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Title Date
Agencies and Lawmakers Seek ESA Reform   07/23/2018
Numerous Parties File Amicus Briefs in Dusky Gopher Frog Case   05/14/2018
Ninth Circuit Defers to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Distinct Population Segment Determination   09/05/2017
Executive Order That Seeks to Undo Obama Administration's "Waters of the United States" Rule Has More Limited Immediate Impacts   04/01/2017
"Debunking the Delisting Myths: What's Working and What Isn't"   08/01/2016
State Water Board Issues New Proposed Permitting Procedures for Dredge and Fill to Waters of the State   06/28/2016
The Clean Water Rule (WOTUS) Update   01/19/2016
Federal Judge Enjoins Implementation of EPA and USACE's New Clean Water Rule   08/28/2015
California Supreme Court Holds that State Agencies May Not Escape CEQA Mitigation Requirements Based on Failure of the Legislature to Appropriate Mitigation Funds   08/05/2015
EPA and USACE Issue Clean Water Rule   05/27/2015
Eighth Circuit Creates Circuit Split By Holding Jurisdictional Determinations Under The Clean Water Act Constitute "Final Agency Actions" Subject To Judicial Review   04/15/2015
Court of Appeal Upholds Regional Water Quality Control Board's TMDL Based on Pollutants in Lake Bed Sediment   04/02/2015
9th Circuit Gives Fish & Wildlife Wide Berth on Biological Opinion in Delta Smelt Decision   07/14/2014
Finding Win-Win Outcomes for Conservation and Utilization   05/14/2014
Broad Duty To Consult Is New Norm Under ESA In 9th Circ.   05/12/2014
Federal Wildlife Agencies Issue Final Rule Adopting "Incremental" Approach to Economic Impact Analyses Conducted for Critical Habitat Designations under the Endangered Species Act   08/28/2013
"Buildings by Design"   05/04/2009
Hammering Out Liability   04/23/2009
California Legislation Expands Design Build Authority for Public Facilities   04/23/2009
"Completed and Accepted" Doctrine Extended to Offer Further Protection to Contractors   04/09/2009
Prop. 35 Upheld: Statute Compelling Use of State Employees on Design-Build Public Works Project is Unconstitutional   11/06/2008


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