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Title Date
"Regulation-Proof Airport Investment: Leveraging the Federal Infrastructure Paradigm Change"   05/10/2017
"The Transportation PPP Market & MAP-21"   05/07/2014
"21st Century Infrastructure and PPP Innovation for a Resilient Economy"   04/03/2014
"Capturing Innovation in Design-Build and PPP Procurement Processes: A Review of Successes to Date and Lessons on Optimization"   11/05/2013
"PPPs & Innovative Procurement Strategies"   08/06/2013
"Tracking MAP-21 Improvements and 2014 Reauthorization Needs"   07/25/2013
"Innovation Capture: Optimizing a Key Public Sector PPP Value Component"   06/17/2013
"Emerging Infrastructure Investment Strategies"   04/30/2013
"Briefing on Emerging Infrastructure Investment Strategies"   04/30/2013
"Alternative Delivery Methods, Recent Outcomes and Legislative Recommendations"   02/07/2013
"Rethinking Infrastructure Delivery"   11/23/2012
"Key Issues at the Federal Level Affecting P3s"   10/10/2012
MAP-21 - Meaningful Reforms and Practical Implications   07/19/2012
"Equity Investment in California Transportation: Legal Foundation and Limitations"   04/05/2012
"Public Private Partnerships: Making P3 Transportation Projects Work in Southern California"   03/21/2012
"Innovative Finance Strategies for Highways, Rail, Transit, Aviation, and Water Infrastructure"   02/27/2012
"The Future of Transportation Funding - The Continuing Dialogue"   01/21/2011
"Applying Innovative Financing Tools to New Highway Construction: A Tale of Two States"   10/18/2010
"The Future of Transportation Financing"   10/18/2010
"Enhancing the Ability of the States to Finance Transportation Projects of National and Regional Significance: the Evolving Role of the Federal Government"   09/30/2010
"Selecting P3s for Procurement: Evolving from Episodic to Programmatic - US Public Sector Decision-Making"   05/20/2010
"Leveraging Private Capital for California's Infrastructure Needs"   05/02/2010
"P3 Successes and Lessons Learned"   01/10/2010
"Public-Private Partnerships: Now More Than Ever"   09/24/2009
"The Future of US Transportation Financing"   06/18/2009
"Paying Our Way: A New Framework for Transportation Finance"   02/26/2009
Financing Commission Urges Sweeping Reform of Transportation Funding   02/26/2009
"Funding and Financing Transportation Infrastructure: The Future Role"   01/12/2009
"Report from the Surface Transportation Infrastructure Finance Commission"   01/11/2009
"National Infrastructure Reinvestment Corporation: A Proposed Refinement of the "Bank" Concept to Optimize Economic Benefits and Leverage Federal Investment"   12/31/2008
"Owner Led P3 Model"   11/12/2008
"Funding and Financing Transportation Infrastructure: The Future Role"   07/07/2008
"Vision: Funding As It Could Be"   04/20/2008
Nossaman Contributes to National Debate on Funding Transportation Infrastructure   02/15/2008
"A Perspective from the National Commission on Surface Transportation Infrastructure Financing, Roundtable Discussion and Feedback Forum"   01/13/2008
"Renewing California's Infrastructure: Finding a Way Forward, Enabling Legislation in California"   10/26/2007
"PPPs: Decisions on Ownership and Project Delivery"   09/18/2007
"How PPPs Can Create Project Efficiencies"   09/12/2007
"Comprehensive Development Agreements in Texas"   06/27/2007
"Public-Private Partnerships: Recent Developments in the US Transportation Sector"   06/01/2007
"Public-Private Partnerships: Public Sponsor Decisions on Ownership and Project Delivery"   01/23/2007
"Tolls, User Fees and Public-Private Partnerships: The Future of Transportation Finance"   01/17/2007
"State DOT Considerations in Concession Decisions"   10/29/2006
"Public-Private Partnerships: Public Sponsor Decisions on Ownership and Project Delivery"   08/30/2006
"Public-Private Partnerships: A Sea Change in the US Transportation Sector"   07/01/2006
"Market Overview: How the US P3 Toll Road Market Developing and Thoughts on Issues Facing the Market"   06/06/2006
"Strategic Growth: Building Infrastructure Through PPPs"   02/02/2006
"Capturing Equity Value Through PPP Procurements"   01/23/2006
"Recent Trends and Innovations"   01/23/2006
"PPP Initiatives at the Federal and State Levels"   10/07/2005
"Projects of the Year"   10/07/2005
"Concessions: A New Frontier?"   07/18/2005
"An Institutional Framework for Project Finance"   07/07/2005
FHWA Initiates SEP-15 To Promote Public-Private Partnerships and Other Innovations in Project Development and Finance   10/18/2004
"Assembling a Plan of Finance: The Legal and Institutional Framework"   07/22/2004
"Risk Allocation and Performance Outcomes in Highway Procurements: A Comparison of the UK and US Experience"   05/18/2004
"Meeting the TEA-21 Reauthorization Challenge: Will System Performance Continue to be Gone with the Wind?"   10/01/2002
"Innovative Contracting Practices for ITS"   04/01/1997


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