• 2007-2008 | California Medical Association
  • An Endangered Species Called Respect (Rara Avis Civilitatis): The Descent From Responsible Environmental Policymaking
    08.21.2007 | Endangered Species & Wetlands Report
  • 07.2007 | Privatisation & Public Private Partnership Review (Euromoney Yearbooks)
  • 06.04.2007 | California Real Estate Journal
  • The Endangered Species Act: Protecting Species at Risk, Risking Land Uses, Chapter 1 
    2007 | Proceedings of the 27th Energy & Mineral Law Institute, Energy and Mineral Law Foundation
  • 07.01.2006 | Privatisation & Public Private Partnership Review 2006/07
  • 01.01.2006 | NCHRP Report 561
  • Legislation Introduced to Amend Key Provisions of the Clean Water Act
    08.01.2005 | American Bar Associaton Environmental Section Newsletter
  • Supreme Court Rules that Water Pumps Not Generating Pollutants are Point Sources Under the Clean Water Act
    07.01.2004 | California Environmental Law Reporter
  • Have You Got a License for That Tree? (And Can You Afford to Use It?), Chapter 10
    2004 | The Bioengineered Forest: Challenges for Science and Society, Resources for the Future
  • Why the ESA Is Different: Eight Reasons
    2004 | 21 The Environmental Forum 50, Environmental Law Institute
  • Taking Stock of ‘Take"
    01.2003 | Endangered Species & Wetlands Report
  • Critical Habitat: Current Centerpiece of Endangered Species Act Litigation and Policymaking
    2002 | Proceedings of the 48th Annual Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Institute, Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation
  • When Do Land Use Activities ‘Take’ Listed Wildlife under ESA § 9 and the ‘Harm’ Regulations, Chapter 12
    2002 | endangered Species Act: Law, Policy, and Perspectives, American Bar Association
  • The Pronounced Presence and Insistent Issues of the Endangered Species Act
    Fall 2001 | ABA journal, 16 Natural Resources & Environment 59
  • Summer 2001 | Natural Resources and Environment
  • Tax Accounting of Development Costs for Internet Web Sites
    04.01.2000 | California Tax Law
  • Groundwater Management and Conjunctive Use
    11.01.1999 | Water Education Foundation
  • Contractual Ecosystem Management Under the Endangered Species Act: Can Federal Agencies Make Enforceable Commitments?
    01.01.1999 | 26 Ecology Law Quarterly 489
  • Encouraging Self-Auditing Within the Pork Industry: The Nationwide Clean Water Act Enforcement Agreement for Agriculture's First Industrywide Environmental Auditing Program
    1999 | 29 Environmental Law Reporter 10395
  • 06.01.1998 | Coverage
  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Subchapter 'S' Subsidiaries
    01.20.1998 | University of Southern California Tax Institute
  • The Pit Bull Goes To School: The Endangered Species Act at 25: What Works?
    1998 | 15 The Environmental Forum 55, Environmental Law Institute
  • The Supreme Court Restricts the Availability of Forest-Wide Judicial Review in Ohio Forestry Association v. Sierra Club
    1998 | 28 Environmental Law Reporter 10621
  • 04.01.1997 | Task E- Final Report, prepared for the Federal Highway Administration
  • How the Regulated Community Views Regulation to Protect Living Resources: The Endangered Species Act, Biological Diversity, and Ecosystem Management
    1996 | Biodiversity Protection: Implementation and Reform of the Endangered Species Act, Univ. of Colo.
  • 01.01.1996 | Transportation Research Record #1527
  • Sweet Home and The Narrowing of Wildlife Take Under Section 9 of the Endangered Species Act
    1996 | 26 Environmental Law Reporter 10003
  • The Success and Failure of Federal Land Planning
    1996 | The National Forest Management Act in a Changing Society,1976-1996, Natural Resources Law Center, Univ. of Colo. Law School
  • Providing Timber Supply from National Forest Lands
    1995 | The Natural Resources Law Manual, American Bar Association
  • The Law of Access Across Federal Lands
    1995 | The Natural Resources Law Manual, American Bar Association
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  • Land Exchanges with The Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service
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  • National Forests and Forestry
    1991 | Chapter 6 of Natural Resources Law Handbook, Government Institutes, Inc.
  • The Alaska Lands Act’s Innovations in the Law of Access Across Federal Lands: You Can Get There From Here
    1987 | 4 Alaska Law Review 1
  • You Can Get there From Here: The Alaska Lands Act’s Innovations in the Law of Access Across Federal Lands
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  • Federal Policies and Current Legislation on Land Use and Land Use Planning
    1975 | National Conference on Environmental Law, Standing Committee on Environmental Law

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