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Title Date
"Trump's Tweets: A Warning To Public Officials"   08/08/2019
Federal Court Sets Aside Form 990 Schedule B Donor Disclosure Rule: How Will The IRS Respond?   08/06/2019
Trump's Tweets: A Warning That Public Officials' Personal Social Media Posts Might Actually Be The Government's   07/24/2019
California Moves Closer To Allowing Candidates To Use Campaign Funds On Childcare Expenses   07/22/2019
"How State Ethics Reforms Won Big in 2018"   12/20/2018
"As IRS Eases Reporting, States Target Dark Money Reforms"   08/17/2018
The End of "Dark Money" in Federal Races?   08/08/2018
As IRS Eases Reporting Burden, States Including Montana & Maine Focus on "Dark Money" Reforms   07/19/2018
CA State Campaign Ads To Require Greater Disclosure of Funding; Cities & Counties Could Go Deeper   10/12/2017
Local Ballot Measures: Continuing Legal and Political Points of Division   07/18/2017
California's Campaign Finance Agency, the Fair Political Practices Commission, Announces 2017/2018 Gift and Contribution Limits   12/13/2016
Spotlight on Lobbyist Employers: New California Reporting Requirements Begin October 2016   09/12/2016
New Limit & Requirement on 501(c)(4) "Social Welfare" Organizations   03/14/2016
New Presumptions of Coordination in CA Political Communications/Independent Expenditures   10/22/2015
California Major Donor Notification & Multilayer Reporting Obligations Apply to Federal and State PACs   10/19/2015
New 2015 Fundraising Restrictions on California Lobbyists and Limits on California Lobbying Firms   02/12/2015
New Non-profit Donor Disclosure Takes Effect July 1, 2014 for California Elections   06/12/2014
What's New for 2014 – FPPC Revises Treatment of Travel Payments to Public Agencies   01/13/2014
Companies & Committees Making Independent Expenditures in California Subject to Increased Disclosure & Penalties in 2013   01/15/2013
"Running a Culturally, Ethically, and Financially Competent Campaign"   05/20/2012
June Election Could Mean Extra Reports for California Major Donors   05/09/2012
"Do's & Don'ts for Elected Officials"   05/05/2012
Fair Political Practices Commission Adopts Disclosure Forms to Report New Filing Positions   02/23/2012
Fair Political Practices Commission Completes Gift Regulations Overhaul   12/15/2011
FPPC Approves Text Message Contributions, Triggering Compliance Concerns   10/20/2011
Women's Electoral Rights Must be a Priority in the Middle East   08/01/2011
Campaign Finance Laws and Gender Disparity in Elections   06/02/2011
When the Veil and the Vote Collide, Enhancing Muslim Women's Rights through Electoral Reform   11/01/2010
Proposition 7: Renewable Energy Generation   11/03/2008


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