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Title Date
Proposed CEQA Guideline for Highway Projects Promises Flexibility In the Measurement of Traffic Impacts, But Delivers Ambiguity   02/07/2018
Ninth Circuit Rejects Challenges to Arizona Highway Project   12/11/2017
Major Revisions to CEQA Guidelines Proposed - Measuring Transportation Impacts Under CEQA: The Paradigm Shift to Vehicle Miles Traveled Arrives   11/30/2017
Court Rejects NEPA, Section 4(f) Challenges to Arizona South Mountain Freeway Project   08/23/2016
California Supreme Court Ponders Greenhouse Gas, Fully Protected Species Issues   09/03/2015
California Supreme Court Holds that State Agencies May Not Escape CEQA Mitigation Requirements Based on Failure of the Legislature to Appropriate Mitigation Funds   08/05/2015
"The Critical Habitat Exclusion Policy: Implications for Conservation Partnerships on Private Land"   08/01/2015
Ninth Circuit Critical Habitat Decision Casts Shadow on Habitat Conservation Plan "No Surprises" Assurances   06/26/2015
California Supreme Court Holds Facial Challenge to Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance Subject to Deferential Standard of Review   06/16/2015
Court of Appeal Decision Extends Lake and Streambed Alteration Program to Water Diversions   06/08/2015
Cases Pending Before the California Supreme Court on Climate Change May Foreshadow Federal Law Challenges   04/06/2015
Equal Access To Justice Act: Why Prevailing On Only 1 Out Of 3 Claims In Oregon Forestry Case Can Still Be Quite Rewarding   01/05/2015
San Diego MPO's Analysis Of RTP's Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rejected   01/05/2015
Proposed Critical Habitat Rules Change Reach of the Endangered Species Act   07/14/2014
Proposed Critical Habitat Rules Expand Reach of Critical Habitat Protections Under the Endangered Species Act   05/13/2014
'Urban Decay' Still Plagues Calif. Big-Box Retail Plans   04/22/2014
City Fails to Adequately Mitigate "Urban Decay" and Energy Impacts of Big Box Retail Project   04/04/2014
9th Circ. Simplifies Enviro Process For Transit Projects   03/07/2014
$5 Billion Honolulu Rail Transit Project Gets Green Light   02/18/2014
"NEPA Streamlining and Simplification"   04/22/2013
Governor Signs Legislation Amending Fish and Game Code in Response to Input from Strategic Vision Process   10/15/2012
Back to the Future: The CEQA Future Baseline Question Is Back in Court as the Supreme Court Grants Review of Neighbors for Smart Rail   08/13/2012
MAP-21 - Meaningful Reforms and Practical Implications   07/19/2012
MAP-21 Creates Potential to Accelerate Project Delivery   07/09/2012
In a Major CEQA Decision, Court of Appeal Affirms Transit Agency's Use of Future Baseline to Evaluate Project Impacts on Traffic, Air Quality, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions   04/18/2012
"NEPA Overview - Regulations and Cases"   01/23/2012
"Federal Environmental Streamlining - NEPA, CEQA and the Economy"   01/23/2012
California Legislature Authorizes Take of Fully Protected Species   09/15/2011
Summer of CEQA – Six Recent CEQA Cases Uphold Agency Discretion, Including the Selection of Threshold of Significance for and Analysis of Climate Change/Greenhouse Gas Impacts   07/19/2011
"2011 Environmental Legal Update: What's New and What It Means to You"   06/09/2011
CEQA Baseline Confusion Threatens Projects Throughout California   03/29/2011
Ninth Circuit Affirms Steelhead Listing Decision that Excludes Resident Rainbow Trout   08/26/2010
"Environmental and Land Use Legal Update: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going?"   05/19/2010
"ESA/CEQA and the Development of Renewable Energy"   11/06/2009
"The Legal and Policy Implications for Local ‘End Users' Developers"   10/06/2009
Amphibious and Ambiguous   09/10/2009
Federal Court Dismisses Premature Challenge to Bay Delta Conservation Plan   09/10/2009
California Tiger Salamander: Updates under Federal and California Endangered Species Acts   08/17/2009
"Science and the ESA"   05/18/2009
"Contrasting the Resolution of Environmental Issues in the Delta and the Colorado River"   05/18/2009
"The ESA and Alternative Energy"   05/18/2009
Obama Administration Revokes Rule Changes to Endangered Species Consultation Regulations   05/05/2009
"NEPA and CEQA Programmatic Approaches to Solving California's Water Supply Challenges"   03/05/2009
"A Primer of the NEPA Statute: What You Need to Know"   03/05/2009
"National Environmental Policy Act: A Primer"   02/23/2009
"NEPA and CEQA Programmatic Approaches to Solving California's Water Supply Challenges"   02/23/2009
Federal Wildlife Agencies Issue Amended Consultation Regulations for Threatened and Endangered Species   12/30/2008
Corps and EPA Issue Long-Awaited Rapanos Guidance Document   12/17/2008
"Habitat Conservation Planning for Infrastructure Projects"   12/11/2008
Court of Appeal Provides Guidance to Water Suppliers Tasked with Preparing Water Supply Assessments   12/01/2008
Supreme Court Determines Military Needs Outweigh Possible Environmental Harm And Clarifies Preliminary Injunction Standard   11/14/2008
Federal Wildlife Agencies Propose Changes to Endangered Species Act Regulations: Comment Period Extended to October 14   09/16/2008
"The ESA Recovery Standard and the Impact on California's Water Supply"   09/12/2008
California Supreme Court Issues Precedent-Setting California Endangered Species Act Decision   07/23/2008
"Regional HCPs"   06/02/2008
"Obtaining Take Authorization in an Era of Climate Change"   06/02/2008
"An Introduction to the CSA and CESA"   06/02/2008
Ninth Circuit Reiterates Prior Decision Invalidating the Biological Opinion for Management of the Columbia River System   04/30/2008
Federal District Court Decision Could Exacerbate Looming California Water Supply Crisis   04/23/2008
"Primer of the NEPA Statute"   03/17/2008
"National Environmental Policy Act: A Primer"   03/06/2008
"A Deal's A Deal: Federal Court Upholds 'No Surprises' Rule, Removing Cloud Over Habitat Conservation Plans"   02/29/2008
Fish and Wildlife Service Issues New Final Rules Designating Critical Habitat for Coastal California Gnatcatcher and San Diego Fairy Shrimp   12/19/2007
Fish and Wildlife Service Issues Proposed Rule to Revise Invalidated Critical Habitat for Peninsular Bighorn Sheep   10/16/2007
Court Upholds Key Endangered Species Act Regulations that Promote Habitat Conservation Planning   08/30/2007
"The ESA 'Conservation' Standard: The Impact of Recent Decisions on Habitat Conservation Plans and Section 7 Consultations"   06/25/2007
Federal District Court Decides That Fish And Wildlife Service Violated Endangered Species Act By Failing To Address Climate Change During Section 7 Consultation   05/30/2007
Ninth Circuit Affirms Lower Court Decision to Invalidate Biological Opinion for Management of the Columbia River System   04/10/2007
"NEPA and Permit Streamlining: The Quest for the Holy Grail"   03/30/2007
"Critical Habitat"   12/13/2006
"ESA Implications for Regulated Industries"   11/16/2006
D.C. Circuit Issues Split Decision In Clean Air Act Challenge to Regional Transportation Plan Conformity Regulations   11/09/2006
D.C. Circuit Issues Split Decision In Clean Air Act Challenge to Regional Transportation Plan Conformity Regulations   11/07/2006
District Court Issues Decision Invalidating San Diego Multiple Species Conservation Program Plan and Halting All Activities with the City of San Diego that Impact Vernal Pool Habitat   10/17/2006
"Managing A Complex CEQA Project"   09/21/2006
"Court Decision Aids Developers and Builders Who Come Into Contact With Endangered Species"   03/20/2006
"Court Decision Aids Developers and Builders Who Come Into Contact with Endangered Species"   03/20/2006
"Practical Tips for Infrastructure"   03/17/2006
"Practical Tips for Infrastructure"   02/12/2006
"California Wetlands and the ESA, Current Trends and Issues"   01/26/2006
California Endangered Species Act Compels Consideration of Economic Objectives. Court of Appeal Upholds Validity of Pacific Lumber Company Habitat Conservation Plan   12/20/2005
Precedent-Setting Decision Greatly Restricts Economic and Recreational Activities Within Critical Habitat   08/06/2004
"Habitat Conservation Plans: Frayed Safety Nets or Creative Conservation Partnerships?"   09/01/2001
Contractual Ecosystem Management Under the Endangered Species Act: Can Federal Agencies Make Enforceable Commitments?   01/01/1999
The Search for A Conservation Planning Paradigm: Section 10 of the ESA   06/01/1993
"Searching for Consensus and Predictability: Habitat Conservation Planning Under the Endangered Species Act of 1973"   01/01/1991
"San Bruno Mountain Habitat Conservation Plan"   01/01/1987


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