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Nossaman LLP

San Francisco

50 California Street, 34th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94111 Map
T 415.398.3600
F 415.398.2438

Office Administrator: Paige McDaniel


Name Title Phone Email vCard Link
Adams, William E. Partner 415.438.7232 VCARD
Blumenstein, Carl L. Partner 415.438.7219 VCARD
Callahan, Morgan M. Associate 415.438.7217 VCARD
Cochran, R. Gregory Of Counsel 415.438.7260 VCARD
Davidson, Mari R. L. Partner 415.438.7296 VCARD
Dolqueist, Lori Anne Partner 415.438.7221 VCARD
Dunning, Ashley K. Partner 415.438.7228 VCARD
Durkee, Michael Patrick Partner 415.438.7203 VCARD
Gensch, Danielle Sveska Partner 415.438.7239 VCARD
Georghiou, Yiannis Paralegal 415.438.7268 VCARD
Green, Mitchell J. Partner 415.438.7208 VCARD
Hon, Willis Associate 415.438.7277 VCARD
Hoyes, Rebecca Associate 415.438.7244 VCARD
Jaffe, Jill N. Associate 415.438.7275 VCARD
Jordan, Katherine Associate 415.438.7223 VCARD
Kimport, David L. Partner 415.438.7253 VCARD
Krause, Courtney K. Associate 415.438.7211 VCARD
Lee, David Partner 415.438.7235 VCARD
Macaulay, Brendan F. Partner 415.438.7204 VCARD
Mattes, Martin A. Partner 415.438.7273 VCARD
Melchior, Kurt W. Partner 415.438.7279 VCARD
Najor, Andrea A. Staff Attorney 415.438.7214 VCARD
Ngo, Catherine F. Associate 415.438.7282 VCARD
Oryol, Yuliya A. Partner 415.398.3600 VCARD
Poole, Matthew J. Associate 415.438.7236 VCARD
Richard, Patrick J. Partner 415.438.7278 VCARD
Roberts, Stephen N. Of Counsel 415.438.7213 VCARD
Saggar Sheth, Natasha A. Associate 415.438.7210 VCARD
Sanchez, Brendan Associate 415.438.7226 VCARD
Scott, Ilse Partner 415.438.7237 VCARD
Sekaran, Raja Partner 415.438.7205 VCARD
Spohn, Richard B. Of Counsel 415.398.3600 VCARD
Taylor, Stanley S. Partner 415.438.7224 VCARD
Thursby, Katherine S. Associate 415.438.7212 VCARD
Vorhis, James H. Partner 415.438.7267 VCARD
Ware, Kimberly S. Partner 415.438.7225 VCARD


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