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Title Date
"Diversity and Discrimination: What's Up in Civil Rights Enforcement?"   07/20/2016
"Ethics Chaos: Three Ethics Traps, Controversies, and Perils and How to Avoid Them"   07/20/2016
"Recovering Fair Market Value from 'Utilities' Seeking Longitudinal Occupation of Limited Access Facilities"   07/19/2016
"Ethics Issues Grounded in the Uniform Act and Other Tales"   04/29/2016
Environmental Provisions of the FAST Act   01/04/2016
"The Ethics of the Deal"   07/22/2015
Talking Transportation Dollars and Sense: The Future of Funding   04/08/2015
"Amending Federal State Agreements and Regulations"   12/01/2014
Guidance for Managing NEPA-Related Risks and Other Risks in Project Delivery   05/30/2014
"Exploring the Roots of Section 4(f) of Department of Transportation Act and Citizens to Preserve Overton Park v Volpe: Discussion by Those Who Made it Happen"   01/24/2012
"Ethics Session: Subjects to be Addressed in Agency Ethics Codes and Social Media Issues for Attorneys"   07/20/2011
"50 Years of TRB Workshops - The Legacy of Citizens to Preserve Overton Park v. Volpe"   07/17/2011
Congressman Mica Introduces New Surface Transportation Proposal   07/11/2011
"Private Sector Perspectives on Risk Management"   03/15/2011
New Surface Transportation Legislation Likely to Encounter Many Roadblocks in the Coming Months   03/01/2011
CEQ Issues Final Guidance on Categorical Exclusions   01/01/2011
CEQ to Federal Agencies: Update Your Categorical Exclusions – But Does It Mean More Litigation?   12/06/2010
"Legislative Developments"   06/01/2010
"Ethics for Transportation Professionals"   01/01/2010
"American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: What Have We Learned?"   01/01/2010
"Professional Responsibilities and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: Duties and Challenges"   07/22/2009
"The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: Implementing its Highway and Rail Related Provisions"   05/15/2009
Executive Order Encourages Project Labor Agreements on Federal Projects   04/29/2009
FHWA's New Fair Market Value Rule Explained   03/04/2009
Implementing Highway and Rail Related Provisions in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act   02/26/2009
"Summary of Title XII Transportation Provisions - American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009"   02/26/2009
"Surface Transportation and Administrative Law: Growing Up Together in the 20th Century"   01/01/1996
"Book Review: Whose Backyard, Whose Risk: Fear and Fairness in Toxic & Nuclear Waste Siting"   01/01/1995
"First Amendment Issues in State Regulation of Billboards and Safety Rest Areas"   01/01/1984


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