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Hold the Pickle—and the Meal Break: California Supreme Court Holds That Healthcare Workers May Voluntarily Waive Second Meal Period Even When Shifts Last More Than 12 Hours   01/08/2019
On Your Mark, Get Set, Review! Roundup of 2019 California Sexual Harassment Prevention Related Legislation   10/16/2018
An Epic Win For Employers: SCOTUS Upholds The Enforceability Of Class Action Waivers In Arbitration Agreements   05/24/2018
California Supreme Court Turns Independent Contractor Law On Its Head Making It As Easy As "ABC"   05/22/2018
Helping Employers Wade Through the Weeds of California's Marijuana Legalization Law   01/16/2018
Is Your Company Website Sufficiently Accessible to the Disabled?   01/04/2018
NOW is the Time - Commit to a Sexual Harassment Free Workplace   11/16/2017
Does California's State-Wide "Ban-the-Box" Put Employers In A Box?   11/08/2017
New Law Prohibits Private and Public Employers in California from Seeking or Relying on Job Applicants' Salary Histories   10/31/2017
Does/Should Your Company Have An Effective Arbitration Agreement?   10/23/2017
New California Regulations Further Limit Employers' Ability to Use Criminal History in Making Employment Decisions    06/16/2017
Rest Assured – California Supreme Court Clarifies What One Day's Rest in Seven Means   06/01/2017
Did You Know . . . Seventh Circuit Issues Landmark Decision Holding Title VII Prohibits Sexual Orientation Discrimination   05/16/2017
Mealtime Waiver Decision is Good News for California Healthcare Employers Hungry for Clarity   05/11/2017
Did You Know…Blair v. Dole Food Company Provides Insight On Wage Statement Requirements   04/18/2017
Did You Know...Federal District Court Dismisses Website Accessibility Claims Because Of Lack Of Due Process   04/05/2017
Did you know... Are You in Position to Take Advantage of the New Federal Defend Trade Secrets Act?   01/19/2017
California Supreme Court: California Prohibits On-Duty And On-Call Rest Periods   01/05/2017
UPDATE!  Status of DOL's Overtime Rule   12/12/2016
November 22, 2016: STOP! The DOL'S Overtime Rule Has Been Put On Hold - At Least For Now   11/23/2016
Did You Know…SCOTUS Ruling on Personnel Decision based upon Perceived Political Affiliation Impacts Public Employers   10/28/2016
Did You Know...Heads Up! San Francisco Paid Parental Leave Ordinance… Supplementing California Paid Family Leave, Effective January 1, 2017   10/20/2016
Did You Know...The Qyburnian Resurrection of the Jiffy June Standard: The New Battle of Cash-in-Lieu and the Reasonable Rate of Pay   07/27/2016
Did You Know...The Federal Minimum Salary Threshold for Exempt Status Trumps California Law   06/29/2016
Did You Know…No Sleeping Time Exclusion During 24-Hour Shifts When Employer Exercises Significant Control   11/12/2015
A Call to Action: AB 465 is a Game Changer for California Arbitration Agreements   09/21/2015
"The Staying Power of the Status Quo: The Challenge to Achieving Diversity in the Legal Profession"   04/24/2015
Did You Know…PAGA Waivers Unenforceable in California Courts   02/17/2015
Did You Know…Second Meal Period Waivers Invalid for Health Care Workers When Working More Than 12 Hours   02/12/2015
Did You Know…Security Time Is Not Compensable Time   12/31/2014
Did You Know…Bill Mandating Paid Sick Leave Signed By Governor   09/11/2014
Did You Know…California Supreme Court Rules – No Franchisor Vicarious Liability   09/11/2014
Did You Know...Ninth Circuit Holds That FedEx Drivers Are Employees — Not Independent Contractors   09/03/2014
Did You Know…California Supreme Court Holds That a Challenge to Independent Contractor Status Is Class Certifiable   07/16/2014
Did You Know…California Supreme Court Holds Undocumented Workers Are Not Barred From All Relief   06/30/2014
The Ever-Changing Landscape of Employment Law: 2014 and Beyond   05/19/2014
Los Angeles Business Journal's Employment & Labor Law Roundtable   05/05/2014
Did You Know…Background Checks – Buyer [Employer] Beware!   03/18/2014
Did You Know…New Informal Guidance From EEOC & FTC On Background Checks   03/14/2014
Did You Know…Update On California Family Rights Act (CFRA) – Proposed Pending Amendments   03/10/2014
Did You Know…The Continuing Saga of Arbitration Agreements & Unconscionability   10/31/2013
Did You Know…Lady Gaga Settles Wage and Hour Claim   10/29/2013
Did You Know…Public Employees' Facebook "Like" is the Internet Equivalent of a Political Yard Sign   10/10/2013
Did You Know…Employee Privacy Rights May Be Trumped By Third Party Requests for Disclosure of Contact Information   06/17/2013
Did You Know…Additional Guidance Released by NLRB on Confidentiality and Employee-Related Investigations   05/01/2013
"2013 Employment Law Update"   04/23/2013
"Cutting Edge Employment Issues"   04/12/2013
Did You Know…A Sea Change in Class Action Certification   04/08/2013
Did You Know…New Pregnancy Regulations in Effect in California   03/27/2013
Did You Know…New Regulations Released Governing Disability Discrimination in California   03/27/2013
Did You Know…New FMLA Regulations Are In Effect   03/15/2013
Did You Know…Department of Homeland Security Issues New I-9 Form – Now in Effect   03/14/2013
Did You Know…Class Certification Denied in Wang v. Chinese Daily News   03/07/2013
"Stay Ahead: Nossaman 2013 Emerging Employment Issues Seminar" - San Francisco   02/28/2013
"Stay Ahead: Nossaman 2013 Emerging Employment Issues Seminar" - Sacramento   02/27/2013
"Stay Ahead: Nossaman 2013 Emerging Employment Issues Seminar" - Los Angeles   02/21/2013
"Stay Ahead: Nossaman 2013 Emerging Employment Issues Seminar" - Orange County   02/20/2013
"Got Work?"   09/25/2012
Did You Know…Blanket Confidentiality Requirements Regarding Employment-Related Investigations Violate Section 7 of the NLRA   08/27/2012
Did You Know…New Bill Introduced in the House – Equal Employment Opportunity Restoration Act – Would Overturn Dukes Ruling   06/21/2012
Did You Know…Wage and Hour Class Actions Can Be Converted into Individual Arbitrations Which Can Significantly Reduce an Employer's Exposure   06/01/2012
Did You Know…The NLRB Releases Third Report on Social Media Do's & Don'ts   05/31/2012
Kirby Clarifies Post-Brinker Attorney Fees   05/08/2012
E-Brief: Prevailing Parties in Meal or Rest Break Actions Are Not Entitled to Attorney Fees   05/07/2012
Did You Know…EEOC Holds That Title VII Protects Transgender Employees   04/27/2012
Did You Know…Labor Commissioner Updates California Wage Theft Act FAQs and Template   04/24/2012
Did You Know…Government Code § 996.4 Trumps Labor Code § 2802   04/23/2012
"Litigating Fair Labor Standards Act"   04/19/2012
The Long and Winding Road Finally Comes to an End: The California Supreme Court Decides Brinker   04/16/2012
The Long and Winding Road Finally Comes to an End: The California Supreme Court Clarifies Meal and Rest Period Obligations   04/16/2012
Did You Know…Coverage Under ADA Includes Relatively Common Mental Health Conditions   04/02/2012
Did You Know…You Cannot Ask Applicants or Employees For Their Facebook Password   03/28/2012
Did You Know…Restrictive Covenant Can Be Imposed Against Former Employees to Protect Trade Secrets   03/23/2012
Did You Know…NLRB Regional Offices Won 87% of Unfair Labor Practice Cases in 2011   03/12/2012
Did You Know…Loose Lips Sink Ships   03/08/2012
Did You Know…Employees Must Preserve Documents When a Litigation Hold is in Effect   03/06/2012
Did You Know…Extended Recordkeeping Requirements Take Effect April 3rd   02/27/2012
Did You Know…Employers Should Limit Health-Related Inquiries to Employee's Ability to Perform the Job   02/16/2012
Did You Know…Choice of Law Provisions Have Limited Value in Employment Cases   02/15/2012
Did You Know…NLRB Released Reports on Cases Involving Social Media   02/01/2012
E-Brief: Did You Know...   01/23/2012
"Emerging Employment Issues"   07/28/2011
U.S. Supreme Court Addresses Employer's Liability for Employment Discrimination Under The "Cat's Paw" Theory   05/25/2011
E-Brief: The DOL – At It Again   05/17/2011
E-Brief: The Meal and Rest Break Saga Continues - California Court of Appeal Holds Employers Are Only Required to Provide Meal & Rest Breaks   11/12/2010
"Plan it. Protect it. Prevent it. Tips to Avoid Getting Ensnared in the Web of Increased Enforcement"   10/29/2010
E-Brief: DOL Redefines "Clothes" Under the FLSA   07/16/2010
E-Brief: DOL Clarifies the Definition of "Son or Daughter" under the FMLA   06/29/2010
Text Message Search Did Not Violate Employee's Privacy Rights   06/21/2010
Text Message Search Did Not Violate Employee's Privacy Rights   06/21/2010
"Stay Ahead - 2010 Emerging Employment Issues Seminar"   02/10/2010
Reconciling Covenants Not to Compete and Trade Secret Protection   01/07/2010
Family Medical Leave Act Amended to Expand Family Military Leave   12/03/2009
Be Prepared To Comply With the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act – Effective Saturday   11/19/2009
"2009 Employment Law Update"   05/19/2009
"Stay Ahead: 2009 Emerging Employment Issues"   01/20/2009
The Meal/Rest Break Saga Continues - California Supreme Court To Review Brinker   10/27/2008
"Be Proactive: Avoid Falling Prey to Wage & Hour Lawsuits: Worktime"   10/08/2008
"Compensable Working Time – Ever Changing!"   09/18/2008
Major Victory for CA Employers: Meal & Rest Periods Need Only Be Provided, Not Ensured   08/01/2008
"Workplace Addicted: The Perils and Pitfalls of E-mail"   07/23/2008
"2008 Employment Law Update"   07/08/2008
Employers Are Not Off the Hook When Employees Go Hands Free   06/25/2008
Recent Changes to Federal and California Law Expand Benefits for Military Families   04/04/2008
"2008 Employment Law Update"   03/05/2008
"Case Law Update"   01/22/2008
"Back to Basics: Exempt or Nonexepmt"   01/15/2008
"New Developments in Employment Law: Are You Making the Right Moves in 2008?"   11/15/2007
"Welcome to the World of Record Management and ESI"   11/13/2007
"California Supreme Court Employment Law Decisions 2008"   11/08/2007
"HR Challenge - Reduce Risk & Manage Electronic Data"   10/18/2007
California Supreme Court Places Further Restrictions on Employment Arbitration   09/14/2007
"Telecommuting"   05/10/2007
"Electronically Stored Information: How To Avoid the Risk"   05/10/2007
"Pitfalls and Must-Haves When Hiring Independent Contractors"   05/01/2007
"Navigating the Uncharted Waters of Wage & Hour Law"   01/16/2007
"What You Need To Know In 2007"   11/08/2006
"Employment Law: Hot Topics"   11/01/2006
"Employment Law Update - Wage & Hour, Outsourcing/Joint Employer Issues & More"   10/27/2006
Supreme Court Of California Holds That An "At Will" Employment Contract Means Just What It Says   09/07/2006
"Outsourcing: Avoiding The Pitfalls So An Asset Does Not Become A Liability"   07/27/2006
"Navigating Day-To-Day Employment Issues"   07/12/2006
"The Shifting Spectrum of the Workplace – Violence in the CID Workplace"   05/11/2006
"Navigating the Davis Stirling Act"   05/11/2006
"Exempt or NonExempt: That Is the Question"   04/13/2006
"2006 Employment Law Update"   04/04/2006


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