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Title Date
"WOTS Up? An Update Regarding Regulation of Waters of the State (WOTS) and Waters of the United States (WOTUS)"   06/04/2019
"New State Regulations for Discharges of Dredged and Fill Material"   04/03/2019
U.S. EPA and Army Corps of Engineers Propose Revamp of "Waters of the United States"   12/18/2018
"Update on Water Quality Regulations & Litigation"   09/13/2018
"New State Regulations To Watch in 2019"   03/28/2018
"Update Regarding State Wetlands Regulation"   11/28/2017
Comment Period Approaching on State Board Regulatory Program for Discharge of Dredge and Fill Material   08/21/2017
Executive Order That Seeks to Undo Obama Administration's "Waters of the United States" Rule Has More Limited Immediate Impacts   04/01/2017
Executive Order That Seeks to Undo Obama Administration's "Waters of the United States" Rule Has More Limited Immediate Impacts   03/17/2017
"Integration of Storm Water Into Water Supply Planning"   08/25/2016
State Water Board Issues New Proposed Permitting Procedures for Dredge and Fill to Waters of the State   06/28/2016
"Wetland and Waters Regulations: Strategies for Compliance"   01/28/2016
The Clean Water Rule (WOTUS) Update   01/19/2016
New Water: "Pollution" Meets Water Supply   10/06/2015
EPA and USACE Issue Clean Water Rule   05/27/2015
Court of Appeal Upholds Regional Water Quality Control Board's TMDL Based on Pollutants in Lake Bed Sediment   04/02/2015
The Proposed Wetlands Rule: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly   10/02/2014
California High Speed Rail Authority: Advancing Sustainable Design   09/30/2014
Clean Water Act Permits for Public Water System Discharges   05/29/2014
Court Allows EPA to Stop Ongoing Projects, Years After Permits Were Granted   05/28/2013
D.C. Circuit Holds EPA Can Invalidate a Clean Water Act Section 404 Permit After It Is Issued   04/25/2013
"The High Speed Rail: NEPA and Other Federal Requirements"   04/22/2013
Supreme Court Reverses Ninth Circuit: Absent a "Discharge of a Pollutant" Receiving Water Exceedances are not a Violation of Clean Water Act   01/09/2013
"Alternatives for Development and Incorporation of TMDLs in NPDES Permits Proposed San Diego Creek Selenium TMDL"   11/05/2012
"Redefinition of Federal Clean Water Act Jurisdiction: What Are 'Wetlands' Now?"   10/05/2011
"2011 Environmental Legal Update: What's New and What It Means to You"   06/09/2011
Draft Clean Water Act Guidance Significantly Increases Agency Jurisdiction   05/10/2011
"Storm Water Regulation"   02/17/2011
"North Orange County MS4 Permit"   06/04/2010
"Environmental and Land Use Legal Update: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going?"   05/19/2010
"LID For A Rainy Day: Consequences of LID Stormwater Permit Requirements"   02/18/2010
"Overview of Regulatory Requirements: Ventura MS4 Stormwater Permit"   12/08/2009
"Fall 2009 Clean Water Conference"   11/16/2009
"Is Water A Waste? Cooperative Compliance and Stakeholder Driven Water Quality Programs"   11/06/2009
"Is Water A Waste? Cooperative and Stakeholder Driven Water Quality Compliance Programs"   11/03/2009
"Strategic Legal Initiatives Forum"   05/30/2009
"Environmental Law Update: Where Are We Now, Where Are We Going, and What Should You Do When We Get There?"   05/21/2009
"Water Quality Standards: A Common Sense Approach to Water Quality Regulation"   03/14/2009
"SB 375: A Builder/Developer Perspective"   03/12/2009
"Storm Water Permits Update"   02/27/2009
"Water Quality Standards Take Center Stage"   02/13/2009
"SB 375: A Builder/Developer Perspective"   01/27/2009
"Stormwater Permits Update"   01/13/2009
"A Comprehensive Introduction to California State Senate Bill 375 - The Future of Land Use Planning in California"   12/01/2008
New Penalties for Old Water Violations   11/07/2008
"From the Trenches (and Creeks, Streams, Rivers, Lakes…): Surface Water Quality Update"   10/22/2008
"SB 375"   10/02/2008
Superior Court Decision Mandates Balance in Adoption of Storm Water Quality Regulations   07/09/2008
EPA Issues Final Water Transfers Rule: No NPDES Permit For Now, But Litigation Looms   07/01/2008
"2008 Land Use Legal Update: Changing California's Landscape"   05/14/2008
"Law and Policy: Emerging Nutrient Control Measures and Their Impact on Water Reuse"   03/25/2008
Ninth Circuit Decision Means Tougher Standards for New Discharge Permits in Impaired Water Bodies   01/15/2008
"MS4 Storm Water Permits Update"   11/05/2007
"The Mitigation Rule: What You Need to Know"   08/24/2007
"General Construction Permit Update"   06/19/2007
"Hot Topics in Water Quality"   06/02/2007
"Draft State Construction Activity Permit and the new Municipal Permits"   04/18/2007
"Proposed MS4 Permit in Ventura County"   03/15/2007
State Water Resources Control Board Releases Draft General Construction Permit – Proposes Incorporation of Numeric Effluent Limits, Action Levels and Hydromodification Control Requirements   03/06/2007
"Planning for the Future: Land Use Legal Issues for 2007 and Beyond"   03/06/2007
Recent Developments in Stormwater Regulation Pose a Threat to Development Industry   01/02/2007
Corps Issues Nationwide Permits Proposal   10/02/2006
State Water Resources Control Board Releases Storm Water Panel Recommendations Regarding Feasibility of Numeric Effluent Limits   07/18/2006
California Supreme Court Declines to Consider Challenge to Zero Trash TMDL for Los Angeles River   04/25/2006
State Water Resources Control Board's Proposed Revisions to 303(d) List Could Lead to the Development of Additional TMDLs   12/21/2005
"CEQA: Major Reform Efforts 2005-2006"   10/07/2005
"Defensible Water Quality: CEQA Analysis"   10/07/2005
"Past Present Future"   09/29/2005
"CEQA – Major Reform Efforts"   09/28/2005
New Policy to Make SWPPPs More Available   06/16/2005
California Supreme Court holds that the State Must Evaluate Economic Considerations when Establishing Water Discharge Requirements that Exceed Federal Standards   04/20/2005
"Natural Treatment For Runoff and Stormwater: General Principles and a Case Study   10/29/2004


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