Circuit Rejects Center for Biological Diversity’s Interpretation of Fish and Wildlife Regulations Defining Incidental Take   06/06/2006
EPA Proposes Rule Clarifying That NPDES Permits Are Not Required for Water Transfers   06/02/2006
Congress Considers Tax-Exempt Bonds for Water and Sewage Facilities   03/28/2006
"Medicines in the Environment: Legal and Regulatory Storms Ahead?"   03/24/2006
"Advanced Zoning and Land Use in California Seminar"   03/23/2006
"Court Decision Aids Developers and Builders Who Come Into Contact With Endangered Species"   03/20/2006
"Court Decision Aids Developers and Builders Who Come Into Contact with Endangered Species"   03/20/2006
"Practical Tips for Infrastructure"   03/17/2006
"Water Supply and Development: SB 610 and SB 221"   03/16/2006
"Practical Tips for Infrastructure"   02/12/2006
"California Wetlands and the ESA, Current Trends and Issues"   01/26/2006
"Advanced Zoning and Land Use in California"   01/24/2006
"The fallout from Cooper v. Aviall: When can a PRP recover?"   01/20/2006
California Endangered Species Act Compels Consideration of Economic Objectives. Court of Appeal Upholds Validity of Pacific Lumber Company Habitat Conservation Plan   12/20/2005
"Due Diligence, Subdivision Map Act, Vest Rights and CEQA"   11/04/2005
"Planning and Zoning Law/Subdivision Map Act in California"   11/03/2005
"Endangered Species Act, Clean Water Act, And Fish And Game Code Section 1602: Streambed Alteration Agreements"   11/03/2005
Attorney General Concludes That California Water Districts May Contract With Developers For The Construction And Reimbursement Of Oversized Water Facilities   10/21/2005
"Due Diligence, Subdivision Map Act, Vest Rights and CEQA"   10/21/2005
"Past Present Future"   09/29/2005
"CEQA – Major Reform Efforts"   09/28/2005
"The CEQA Administrative Record, What Consultants and Public Agencies Need to Know"   09/08/2005
California Supreme Court Upholds Constitutionality of Coastal Commission   08/19/2005
"The Administrative Record: What Consultants Need to Know"   08/09/2005
"Environmental Impact Reports"   07/14/2005
"The Initial Study & Negative Declarations"   07/14/2005
"CEQA Reform"   07/14/2005
"Advanced Zoning and Land Use"   06/28/2005
"The Role of Corporate Investment"   06/24/2005
Landmark Supreme Court Case Upholds Government’s Right to Seize Private Property for Economic Development   06/23/2005
New Policy to Make SWPPPs More Available   06/16/2005
"Standing in the Government's Shoes - When Can an Intervenor Appeal a District Court Decision Invalidating a Federal Agency Action?"   06/01/2005
Sacramento County Superior Court Upholds General Construction Permit and Rejects Numeric Limits for Construction Related Pollutants   06/01/2005
"Current Perchlorate Litigation"   05/26/2005
Legislation Seeks to Cut "Navigable" From Clean Water Act   05/03/2005
California Supreme Court holds that the State Must Evaluate Economic Considerations when Establishing Water Discharge Requirements that Exceed Federal Standards   04/20/2005
Section 1983 Damages Are No Longer Available for Violations of Section 332 of the Telecom Act   04/01/2005
Nossaman Announces New Partners in 2005 - Class Represents Strength of Firm's Land Use, Environmental and Healthcare Practices   03/15/2005
Proposed Coachella Valley Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan will have Significant Impacts on Real Estate Development   03/02/2005
Data Quality Act Provides Under-utilized Tool to Challenge Federal Agency Use of Faulty Information; Four Years After its Enactment Effect of Act Remains Unclear   02/18/2005
Big-Box Projects Required to Evaluate Urban Decay and Health Impacts   12/29/2004
"Land Use and Development on Indian Tribal Lands Program"   11/16/2004
"California Entitlements: Summary From Due Diligence to Building Permit Issuance"   11/03/2004
"Natural Treatment For Runoff and Stormwater: General Principles and a Case Study   10/29/2004
Central Valley Air District Targeting Development for Emissions Reductions and/or Impact Fees   09/24/2004
"Perchlorate: Cold War Rocket Fuel Launches Modern Day Water Wars"   08/19/2004
Precedent-Setting Decision Greatly Restricts Economic and Recreational Activities Within Critical Habitat   08/06/2004
Agency Designated to Administer a Joint Powers Agreement Determines Scope of JPA’s Land Use Powers   06/24/2004
CERCLA Complaint Alleges Water Entities Are Liable for Using Colorado River Water for Recharge Operation   04/30/2004
"Annual Review of Hot Topics in Environmental and Energy Law"   04/24/2004
Nossaman's Irvine Office Continues to Add Talent to the Firm's Statewide Land Use and Real Estate Practice   10/29/2003
"Real Estate Development in the Canyon Areas"   10/28/2003
"Land Acquisition Pitfalls – Due Diligence for Development"   09/25/2003
"Prosecuting and Defending Endangered Species Act Litigation"   06/23/2003
"Navigating the Entitlement Maze: From Due Diligence to Sticks in the Air, Twelve Key Steps"   06/19/2003
"Ethics: Considerations in Endangered Species Compliance"   11/14/2002
"SB 50 and Related School Fee Issues"   06/27/2002
"Ethical Considerations in Endangered Species Compliance"   06/03/2002
"Major Real Property Acquisitions"   05/11/2002
"Habitat Conservation Plans: Frayed Safety Nets or Creative Conservation Partnerships?"   09/01/2001
"Superfund Recycling Equity Act"   06/01/2001
"Environmental Regulation as a Competitive Tool"   03/23/2001
"Emerging Techniques in Valuing Liabilities at Contaminated Sites"   03/01/2000
"Building Industry Prevails in San Juan Capistrano Moratorium Litigation"   09/01/1999
Contractual Ecosystem Management Under the Endangered Species Act: Can Federal Agencies Make Enforceable Commitments?   01/01/1999
"Managing for the Environment: Understanding the Legal, Organizational, and Policy Challenges"   12/11/1998
"The Evolution, Operation and Future of Environmental Policy in the United States"   11/20/1997
"Environmental Policy"   11/13/1997
"The Balancing Act of Judicial Review: Ensuring Enough Deference to Administrators and Enough Accountability"   10/29/1997
"Is There a Legal and Conservation Basis for Individual Fishing Quotas?"   01/01/1997
"The Interstate Transport of Solid Waste: Intergovernmental Tensions and the Conflicts Between Law and Policy"   07/01/1996
"Book Review: Whose Backyard, Whose Risk: Fear and Fairness in Toxic & Nuclear Waste Siting"   01/01/1995
The Search for A Conservation Planning Paradigm: Section 10 of the ESA   06/01/1993
"Searching for Consensus and Predictability: Habitat Conservation Planning Under the Endangered Species Act of 1973"   01/01/1991
"San Bruno Mountain Habitat Conservation Plan"   01/01/1987


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