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Title Date
"Privacy for the Medical Practice in the Digital Age"   03/01/2016
"Intellectual Property Issues and Legal Guidance for Social Media"   02/25/2016
The Door Is Open To Disparaging Trademarks   01/29/2016
Branding Checklist: Boom Or Bust 2016   01/06/2016
Another Reason to Review Government Vendor Agreements: Government Agencies Can Be Held Liable for Patent Infringement Claims   12/08/2014
Appropriation Art As Fair Use Under the Copyright Act   05/19/2014
Ninth Circuit Says Film Actor Has Copyright In Performance   03/19/2014
Trademark Management and the New Generic Top Level Domains   03/08/2013
Customs Helps Protect Against Counterfeit Trademarks   12/04/2012
Transformative or Not Transformative - That is the Question: Fair Use and Appropriation Art   06/13/2012
"Entertainment Law Since the DMCA"   01/01/2004
"Entertainment Law and New Media"   01/01/2004
"Union Relevance in Advertising and Endorsements"   01/01/2003
"Representation and Compliance"   01/01/2003
"Contract Negotiating"   01/01/2001
"The Dynamics of Entertainment Law in the 21st Century"   01/01/2001
Why Do I Have to Talk to the Agent?   01/01/2000
"Advertising: Production & Licensing"   01/01/2000
Models as Independent Contractor or Employee?   06/15/1999
Managers v. Agents; the New Labor Code § 1700, et seq.   01/01/1999
"Talent & the Advertising Industry"   01/01/1997


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