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Title Date
California Supreme Court Rejects Claim by Second-Lowest Bidders on Public Works Contracts that Low Bidder Interfered with a Prospective Economic Advantage   03/10/2017
Notice-and-Comment is Not Required for Changes Made to Interpretive Rules   03/20/2015
New Notice, Registration and Reporting Requirements for California Public Works Projects   01/29/2015
Court of Appeal Says Communications on Personal Communicating Devices are Exempt from Disclosure under Public Records Act   03/31/2014
Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board Issues Draft Rule To Regulate Duties And Responsibilities Of Municipal Advisors   03/31/2014
Securities and Exchange Commission's New Municipal Advisor Rules Clarify Requirements for Banks   02/05/2014
What's New for 2014 – FPPC Revises Treatment of Travel Payments to Public Agencies   01/13/2014
Fair Political Practices Commission Adopts Disclosure Forms to Report New Filing Positions   02/23/2012
Path Cleared for Class Tax Claims   08/08/2011
CA Supreme Court Clarifies Class Action Availability in Claims Against City for Refund of Tax Payments   08/04/2011
"Oil Spill Class Action Certification Decision Remanded for Future Factual Determination of Predominance and Superiority"   04/01/2010
California False Claims Ruling: Contractor Invoices Include Implied Certification of Contract Compliance   03/16/2010
To Fee or Not to Fee? San Diego's Processing Charge an Illegal Tax   09/14/2009
"Buildings by Design"   05/04/2009
California Legislation Expands Design Build Authority for Public Facilities   04/23/2009
California Design-Build Authority Expanded for Courts, State Office and Correction Facilities, Redevelopment Agency Projects   04/22/2009
"Local and National Statutory Perspective"   07/31/2008
"Crossing New Thresholds: Innovative Pricing Strategies for Transportation"   05/15/2008
Los Angeles County Metro Gets $213.6 Million Grant to Implement Congestion Pricing Alternatives   05/01/2008
"The View - Traffic Travails"   12/24/2007
"Traffic Travails"   11/16/2007
"Public-Private Partnerships – A Strategy to Rebuild California"   10/17/2007
"Design-Build for Wastewater Projects: Legal Requirements and Limitations"   05/15/2007
Supreme Court Affirms Authority Under Proposition 35 For Public Agencies to Contract With Private Entities for Design and Engineering Services   04/26/2007
FTA Adopts Final Policy Statement on Conversion of High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes into High Occupancy Toll Lanes   01/19/2007
"No Liening on Public Property, Court Rules"   12/01/2006
D.C. Circuit Issues Split Decision In Clean Air Act Challenge to Regional Transportation Plan Conformity Regulations   11/09/2006
D.C. Circuit Issues Split Decision In Clean Air Act Challenge to Regional Transportation Plan Conformity Regulations   11/07/2006
California Court Expands and Clarifies Rule That Mechanic's Liens Cannot Be Placed Upon Public Property That Is Subject to Private Development   10/12/2006
FTA Proposes New Policies For Conversion Of High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes Into High Occupancy Toll Lanes   09/29/2006
"Overview of Legislative and Legal Topics"   03/03/2006
"The Role of Capital Markets in Water Projects"   02/14/2006
Court Rejects CEQA Challenge to Transportation Sales Tax Renewal   01/30/2006
Court Upholds Caltrans' Proposition 35 Right to Contract Out For Engineering and Architectural Services   11/29/2005
"East Span of the Bay Bridge Retrofit/AB 144 (Hancock), Ch 71, Statutes of 2005"   08/05/2005
"Understanding The Ralph M. Brown Act"   05/03/2005
Public Access to Meetings of Public Bodies and Writings of Public Agencies and Officials is Now a Constitutional Right   11/05/2004
Public Agency Staff May Be Individually Liable for Selective and Overzealous Enforcement   08/27/2004
California Online Privacy Protection Act of 2003 ("OPPA")   08/10/2004
Court Holds that California Constitution Prohibits Super Majority Vote for Approval of or Increase in City General Tax   07/21/2004
Agency Designated to Administer a Joint Powers Agreement Determines Scope of JPA’s Land Use Powers   06/24/2004
Court Thwarts Attempt by Voter Initiative to Impose Restrictions on Airport Development Activities   12/05/2003
Brown Act Enforcement Gets Sharper Teeth   11/13/2003
"Affirmative Action Disparity Studies Upheld"   02/20/2003
"Partnering Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance for the East Bay Smart Corridors Program — Building Consensus and Cooperation Among 25 Public Agencies to Work Together To Build and Maintain a Regional ATMS Project"   11/11/2002


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