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Title Date
Judge, not Jury, Must Consider the Constitutionality of a Dedication Requirement and Whether it Qualifies as a "Project Effect"   08/29/2016
Nossaman Eminent Domain and Valuation Partners Brad Kuhn and Rick Rayl Author Law360 Article   08/24/2016
California Supreme Court Upholds Right of Entry Statutes, but "Reforms" them to Comply with Constitution   08/01/2016
"No Recovery In Calif. For Views Blocked By Public Projects"   05/02/2016
Homeowners Cannot Recover for Blocked Views of Hollywood Sign   04/28/2016
Court of Appeal Explains How the Language in the Resolution of Necessity Impacts Eminent Domain Trials   06/15/2015
How One Misstep Resulted in a $2.5 Million Lesson   06/08/2015
Scope Of Calif.'s Mello-Roos Now Includes Eminent Domain   04/22/2015
Mello-Roos May Be Used to Fund Condemnation Action of Private Utility Provider   04/17/2015
2014 Eminent Domain Year in Review & 2015 Forecast   03/06/2015
Recent Trends in Eminent Domain -- And What To Expect Next   04/03/2014
Ruling May Put the Brakes on Some CEQA Investigations   03/31/2014
Precondemnation "Right of Entry" Statutes Challenged as Unconstitutional Takings   03/21/2014
2013 Eminent Domain Year in Review & 2014 Forecast   03/20/2014
Rails-to-Trails Decision: Supreme Court Holds that Government Does Not Retain Reversionary Interest   03/12/2014
Proportionality, Nexus Don't Matter If It's Not a Taking   01/31/2014
Government Need Not Satisfy Nexus and Proportionality Tests if Dedication Requirement Does Not Otherwise Constitute a Taking   01/29/2014
"Eminent Domain Update: Cases, RDA Dissolution, and Underwater Mortgages"   10/02/2013
Sometimes A Taking Is Not Really 'Taking'   08/30/2013
In Eminent Domain Proceedings, the Likelihood and Constitutionality of a Dedication is a Jury Determination   08/13/2013
Sometimes a Taking is Not a "Taking"   08/02/2013
The Grapes Of Wrath Crack High Court Precedent   06/18/2013
The Grapes of Wrath: U.S. Supreme Court Holds that Takings Claim Can be Raised as an Affirmative Defense to Enforcement Action Against Raisin Handlers   06/12/2013
"Acquiring Right-of-Way"   04/16/2013
Big Year for Published Eminent Domain Decisions   01/15/2013
2012 Eminent Domain Year in Review & 2013 Forecast   01/10/2013
Options, Agreements, and Prior Appraisals: Admissibility Issues in Eminent Domain Trials   12/17/2012
When Adopting a Resolution of Necessity, Can Failing to Consider a Substitute Condemnation Constitute a Gross Abuse of Discretion?   09/24/2012
Options, Agreements, and Prior Appraisals: Admissibility Issues in Eminent Domain Trials   08/16/2012
"Going Forward Without a CRA"   05/20/2012
"Multi-Parcel Acquisitions & Case Studies"   04/24/2012
"Not Just Another End of Redevelopment Story"   04/18/2012
The "Unpreservation" of the Base Year Value Transfer Under Threat of Eminent Domain   03/30/2012
"Everything You Need to Know About Appraisals for Litigation"   03/21/2012
Court Clarifies Rules Concerning Litigation Expenses in Eminent Domain   03/08/2012
Court Clarifies Rules Concerning Litigation Expenses in Eminent Domain   03/05/2012
The State of Eminent Domain for the New Year   01/23/2012
2011 Eminent Domain Year in Review   01/18/2012
Regulatory Takings Claim: A Rare Win for Property Owners   01/12/2012
"Supreme Court Upholds Elimination of Redevelopment in California - Now What?"   01/11/2012
It's the End of Redevelopment as We Know It   01/04/2012
"Supreme Court Upholds Elimination of Redevelopment in California - Now What?"   01/04/2012
It's the End of Redevelopment as We Know It   12/30/2011
Supreme Court Upholds Elimination of Redevelopment in California   12/29/2011
Court of Appeal Upholds Regulatory Takings Decision Under Penn Central Test   12/16/2011
"Expert Engagement Contract Overview Strategies for Larger Acquisition Valuation Assignments"   11/10/2011
Redevelopment Remains in Limbo   08/18/2011
Redevelopment Remains in Limbo Following Supreme Court Order and Partial Stay   08/16/2011
Whose Business Goodwill Is It?   06/16/2011
Whose Business Goodwill Is It?   06/10/2011
When Does an Access Impairment Result in a Compensable Taking?   06/03/2011
Reversal of Unlawful Detainer Judgment Puts Evicting Landlord At Risk for Damages Action   06/02/2011
Redevelopment Agencies Live to See Another...Day?   03/17/2011
When a Stipulated Judgment Goes Awry   02/17/2011
Court Dismisses Appeal Arising From Stipulated Eminent Domain Judgment   02/16/2011
2010 Eminent Domain: Year in Review   01/24/2011
In the Midst of California's Budget Crisis, Redevelopment Agencies Are Fighting For Their Lives   01/24/2011
2010 Eminent Domain Year in Review   01/12/2011
9th Circuit Reverses Course on Rent Control   01/10/2011
Ninth Circuit Reverses Course: Rent Control Ordinance Does Not Constitute Regulatory Taking   12/29/2010
"The Effective Witness, Best Practices"   11/17/2010
"101 Ways to Get Your Agency in Hot Water: Trip-Ups and Traps That Can Snag Right-of-Way Agents, Appraisers, and Lawyers, Costing their Agency Clients Time and Money – and How to Avoid Them"   11/09/2010
Eminent Domain Case Clarifies Test for Determining Litigation Expenses   11/05/2010
New Eminent Domain Case Clarifies "Good Faith" Test for Determining Litigation Expenses   11/02/2010
"Regulatory Takings and the Effects of Guggenheim"   10/28/2010
"The Interrelationship Between Goodwill, Relocation, and Reestablishment"   10/26/2010
A Year in the Life of an Eminent Domain Blog   10/20/2010
Redevelopment Plan Invalidated For Insufficient 'Blight' Finding   06/22/2010
Supreme Court Issues Much Anticipated Takings Decision – But What Was It?   06/21/2010
Court of Appeal Holds that a Condemnee is Not Always Entitled to Fair Market Value – But is That Really What the Court Means?   06/18/2010
Insufficient "Blight" Finding Results in Court of Appeal's Invalidating Redevelopment Plan   06/17/2010
Buyer Beware: Improper Sale Documentation Results In Waiver of Inverse Condemnation Claim   05/18/2010
Buyer Beware: Improper Sale Documentation Results in Waiver of Inverse Condemnation Claim   05/14/2010
Eminent Domain Meets Renewable Energy - When Grandma's House Gets in the Way of Windmills   05/11/2010
Scope of Mechanic's Lien, Not a Clear Cut Question   03/31/2010
Scope of Mechanic's Lien Not as Clear as One Might Assume   03/29/2010
9th Circuit Revisits 2009 Trailer Park Opinion   03/23/2010
Regulatory Takings: The Ninth Circuit to Revisit its Guggenheim Opinion   03/16/2010
"Perils in Prejudgment Possession: What the Changes in Prejudgment Possession Rules Mean for Project Planners and Managers, Acquisition Agents, and Appraisers"   02/11/2010
Eminent Domain: A Year's Highlights   01/21/2010
2009 Eminent Domain Year in Review   01/19/2010
Erosion Control, or Coney Island South?   12/15/2009
"Eminent Domain: Where Are We, and Where Have We Been?"   11/18/2009
Do You Feel (Federally) Stimulated: Are Stimulus Dollars Really Having an Impact on California's Infrastructure?   09/15/2009
Court Holds Entitlement to Claim Lost Business Goodwill Depends on Causation, Not the Existence of a Written Lease   06/26/2009
"Valuation Issues in an Upside Down Market: The Legal Framework"   05/12/2009
Closing the Litigation Floodgates   04/07/2009
Court Limits Public Agencies' Liability for Flooding   03/27/2009
"Valuation Issues in a Depressed Market: How Market Conditions Impact Eminent Domain Practitioners"   03/24/2009
"Everything You Were Never Taught About Litigation Appraisal – A Hands On Approach"   03/04/2009
2008 Eminent Domain Year in Review   01/29/2009
Court of Appeal Clarifies Narrow Scope of Regulatory Takings Claims   01/23/2009
Goodwill Hunting   01/02/2009
Appeals Court Says: Can't Backdoor Developer's Approach to Valuing Property by Calling it Business Goodwill Loss   12/12/2008
"What's New in Eminent Domain, and Why The First 30 Days Is More Likely Than Ever To Make Or Break Your Case"   10/28/2008
California Supreme Court Parts Ways With U.S. Supreme Court, Upholding Expanded Appellate Review of Arbitration Awards   09/22/2008
Court of Appeal Rejects Effort to Extend Nollan and Dolan To Generally Applicable Legislative Zoning Decisions   09/17/2008
"Property Acquisition in the Shadow of Proposition 99"   08/07/2008
California Voters Pass Eminent Domain Reform Initiative   08/01/2008
"California Voters Pass Eminent Domain Reform Initiative - But Is There Any Real Reform?"   06/23/2008
"Eminent Domain 101: Where Are We and What Does the Future Hold?"   05/08/2008
Date Of Value Rule Not As Bright Line As Intended   01/14/2008
"Use of New Technology – For Courtroom, Mediation, and Deposition"   11/28/2007
"Ethical Issues In-House Lawyers: Traps for the Unwary"   09/26/2007
Court of Appeal Clarifies "Rough Proportionality" Test for Dedications and Impact Fees Imposed on Developers   08/20/2007
In the Post-Kelo Eminent Domain War, Public Agencies Win Battle Concerning Valuation of Property Subject to Potential Dedication Requirement   08/17/2007
California Supreme Court Seeks to Clarify Roles of Judge and Jury in Eminent Domain Cases   07/31/2007
"Use of New Technology"   06/05/2007
"Proposition 90: A Practitioner's Perspective"   10/20/2006
"Confidentiality Under Fire: How In-House Counsel Can Survive the Onslaught Against The Attorney-Client Privilege and The Attorney Work Product Doctrine"   07/20/2005
Landmark Supreme Court Case Upholds Government’s Right to Seize Private Property for Economic Development   06/23/2005
"Separation Anxiety - What In House Counsel Needs to Know When the Employee Leaves to Join or Become a Competitor"   08/18/2004
"Lessons to be Learned from the Tropicana Shopping Center, San Jose Parking and Other Recent Redevelopment Cases"   08/11/2004
"Discoverability of Pre-Litigation Expert Appraisal Reports: The Consistent and the Dead "   02/01/2000


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