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Title Date
Models for Transportation Project Delivery   03/20/2015
"The Extending Reach of P3s Newest Adopters"   06/17/2014
"P3s in California"   05/16/2014
"MAP-21 - What's Next: Federal Tolling Law"   04/15/2013
"The TIFIA Story: Meaningful Reforms Under MAP-21"   04/02/2013
"Availability Payment P3s: Owner, Equity and Design-Builder Perspectives"   03/19/2013
"Federal Tolling Law Under MAP-21"   11/18/2012
Interstate Tolling Policy Must Change   09/01/2012
MAP-21 - Meaningful Reforms and Practical Implications   07/19/2012
MAP-21: Treatment of Public-Private Partnerships Under Surface Transportation Reauthorization   07/16/2012
MAP 21: Tolling Rights Expand Under Surface Transportation Reauthorization   07/11/2012
MAP-21: Surface Transportation Reauthorization Ushers in Significant Changes to TIFIA   07/06/2012
TIFIA Loans: Long, Patient, Flexible   07/01/2012
Nossaman Analysis: TIFIA Will Remain Oversubscribed   06/01/2012
"Federal Funding: The Case for an Expanded TIFIA Program"   02/22/2011
"Why TIFIA Matters for Transportation"   02/01/2011
"Public-Private Partnerships for California Transportation"   01/20/2011
"Public-Private Partnerships Forum – PPP Law, Structures and Contracting"   11/04/2010
Recent Developments on the Constitutionality of Toll Discount Programs   10/25/2010
CTC Issues Draft Guidelines for California P3 Program   08/05/2009
"California – The Market Opens for Business"   06/19/2009
Infra PR: California passes new transport PPP law   04/28/2009
California Passes First Significant Transportation PPP Law in 20 Years   04/27/2009
Public-Private Partnerships Model Legislation   03/20/2009
Prospects for Transportation PPPs: Good Signs Amidst a Troubled Economy   03/06/2009
Financing Commission Urges Sweeping Reform of Transportation Funding   02/26/2009
California Cautiously Expands Design-Build Authority for Local Governments   10/16/2008
"PPP Deal Killers"   09/15/2008
"Context for Project Finance" and "Procurement and Risk Allocation Issues"   04/29/2008
"Basic Elements of a Successful P3"   03/21/2008
"Risk Allocation and Bankability"   05/09/2007
"A New Vision for the 21st Century"   04/01/2007
"Public-Private Partnerships"   03/21/2007
"Protecting the Public Owner in Public-Private Initiatives"   01/23/2007
"FHWA's Role in Public-Private Partnerships"   10/27/2006
"Protecting the Public Owner in Public-Private Initiatives"   07/26/2006
"Public-Private Partnerships: A Sea Change in the US Transportation Sector"   07/01/2006
"Private Valuation, Public Validation: Emerging Public Policy Issues in Surface Transportation PPPs"   07/01/2006
"What the Public Sector Needs from PPPs"   03/24/2006
"The Trailblazers: Pace-Setting Public-Private Partnerships"   10/18/2005
"Surety Issues in Public-Private Partnerships"   10/07/2005
AASHTO's Guide to Protecting the Nation's Highways From Terrorist Threats   07/19/2005
"Introduction to Public-Private Partnerships, Project Characteristics, Project Sponsor Goals"   06/28/2005
"Managing Your Money: Project Delivery Methods"   04/01/2005
"Managing Contractual Risk: The Project Owner's Perspective"   04/01/2005
"Solving the new Cali crisis"   02/09/2005
New Report Urges Public-Private Partnership Legislation to Help Solve California's Transportation Crisis   01/28/2005
"An Old Law Meets a New Technology: Traditional Right-of-Way Access Rights Apply to Wireless Telephone Technology"   12/10/2004
"Design-Build Authority for Utility Projects in California"   07/14/2004
"Court Vindicates Telecommunications Industry's Right To Use California Streets And Highways Free From Local Impositions"   06/01/2004
"California Supreme Court Leaves Telecoms Free to Use ROWs Without Municipal Exactions"   04/01/2004
Court Vindicates Telecommunications Industry’s Right to Use California Streets and Highways Free From Local Impositions   01/06/2004
"Systematic Risk Allocation and Incentives/Disincentives to Manage Costs of Design-Build Projects"   11/13/2003
"Toll Revenue Project Financing: The Driver of Procurement and Contracting Strategies"   09/05/2003
"Innovative Financing Techniques In High Speed Rail Projects and the Role of the Private Operator"   05/14/2003
"Insurance Against Terrorism-Related Losses"   04/07/2003
"Terrorism And The Tacoma Narrows Bridge Design-Build Contract"   02/01/2003
"New Terrorism Insurance Law Impacts Transportation Projects"   01/06/2003


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