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Title Date
Agency Deference Survives – For Now – In Recent Supreme Court Opinion   06/27/2019
"Independent Scientific Review Under The Endangered Species Act"   02/13/2019
"High Court's Frog Decision May Limit ESA Determinations"   12/07/2018
Ninth Circuit Defers to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Distinct Population Segment Determination   09/05/2017
Comment Period Approaching on State Board Regulatory Program for Discharge of Dredge and Fill Material   08/21/2017
Executive Orders Expected this Week Regarding Clean Air and Water Act Rules   02/22/2017
Ninth Circuit Upholds Listing Decision Based on End of Century Climate Change Predictions   10/27/2016
Fifth Circuit Upholds USFWS Designation of "Uninhabitable" Critical Habitat for Endangered Dusky Gopher Frog   07/08/2016
Court Enjoins Wolf Releases in New Mexico   06/14/2016
Supreme Court Holds that Jurisdictional Determinations are Subject to Review under the Administrative Procedure Act   05/31/2016
Guidance on the Use of Best Available Science under the US Endangered Species Act   04/29/2016
Water Suppliers Will Go With 9th Circ. Flow on CWA Reading   10/14/2015
California Supreme Court Holds Facial Challenge to Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance Subject to Deferential Standard of Review   06/16/2015
Court of Appeal Decision Extends Lake and Streambed Alteration Program to Water Diversions   06/08/2015
Federal Wildlife Agencies Issue Final Rule Codifying Practice of Using Surrogates in Incidental Take Statements   05/05/2015
Notice Period Doesn't Cause 9th Circ. To Pause on ESA   12/12/2014
Fifth Circuit Holds that the Army Corps of Engineers' Jurisdictional Determination Does Not Constitute a Reviewable "Final Agency Action"   08/13/2014
Supreme Court Strikes Part of EPA Rule Regulating Greenhouse Gases, Affirms Balance of Rule   06/23/2014
Broad Duty To Consult Is New Norm Under ESA In 9th Circ.   05/12/2014
En Banc Ninth Circuit Holds ESA Consultation Requirement Applies to Renewal of Long-Term Water Contracts   04/18/2014
9th Circ. Reminds BOEM About The Importance Of Evidence   03/11/2014
Ninth Circuit Denies Rehearing of Clean Air Act Suit and War of Words Ensues   02/07/2014
Ninth Circuit Finds Environmental Document for Chukchi Sea Lease Sale Violates NEPA   02/03/2014
"Mingo Logan Coal v. EPA: New Ruling on Section 404 Permitting: Practical Implications of the Decision"   05/30/2013
Court Allows EPA to Stop Ongoing Projects, Years After Permits Were Granted   05/28/2013
Assessment of Climate Change in the Southwest United States   05/02/2013
D.C. Circuit Holds EPA Can Invalidate a Clean Water Act Section 404 Permit After It Is Issued   04/25/2013
Fourth Circuit Strikes NMFS Biological Opinion regarding Pesticide Registrations   02/25/2013
"Conservation Planning Under the ESA: Can We Use Lessons Learned from Development and Implementation of the Lower Colorado MSCP in the Bay-Delta?"   01/24/2013
A Victory for Water Users in Siskiyou County   01/10/2013
Federal District Court Dismisses Lawsuit Alleging San Francisco Harmed Endangered Species at Sharp Park   12/10/2012
Governor Signs Legislation Amending Fish and Game Code in Response to Input from Strategic Vision Process   10/15/2012
Governor Brown, Secretary Salazar Attempt to Keep Bay Delta Conservation Plan on Track   07/25/2012
"Water and Climate Change in the Southwest"   06/13/2012
Flood Insurance Program Subject to Revision in the Delta   03/12/2012
A Critical Assessment of the Use of Surrogate Species in Conservation Planning in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California (U.S.A.)   07/25/2011
Decades-Old Rule in Environmental Law Overturned   02/01/2011
Ninth Circuit Abandons "Federal Defendant" Rule Precluding Non-Federal Parties from Intervening as of Right in National Environmental Policy Act Cases   01/18/2011
Ninth Circuit Affirms Steelhead Listing Decision that Excludes Resident Rainbow Trout   08/26/2010
Ninth Circuit Permits Environmental Justice Lawsuit to Proceed In Light of EPA's Repeated Noncompliance   09/30/2009
Amphibious and Ambiguous   09/10/2009
Federal Court Dismisses Premature Challenge to Bay Delta Conservation Plan   09/10/2009
California Tiger Salamander: Updates under Federal and California Endangered Species Acts   08/17/2009
Government Accountability Office Releases Report Regarding Section 7 Consultation and Monitoring   06/30/2009
"Consultation - Practical Tips"   05/18/2009
Obama Administration Revokes Rule Changes to Endangered Species Consultation Regulations   05/05/2009
"Climate Change Part I: Emerging Legal Issues"   03/05/2009
"Climate Change Part I: Emerging Legal Issues"   02/23/2009
Federal Wildlife Agencies Issue Amended Consultation Regulations for Threatened and Endangered Species   12/30/2008
"Coachella Valley MSHCP and Other Land Use Regulations Affecting Development in the Desert"   12/03/2008
"Delta in Crisis"   11/20/2008
CEQA Climate Change Suit Results in (Another) Agreement to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Way of Local Land Use Controls   09/26/2008
Federal Wildlife Agencies Propose Changes to Endangered Species Act Regulations: Comment Period Extended to October 14   09/16/2008
Commercial and Recreational Boaters Faced with New Restrictions to Address Water Quality   08/05/2008
Ninth Circuit Ratchets Up Consultation Obligations For Federal Agencies   08/01/2008
California Supreme Court Issues Precedent-Setting California Endangered Species Act Decision   07/23/2008
Court Holds Challenge to Issuance of Section 404 Permit is Moot Because Wetlands Filled While Case Pending   07/18/2008
"California's Water Woes: The Bay-Delta and Climate Change"   06/17/2008
"Water Wars"   06/02/2008
"Recent Developments in ESA and CESA"   06/02/2008
"The Bear Necessities of Fighting Climate Change"   05/22/2008
Ninth Circuit Reiterates Prior Decision Invalidating the Biological Opinion for Management of the Columbia River System   04/30/2008
Federal District Court Decision Could Exacerbate Looming California Water Supply Crisis   04/23/2008
"Green Building 101"   04/06/2008
"Case Law Update: Recent Developments in the Court"   03/17/2008
"Case Law Update: Recent Developments in the Court"   03/06/2008
Court of Appeal Affirms Expansive Interpretation of California Endangered Species Act Listing Provisions   01/07/2008
Fish and Wildlife Service Issues New Final Rules Designating Critical Habitat for Coastal California Gnatcatcher and San Diego Fairy Shrimp   12/19/2007
Federal District Court Rejects Challenge by Automakers to California's Effort to Regulate Greenhouse Gases from Automobiles   12/14/2007
Ninth Circuit Finds Federal Agencies Must Evaluate Impacts Of Their Actions On Climate Change   11/20/2007
Fish and Wildlife Service Issues Proposed Rule to Revise Invalidated Critical Habitat for Peninsular Bighorn Sheep   10/16/2007
"Climate Change and the Impact on Land Development"   09/20/2007
"District Court Holds that the Service must Address Global Climate Change"   09/01/2007
"District Court Upholds No Surprises and Permit Revocation Rules"   09/01/2007
Court Upholds Key Endangered Species Act Regulations that Promote Habitat Conservation Planning   08/30/2007
"The View - Ruling Puts Contamination Law Back on Track"   08/20/2007
"The View - Ruling Puts Contamination Law Back on Track"   08/20/2007
Court of Appeal Clarifies "Rough Proportionality" Test for Dedications and Impact Fees Imposed on Developers   08/20/2007
"Ruling Puts Contamination Law Back on Track"   07/05/2007
"ESA and CEQA Developments"   06/25/2007
"The Supreme Court's Defenders of Wildlife Decision"   06/25/2007
"Climate Change and the Practice of Environmental Law"   06/15/2007
Supreme Court Affirms That Parties That Clean Up Contamination Can Recover Costs From Polluters   06/11/2007
"Climate Change Litigation"   06/08/2007
Corps and EPA Issue, Seek Comment On, Post-Rapanos Guidance   06/06/2007
"The Ninth Circuit Fills Two Gaps in ESA and Critical Habitat Jurisprudence"   06/01/2007
"The Ninth Circuit Fills Two Gaps in ESA and Critical Habitat Jurisprudence"   06/01/2007
Federal District Court Decides That Fish And Wildlife Service Violated Endangered Species Act By Failing To Address Climate Change During Section 7 Consultation   05/30/2007
Ninth Circuit Affirms Lower Court Decision to Invalidate Biological Opinion for Management of the Columbia River System   04/10/2007
Rules Changing for Clean Water Act Section 404 Nationwide Permits   03/15/2007
"Planning for the Future: Land Use Legal Issues for 2007 and Beyond"   03/06/2007
"Species Conservation on Tribal Lands"   03/01/2007
"Business and Environmental Policy in the Federal Courts"   03/01/2007
Species Conservation on Tribal Lands   02/19/2007
"Early Lessons Learned from Implementation of the Western Riverside Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan"   12/06/2006
"Proposition 90: Implications for Land Use and Environmental Law"   10/20/2006
District Court Issues Decision Invalidating San Diego Multiple Species Conservation Program Plan and Halting All Activities with the City of San Diego that Impact Vernal Pool Habitat   10/17/2006
Corps Issues Nationwide Permits Proposal   10/02/2006
"The Endangered Species Act and Property Rights – Will We See Peace in Our Time?"   10/02/2006
Ninth Circuit Issues Decision Clarifying the Scope of Clean Water Act Jurisdiction in the Wake of Rapanos v. United States   08/14/2006
CVAG Votes to Rescind Existing Coachella Valley MSHCP and Proceed with Revised Coachella Valley MSHCP   08/07/2006
Court Approves Consent Decree that Requires the Fish and Wildlife Service to Replace its Existing Rule Designating Critical Habitat for the Peninsular Bighorn Sheep   08/02/2006
Supreme Court Issues Decision Restricting Federal Jurisdiction Under The Clean Water Act But Leaves Many Questions Unanswered   06/20/2006
Ninth Circuit Rejects Center for Biological Diversity’s Interpretation of Fish and Wildlife Regulations Defining Incidental Take   06/06/2006
New Court Decisions Affect Water Industry   05/18/2006
"Coachella Valley MSHCP: How Could It Affect You And Your Development Plans"   04/18/2006
"Regulation of Activities Affecting Endangered Species, Wetlands, and Water Quality"   03/23/2006
"Court Decision Aids Developers and Builders Who Come Into Contact With Endangered Species"   03/20/2006
"Court Decision Aids Developers and Builders Who Come Into Contact with Endangered Species"   03/20/2006
"Hot Topics In Land Use: New Developments in Water Supply, Water Quality Permitting and Regulations, Air Quality Regulations and the Endangered Species Act"   03/16/2006
California Supreme Court Grants Review of CALFED Decision   01/27/2006
"The fallout from Cooper v. Aviall: When can a PRP recover?"   01/20/2006
State Water Resources Control Board's Proposed Revisions to 303(d) List Could Lead to the Development of Additional TMDLs   12/21/2005
"Endangered Species Act, Clean Water Act, And Fish And Game Code Section 1602: Streambed Alteration Agreements"   11/03/2005
Second Circuit Holds PRPs May Recover Costs from other PRPs under Section 107(a) of CERCLA   09/12/2005
EPA and the Department of Justice Issue Guidance to Clarify that PRPs that Enter Into Administrative Settlements with the Agency Can Seek Contribution Under Section 113(f)(3)(B) of CERCLA   08/12/2005
"California Supreme Court Affirms Floor Not Ceiling Model of Clean Water Act"   08/01/2005
"Advanced Zoning and Land Use"   06/28/2005
"Standing in the Government's Shoes - When Can an Intervenor Appeal a District Court Decision Invalidating a Federal Agency Action?"   06/01/2005
California Supreme Court holds that the State Must Evaluate Economic Considerations when Establishing Water Discharge Requirements that Exceed Federal Standards   04/20/2005
Proposed Coachella Valley Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan will have Significant Impacts on Real Estate Development   03/02/2005
Data Quality Act Provides Under-utilized Tool to Challenge Federal Agency Use of Faulty Information; Four Years After its Enactment Effect of Act Remains Unclear   02/18/2005
EPA Finalizes Interpretive Statement and Proposes Rule to Limit Applicability of Clean Water Act to Pesticides Discharged to or Near Regulated Waters   01/31/2005
Supreme Court Muddies the Waters with Decision in Cooper v. Aviall   12/16/2004
"Managing for the Environment: Understanding the Legal, Organizational, and Policy Challenges"   12/11/1998
"The Evolution, Operation and Future of Environmental Policy in the United States"   11/20/1997
"Environmental Policy"   11/13/1997
"The Balancing Act of Judicial Review: Ensuring Enough Deference to Administrators and Enough Accountability"   10/29/1997
"The Interstate Transport of Solid Waste: Intergovernmental Tensions and the Conflicts Between Law and Policy"   07/01/1996


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