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Title Date
Court of Appeal Says Communications on Personal Communicating Devices are Exempt from Disclosure under Public Records Act   03/31/2014
"CPRA Disclosure Requirements: Alternative Investments (Real Estate Funds), Status of AB 382, and Current Decisions"   06/14/2013
"California Pension Reform and Other Pension Developments"   11/08/2012
The Real "Suspense" Over the Brown Act Suspension   08/29/2012
What's less sexy than calendaring software? Malpractice claims   05/10/2010
Hammering Out Liability   04/23/2009
"Completed and Accepted" Doctrine Extended to Offer Further Protection to Contractors   04/09/2009
Prop. 35 Upheld: Statute Compelling Use of State Employees on Design-Build Public Works Project is Unconstitutional   11/06/2008
Supreme Court Affirms Authority Under Proposition 35 For Public Agencies to Contract With Private Entities for Design and Engineering Services   04/26/2007
"Court of Appeal Validates Pajaro's Groundwater Pumping Charges as Not Violating Prop. 218; Holds Board Members Did Not Have Conflict of Interest When Voting on Charge"   09/05/2006
Supreme Court Clarifies Proposition 218 Rules   07/26/2006
Federal Voting Rights Issues Impact Initiative, Referendum and Recall Elections in Twenty-One California Counties   04/13/2006
Court Rejects CEQA Challenge to Transportation Sales Tax Renewal   01/30/2006
Court Upholds Caltrans' Proposition 35 Right to Contract Out For Engineering and Architectural Services   11/29/2005
Supreme Court Extends Disparate Impact Claims To Age Discrimination   04/27/2005
Public Access to Meetings of Public Bodies and Writings of Public Agencies and Officials is Now a Constitutional Right   11/05/2004
Propositions 13 and 218: Charge Levied on Groundwater Pumping is Not a Tax, Assessment or Fee Incident to Property Ownership   05/24/2004
"Tracking Your Children With GPS - Do You Have The Right?"   12/01/2003
"E911 and Privacy, Keeping Within the Bounds of Federal Law"   05/01/2003


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